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# Person ID Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Living note Tree
1 I21645  ???  ???  Aft 1691  Yes, date unknown  Believed by many to have the maiden name of WRIGHT, based on the name of their eldest son.  STR06 
2 I21654  ???  ???  Abt 1709  Yes, date unknown  Believed by many to have the maiden name of WRIGHT, based on the name of their eldest son.  STR06 
3 I22022  ???  ???  Bef 1715  Yes, date unknown  Thought by some researchers to be Lavinia Drury, but this is not proven.  STR06 
4 I21774  ???  ???  Aft 1738  Yes, date unknown  Thought by some to be names Lavinia?  STR06 
5 I29757  ???  ???  Aft 1754  Yes, date unknown  Not Sarah PLUMLEY/PLUMEE as is sometimes shown. See marriage notes for details.  STR06 
6 I18902  ???  ???  Bef 1758  Yes, date unknown  His wife has been shown variously as ANN, Mary HART, and Mary LANIER.  STR06 
7 I16916  ???  Abigail  Abt 1838  Yes, date unknown  (Research):It is possible that Abigail is a stepmother of Rebecca's, as on the 1880 census, her location of birth was shown as Tennessee, but Rebeca's mother was reported as being born in Alabama.  STR06 
8 I13017  ???  Ann  Aft 1751  Yes, date unknown  Her maiden name is possibly Ayers. (Per J.H. Vardeman)  STR06 
9 I7596  ???  Anna M. B.  Abt 1803  Aft 1870  Often shown as Bateman, but not proven. Helen Gomer Schluter was said to have spent many years trying to discover her maident name.

In a DAUGHTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS PATRIOT ANNUAL ALBUM, by Turner Publishing Company (online at Google Books),  it was noted that Anna was a well known midwife, nurse and "doctor" of the Housen Bayou area of Sabine County. 
10 I10457  ???  Christiana  Abt 1757  Abt 1837  Shown variously as Massey, Matson, Masset, or Matson-Cassey. Donald Babbs posted to the Ancestry message boards, in June 2002, that her maiden name was actually CASSEY, Mark Jones shows her as Cassoe.

Shown as Matson in Newton County Historical Committee, , "Glimpses of Newton County History." 
11 I17533  ???  Cornelia  Bef 1816  Yes, date unknown  White and Toole have her last name as FOWLER, however Barbara Yancey Dore instead shows her maiden name as JOHNSON.  STR06 
12 I18422  ???  Eliza M.  Abt 1815  Yes, date unknown  Last name said to be KYLE.  STR06 
13 I1161  ???  Elizabeth  Bef 1642  Yes, date unknown  It does NOT appear that the Matthew Strickland of Virginia was married to Elizabeth Loreen. This was inferred since a Matthew Strickland and Elizabeth Loreen traveled together from England on the GLOBE in 1680. That couple appears to have settled in Maryland, and died without childre  STR06 
14 I18035  ???  Elizabeth  Bef 1724  Bef 19 Dec 1812  Last name thought to be BRUSH or BUSH.

Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds
Compiled by Willie Pauline Young
Liberty, SC
Copyright 1950 by Pauline Young & Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. , Reprinted 2004
Southern Historical Press, Greenville SC

Box #/Pack #:            Box 70, Pack 1730
Page number:             240
Name:                  NORWOOD, Elizabeth

Will dated 29 Dec 1806 in Abbeville Dist. Rec. 19 Dec 1812. Exrs: Sons, Thos., Wm. Norwood. Wit: Jas., Sally Watts, Hugh, John Porter. Chn: Thos., Blakely, Wm., Jos. Norwood, Betsey PORTER, Anne WATTS. 
15 I2629  ???  Elizabeth  Between 1790 and 1800  Yes, date unknown  Shown as Elizabeth McGrew on her marriage license, but said by most researchers to have been widowed from Alexander McGrew, the son of old William McGrew and possibly Mary Goodwyn.  STR06 
16 I2093  ???  Elizabeth  Abt 1794  May 1860  Elizabeth was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. She had first married a Francis Patterson. her maiden name is not known. Juanita Johnson of New Mexico, a descendant of Mary June McGrew and her husband Benjamin Maddox, sent photographs of Elizabeth McGrew to Esther McGrew Hardin in San Antonio. She did appear to be Native American from the photo.

Court records show Elizabeth's daughter, Twiney Pierce married Hiram McLaughlin, so Elizabeth may have been married twice before, to a Pierce and a Patterson. (Twiney might also have been previously married).  Twiney's marriage is recorded in Marion County, Mississippi, Marriage Record Book "A" 1812-1824, with "consent by James and Elizabeth McGrew for Twiney Pierce, daughter of Elizabeth McGrew.' Twiney married Hiram McLaughlin on 27 Sept 1823.

A divorce court in Marion Co, MS has a lawsuit between Francis Patterson and James McGrew about support for Twiney Pierce.

Wynena McGrew writes that she died of inflammation after being ill for 25 days in Limestone County, Texas. 
17 I2093  ???  Elizabeth  Abt 1794  May 1860  (Research):
Census Listings:

1850 Census
Texas, Robertson County, Precinct 4
Enumerated 3 Nov 1850
Stamped 235
Benjamin W. Madox 20 M Farmer Ga
Mary J Madox 17 F Miss
Elizabeth McGrew 56 F $22,220 Ga
[Texas, Robertson County, Precinct 1]
John T. (sic-F[lood]) McGrew 28 M Farmer 1111 Mississippi
Elizabeth M Barton 6 F Texas
Thomas McGrew 26 M farmer 640 Miss
Lucretia McGrew 17 F Ala
Alfred Hicke 55 M Farmer 1486 Miss 
18 I3132  ???  Elizabeth  Abt 1799  Aft 1850  Shown by some researchers as Elizabeth NEILL/NEEL/NULL.  STR06 
19 I44287  ???  Elizabeth  4 Nov 1814  27 Feb 1874  The death certificate of son John Calvin Mathews instead showed her as Isabel Meuse, and she appears to have had a namesake grandaughter, Isabel. However, granddaughter Isabel may have been names for her maternal grandmother, Isabelle Elder Spurlin, and not Elizabeth Meuse? Mathews. 

FindAGrave notes that "Elizabeth's maiden name has been found as "Meuse", "Muse" and "Mews". You will also find trees listing her with the maiden name of "Hegler/Haglar" but we've been told by those researching her line that "Hegler/Haglar" was not her maiden name." The Hegler/Hagler confusion likely arises due to the fact that a grandson, also named Reese Mathews, married Liddie Elizabeth Hegler/Haglar.

Also shown on some trees as Elizabeth Burroughs. 
20 I18466  ???  Elizabeth "Eliza"  Abt 1793  Aft 1880  (Research):
Census Listings

1870 Census
Louisiana, Sabine Parish, Ward 3, P. O. Many
Enumerated 31 Aug 1870
Page 16
Campbell, Henry 34 M W Farmer 300 690 Mo
Campbell, Nancy 22 F W Keeping House Texas
Campbell, Elizabeth 8 F W At Home La
Campbell, William 4 M W La
Campbell, Eliza 71 F W At Home $410 Maryland
Campbell, Mary J 41 F W At Home Mo
Campbell, Millie E 42 F W Keeping House Miss
Howard, Lamb 10 M W At Home La
Campbell, Jamew W 5 M W Miss? La? La ? 
21 I586  ???  Ella  5 Feb 1872  5 Jun 1924  Linda Fuller of Cleveland, Texas has found Ella's widowed mother listed with the family on two different censuses. In 1900, Ella's mother was listed as nancy McClenand. On the 1910 census, she was listed as Ella's mother and as Nancy Clenon. (email). In 1920, Ella was widowed and living with sons Elton and Donley. Kay Parker McCary instead shows her last name as CLANTON. The death certificates of her sons all seem to show her maiden name as McClendon/McClenton. She may be part of the large McClelland family of Sabine County.  STR06 
22 I586  ???  Ella  5 Feb 1872  5 Jun 1924  (Research):

Census Listings:

1910 Census
Texas, Sabine County, Pr. 6
Enumerated 11 May 1910
SD 2 ED 133 Sheet 32A
Fuller, Ella Head F W 37 Wd 5/5 Tx Miss Miss Farming
Fuller, Gussie Son m W 15 S Tx Tx Tx  Farming At Home
Fuller, Elvy Son M W 14 S Tx Tx Tx
Fuller, Donald Son M W 13 S Tx Tx Tx
Fuller, Elton Son m W 9 S Tx Tx Tx
Fuller, Dward Son M W 7 S Tx Tx Tx
Guthrie, Ben Boarder M W 50 Wd Tx Tx Tx Laborer Gen Farm
Clenon, Nnacy Motehr F W 60 Wd 1/1 Tx Tx Tx

1920 Census
Texas, Sabine County, JP 6
Enumerated 17 and 19 January 1920
SD 326 ED 173 Sheet 16A
Fuller, Ella G Head F W 45 Wd Tx Tx Tx
Fuller, Elton E Son M W 19 S Tx Ark Tx Farmer
Fuller, Donley M Son M W 22 S Tx ARk Tx Counter Hand Railroad 
23 I25592  ???  Equilla  Between 1760 and 1762  Aft 1860  Mark Freeman's notes for Equilla Byler

Her surname, often repeated, is not certain. May be Aquilla Bierly.

She is also called Aquilla Byler, or Equilla Tiner (1850 census, listed as 90 years old; 1860 census, 98 years). She likely married 2nd Mr. Tiner.

Abraham & Jacob, were neighbors of the McLemores in Bedford & Giles Co. TN. When Amos McLemore bought land in Giles Co. in 1812, Abraham Byler, Jr. was one of the chain bearers for the survey. When Amos sold land there in 1816, Jacob Byler was a witness to the sale.

Byler is often described as a Swiss name, descendants of the Beiler family that immigrated from Bern, Switzerland to Pennsylvania. One family was that of Jacob Franklin Byler, born about 1765 in Pennsylvania - went with his parents to (now Rowan Co.) North Carolina where he later married Bathsheba Oxford, daughter of Samuel Oxford and Bathsheba Barrett.

Samuel Oxford's wife Bathsheba Barrett was the daughter of Jonathan Barrett (Perrot) and Jar Fly Jarman, said to have been a full blood Catawba Indian.

Some of the descendants of this family went through Tennessee. There is not a known link to this Equilla Byler. A lot of info is available on the Byler family.

When Amos McLemore bought land in Giles Co. in 1812, Abraham Byler, Jr. was one of the chain bearers for the survey. When Amos sold land there in 1816, Jacob Byler was a witness to the sale. It is possible that the surname for Equilla / Aquilla was taken from this, and not a marriage record.

A two page document entitled "McLemore History" by Rueben McLemore, Jr." states that when Richard McLemore "came to Lauderdale county he brought with him an old relation, a Mrs. Tiner. When she died he buried her behind the church he had built. One after another his family was added to the same plot until, after some time, the McLemore Cemetery was instituted and given to the usage of the public." The McLemore Cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and is located at the corner of Sixth Street and Tenth Avenue. Others buried there include victims of the 1871 riot and the 1878 yellow fever epidemic. 
24 I32188  ???  Esther  Abt 1800  Yes, date unknown  Her maiden name is said to have been Bramlett or Bramblett.  STR06 
25 I20926  ???  Faith  Bef 1703  Bef 1771  Mark Freeman indicates that her maiden name : "might be Howell, Harrison, and Burwell...among others.  McLemore, Harrison and Burwell names are linked through marriage, and include ancestors of the Presidents Benjamin Harrison and William Henry Harrison. Faith Magee/McGee is also suggested as a possibility in "B. F. McLemore"

James L. McLemore, III, in a posting to  notes that her maiden name is "possibly Edmonds, probably not Briggs or Magee." In his book, James explained that "one of her oldest grandchildren was named Howell, a family name or surname used frequently in the Edmunds and Briggs families as a given name; both of these families were related to Thomas Blunt (oldest son of Henry Briggs's first wife Mary, and father-in-law of Howell Edmunds) with whom, as already stated, the early McLemore family had had a close connection." (James L. McLemore, III, p. 55).

Jim White, another researcher, states that her maiden name was Briggs.

Faith's renunciation of John's will gave her a widow's life right in the homeplace, but she apparently died by 1771 when we find the last Virginia reference to Joel, the sale of his father's homeplace. The deed for transfer, dated March 6, 1771, and recorded March 21, 1771, was from Joel McLemore (without a spouse joining in) of "Coleton County" (Craven County?), South Carolina, to Adam FOY of Sussex. This deed (Sussex Deed Book D, p. 317) was witnessed by Burwell McLemore, among others. (James L. McLemore, III, p. 59). 
26 I1385  ???  Frances  Bef 1706  Yes, date unknown  Her maiden name is said by some to be BROWN.  STR06 
27 I18267  ???  Frances  Abt 1810  Yes, date unknown  (Research):

Census Listings:

1860 Census
Lousiana, Sabine Parish, PO Many
Enumerated 28 Jun 1860
Page 37
Thomas and Mary Constable
TI and Elizabeth Barnes
TI and Alice Arthur
WH and Louisa Stoud
L P Ederington 40 M Farmer 25000 3000 Miss
Francis Ederington 48 F NC
Shadrach 17 M La
Charles 15 M La
Esmeralda 11 F La
James G 6 M La 
28 I18363  ???  Harriete Martha  26 May 1915  6 Mar 2002  SCHOPF, Harriette Martha ( ); 86; Otis Orchards WA>CA; San Luis Obispo T; 2002-3-15; dmstr

Harriette Martha Schopf, 86, died Wednesday, March 6, 2002.

A memorial service was held in Bellevue, Wash., on Monday, March 11, at the Newport Presbyterian Church, with interment in Spokane.

Mrs. Schopf was born on May 26, 1915, in Otis Orchards, Wash. She was a resident of San Luis Obispo for 25 years. Mrs. Schopf and her husband operated a Christmas tree rarm on Los Ranchos Road for 14 years. She was an acive member of the First Presbyterian Church in San Luis Obispo and enjoyed gardening and needlework.

Mrs. Schopf is survived by her husband of 67 years, Joseph A. Schopf; daughter Neoma and her husband Bruce Lawrenson of Bellevue, Wash.; son Gerald Schopf and wife Susan of Arlington, Texas; five grandchildren; and seven great-grandhchildren.

Courtesy of Dave Strickler [] 
29 I28738  ???  Hazel Burmah  1 Jul 1898  Mar 1985  Roger Mills Co. OK obituary
Funeral services for Hazel Burmah Trent were held in the Hammon Baptist Church on March 10, 1985. She was born in Norman, July 1, 1898 and died in the Community Hospital at the age of 86. She was raised in the Foss Community. She was married to Elmer Rennels in 1915 and made her home in Roger Mills County. Mr. Rennels preceded her in death in 1921. She was married to Lon Trent in October of 1937 and he preceded her in death on January 2, 1970. She is survived by one sister, Anna Woods of Hanford, Calif., and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by one son, two brothers and two sisters.

Interment in the Red Hill Cemetery, Hammon, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.

(Courtesy of Lynell Gentry Cordell) 
30 I25625  ???  Isabella Ann  Abt 1828  Yes, date unknown  Most McLemore researchers show her as ROBERSON or ROBERTSON.

Carol Carvalho  ( writes that she is not sure that Richard McLemore's 3rd wife was born Isabella Ann Roberson, however. After doing some research, she believes she is really Isabella Ann HAWKINS who was married first to a Roberson/Robinson.  Her parent were John S. and Cassa Hawkins (her family line).

One of the reasons that Carol believes this is because she is listed in the 1880 US Population Census, Lauderdale Co., MS, p. 2B (p. 43B), ED 91, En. Date: 6/5/1880. T9-653 with the following information:

McLemore, Isabella..W..F..52..wife..Keeping house..AL..KY..GA.." (b. ~ 1828).

Carol knows the following: John S. Hawkins was born in KY and his wife Cassa was born in GA.  She knows that Isabella is their daughter and was born in AL somewhere between 1826 and 1832.  She married 1st a Benjamin Robertson/Roberson/ Robinson on Feb. 2, 1868.

Please email Melinda McLemore Strong ( and./or  Carol  Carvalho ( if you have additional information that can either prove or disprove this. 
31 I36148  ???  Jane  Abt 1833  Yes, date unknown  (Research):
Census Listings:

1870 Census
Louisiana, Union Parish, Ward 2, P.O. Marion
Enumerated 21 July 1870
Page 43, Stamped 48
Tucker, Paschel M 44 M W Farmer $115 $150 Ga
Tucker, Jane 28 F W Housekeeper Miss
Tucker, William 12 M W Farm Laborer Ark
Tucker, Paschal 7 M W La
Tucker, James 10 M W Farm Laborer La
Tucker, Sarah 3 F W La
Boyt, John 17 M W Farm Laborer Ala
Boyt, Duncan 11 M W Farm Laborer Tx
Boyt, William 5 M W La
Boyt, Mary Ann 8 F W La
Boyt, Nancy 6 F W La 
32 I2289  ???  Jean  Bef 1711  Yes, date unknown  Her maiden name is unknown, but circumstantial evidence points to COLLIER. 
33 I25634  ???  Jemima Jane  Abt 1820  Yes, date unknown  She appears to have married first a Mr. LEE, her maiden name unknown.  STR06 
34 I41453  ???  Josephine  Dec 1869  Yes, date unknown  Last name sometimes shown as STARLING.  STR06 
35 I32162  ???  Julia A.  2 Feb 1835  Yes, date unknown  Last name shown as BROWN or ROWAN. Shirly Brinkley shows her as "Mrs. Julia A. CUNNINGHAM," a widow?  STR06 
36 I19222  ???  Laura ("The Widow Miles")  Abt 1797  Yes, date unknown  Benjamin Dwight notes that she was "A widow of Newburgh, Ohio." (p. 175

According to the 1850 Federal Census, Laura was again widowed, and can be located in Cuyahoga County, Olmstead Township, #3616-3816: Laura Strong age 53 F $1,000 Conn. Fanny age 20 F Ohio Frances age 18 F Ohio Louisa age 17 F Ohio Margaret Miles age 32 F New York <--Appears to be her daughter from her first marriage Edwin age 9 M Mich. Alicia age 5 F Mich.

And this appears to be her on the 1860 Census: Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Olmstead Township #1588-1634. Laura Strong 67 F Ct Frances Strong 26 F Ohio Thomas Balun? 14 M Ireland 
37 I43960  ???  Lottie Estelle  28 Mar 1911  22 Feb 1958  Mrs. McLemore Dies at 47

Moulton (special)-Rites for Mrs. Lottie Estelle McLemore, 47, Danville, Route 2, were held at 2 p.m. today from Aldridge Grove Church of Christ. Burial was made in the adjoining cemetery, Elliott of Moulton directing.

Mrs. McLemore died at 8:45 p m Saturday at Lawrence County Hospital after three months illness.

A native of Athens, she had resided in Lawrence County for the past 32 years. She was a member of the Speake Baptist Church.

Surviving are her husband, J. C. McLemore, Danville, Route 2; three sons, Robert McLemore, Hillsboro, Route 1; Cecil McLemore, Moulton, Route 3; and Paul Donald McLemore, Danville, Route 2; a daughter, Mary Jean McLemore, Danville, Route 2; two half-brothers, three half-sisters, and a step-mother, all of Nashville, Tenn.

(Transcribed by Melinda McLemore Strong, October 2013, from an undated, unreferenced news clipping posted to FindAGrave by Wanda Quinn Bradford) 
38 I18873  ???  Maria Catharine  Bef 1720  Yes, date unknown  Frey or Fritz.  STR06 
39 I4042  ???  Mary  Abt 1800  Aft 1860  The McDaniel/Scarborough/Lutman tree on WorldConnect INCORRECTLY shows her as Susan Mary McShan of Union, South Carolina.

Several member trees on have this incorrect information as well.

The maiden name of Daniel's wife, Mary, has currently NOT been proven.

In an undated clipping titled LOCKHART ADDS TO HAWTHORN HISTORY from the JASPER NEWS BOY, provided to me by Kenneth Morgan, Carolyn Lockhart writes:

"...DANIEL (born 1802 in North Carolina) and MARY MORGAN....were Cherokee Indians and are buried in the woods at Roganville in Jasper County... "

In a letter to Melinda Strong, dated 4 September 1999, Carolyn further speculates that Mary Morgan could be "a Proctor because the Jone's witnessed a will in the adjoining county to Decatur for a Thomas Proctor. It is my personal belief (I never researched) that was not feasible to register White-(Native) American marriages...they were frowned upon."  It is interesting that marriage records can be found for all of Daniel's brothers, but no record can be located for his marriage to Mary. Carolyn added that "when Elizabeth was born in North Carolina in 1830--the family in North Carolina were running from the government who was about to push all the Indians to Oklahoma in 1836, so they packed up & headed for Georgia---because the Jones took part in running the Creek Indians out of Georgia in 1838."

Jo Ann Lee Gartig wrote, on 12 September 1999, that "All of my life I have heard that there was an Indian somewhere in the Lee family, but none of my aunts or uncles  knew which branch. It was a surprise to hear it was not on the Lee side, but the Morgan side, which I had never suspected. I learned from Bonnie Jones Smith (great granddaughter of Elizabeth Morgan and chairperson of the Newton County Historical Commission) that it was Mary, wife of Daniel.  Bonnie's older sister, Verbal, who died in an auto accident about 1995, told Bonnie that Mary was an Indian. It seems that when Verbal was in her early teens, her grandmother Sara Jane told her about her Cherokee Indian grandmother."  Robert Wall of Pearland was also told tales by his grandmother of the Morgan's Cherokee ancestry while he was growing up.

In order to attempt to help prove the numerous family stories that Mary was a full blood Native American, a direct female descendant of Mary's volunteered to take an mtDNA test.The test was done by FamilyTreeDNA in Houston. They tested the mtDNA for HVR1 (16001 to 16569). The test was designed to show her mtDNA, any differences from the Cambridge Reference Sequence, and the meaning of probability between matches. The test would pinpoint which of the "The Daughters of Eve" Mary and her direct female descendant could be traced back too, as well as identifying the ethnic and geographic origins, both recent and far distant. Among other features, this test would indicate matrilineal Native-American Ancestry, and which of the 5 major groups that settled in the Americas were the most probable ancestors.

The volunteer had the following line of descent from Mary:

Mary* (Unknown), wife of Daniel Morgan
Elizabeth* Morgan, wife of Sion Jones
Sarah Jane* Jones, wife of Henry Cochran Jones (not related)
Ida* Jones, wife of Charles Gibson
DAUGHTER of Ida and Charles (private)
GRANDDAUGHTER of Ida and Charles (private)

The mtDNA results came back as HV, or Helena, a primarily European haplogroup, most prevalent in Western Europe. The single difference from the Cambridge Reference Sequence was CRS 16311 C. The HV results preclude Native American ancestry on the matrilineal track -- the haplogroup would have to be A, B, C, D or a variety of X to show matrilineal ancestry as Native American. Therefore it appears that Mary Morgan's mother WAS NOT a full blooded Native American. It is still possible, however, she had native american ancestors, but if so it was not through her direct maternal line.

We do now know that Mary's maternal line reaches back to the Helena Clan. Helena is from the Greek and means "light." This clan's descendants are the most numerous in Europe, having started 20,000 years ago from a hunting family in the Dordogne region of the ice-capped Pyrenees in southern France. As the climate warmed, Helena's descendants trekked northward to what is now England, some 12,000 years ago. Members of this group are now present in all European countries.

Prof. Sykes and Oxford University researchers in England have identified seven ancestral matriarchal groups from which all Europeans appear to be descended. Every European can trace his or her evolutionary history back to the seven ancestral mother groups, also referred to as the Seven European Daughters of Eve. Sykes et al obtained buccal cells from 6,000 individuals and analyzed the samples using the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis. It is known that mtDNA mutates at a very slow rate, such as 1 mutation in every 10,000 generations or 20,000 years. So they figured that the women would have lived between 8,000 and 45,000 years ago. What is amazing is that all seven of the genetic groups appear to be descended from the Lara clan, one of three clans that still exist today in Africa. This is called the African Eve theory. It was proposed in the late 1980's by Allan Wilson, Mark Stoneking and others. The African Eve theory states that all humans share a common African ancestor. Migration routes of the 7 daughters are at this site:

As of 2002, there are believed to be 36 distinct genetic groups worldwide. From Patrick Guinness, "In mtDNA, there are a maximum of 14 mutations between all humans (so far)." 
40 I18960  ???  Mary  Abt 1820  Yes, date unknown  Her maiden name might be Jones, or she might have been widowed from a Jones. At the time of the 1850 census, 6 year old Josephine and Octavia Jones were living with the Dandy family. They were living next door to the Mathew Jones family, also of North Carolina. If she was the widow Jones, then it would appear that only the youngest Dandy child, 1 year old Theodore would be hers. The other older children would likely have been born in Thomas by a prior marriage. Note the 6 year gap and age between 7 year old Martha and 1 year old Theodore.  STR06 
41 I6158  ???  Mary "Polly"  23 Jan 1805  13 Jun 1869  1850-She is recorded in the census of 1850 as Polly Gentry, born in Kentucky in 1805,

1860-She is recorded as Mary Gentry. Polly is a familiar form of the formal name Mary.

1870 - "Mary Gentry, 65 years of age, born in Kentucky, died in August of this year in Grayson Co., Texas."  Was this Preacher William's wife?  It certainly seems highly likely.

1871-Land records from Grayson County, Vol 38 pg 442 dated November 6, 1871 show that Mary Gentry owned, with her husband William G., 20 acres of land situated about one mile west of Sherman on the Gainsville and Sherman road at the time of her death. (Grayson Co, TX Vol 38 pages 442, 443 & 444)

Charles Strong located the following probate record:

Grayson Co, TX Vol 38, pgs 442-444

The State of Texas, County of Grayson

Whereas on the 13th day of June, 1869, Mary Gentry, Wife of William G. Gentry, departed this life in said County and State leaving as her sole & only heirs the following named children to wit, John M. Gentry, James C. Gentry, Cyrus M. Gentry, Minerva A. Gentry wife of William J. Gentry, Sally M. Hodges wife of Benjamin F. Hodges, Jesse A. Gentry and Mary E. Gentry; and also the said Mary, dec'd, at the time of her death owned as community property with William G. Gentry, a certain tract of land situated in said County and State about one mile West of Sherman on the Gainsville x Sherman road and more particularly detailed as the said Gentry suriviving Matrimonial partner of said Mary Gentry, desceased, as well as the heirs of the said Mary above named and who are all the lawful age to contract---being mutually desirous of settling the estate of said Mary and partitioning the same among themselves...have agreed with each other to partition said lands and to invest the title to the part set apart to each heir named in the portion so set apart and divest said heir of all interest in the remaining portion and they, the parties aforesaid, mutually agree that the followig plat and division of said lands illustrates substantially the division and partition agreed upon.

Witness our hands at Sherman this 6th day of November 1871

Signed by W.G. Gentry, J.A. Gentry, J. William Gentry, Minerva A. Gentry, Sarah M. Hodges, B.F. Hodges, J.M. Gentry, M.E. Gentry, C.M. Gentry and attested be L. Hare and Joseph Bledsoe

Could Mary's surname have been Miller? Her grandson by her son John Melton Gentry, William Miller Gentry, was clearly not given his mother's, Harpole surname, as his middle name. On the other hand it would have been quite reasonable for him to have received his paternal grandmother's surname.

Oakland Cemetery of Johnson Co., TX Miltenberger's Report, copied 1969 GENTRY, Mary Mrs. 23 Jan 1805 - 13 Jun 1869

The later recording of that cemetery is the one we found first:

Sacred to the Memory of M. Mary Gentry Jan. ?, 18?5 ?   , 1869 
42 I8354  ???  Mary Ann "Polly"  Abt 1776  9 Jul 1812  Last name shown as CHAPMAN or CHATMAN.  Not verified.  STR06 
43 I19062  ???  Mary S.  Mar 1844  Yes, date unknown  Ken Harvey writes that: "Samuel's son Silas married a Langhorne. It  was believed she was an Aunt of Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemen's). However there appears to be no connection with the Lampton family, and Mark Twain's mother actually had the maiden name Lampton." The Babbit-Campell Tree on instead shows his wife as Mary SAUNDERS. No parents or sources for that middle name are cited on that tree, however.  She is listed in Family Search's Pedigree Resource File as Mary Skinner Saunders.  STR06 
44 I17091  ???  Matilda  Mar 1811  5 Aug 1856  First name said to be Matilda. 
45 I42249  ???  Missouri Elizabeth  24 Mar 1881  21 Feb 1954
name: Missouri Elizabeth Cousins
death date: 21 Feb 1954
death place: Houston, Harris, Texas
gender: Female
race: White
death age: 62 years 10 months 27 days
estimated birth date: 1892
birth date: 24 Mar 1881
birthplace: Texas
marital status: Widowed
spouse's name:
father's name:
father's birthplace:
mother's name:
mother's birthplace:
place of residence:
burial place:
burial date:
additional relatives:
film number: 2114068
digital film number: 4165579
image number: 1340
reference number: 7299
Collection: Missouri Elizabeth Cousins, "Texas, Deaths, 1890-1976" 
46 I5489  ???  Nancy  Bef 1809  Abt 1871  Her will dated 1871 Prince WIlliam Co., left all of her estate to her son Benjamin.  STR06 
47 I11223  ???  Nancy  Between 1832 and 1834  Yes, date unknown  (Research):

Census Listings:

1880 Census
Texas, San Augustine County,
Enumerated 15 June 1880
Page 2B SD 1 ED 83?/85?
(Image of microfilm on VERY faint)
Clark, N. A. 40 W F Self Wd Miss Miss Ky Occupant Trancient
Clark, S. K. 10 W F Dau S Tx Tx Miss With mother 
48 I43878  ???  Nannie Elizabeth  Abt 1896  11 Oct 1944  Shown as Nannie on the 1920 and 1930 census recordsb, but as Elizabeth on the 1940 Sebastian County, Arkansas census. The California Death Index listing for her son, Robert, shows her maiden name as PIERCE. However, the California County Marriage index listing for daughter Betty Jo instead shows her as Nanny Elizabeth PHILIPS.  STR06 
49 I18673  ???  Obediance "Obediah"  6 Jul 1820  3 Sep 1877  Kay Parker McCary shows her last name as CHANCE. This is supported by the Texas Death Certificate of her son, John Daniel Cooper, on which his parents are shown as Jonathan Henry Cooper and Abedia Chance. The informant was J. E. Cooper, presumably Johnnie Elisha Cooper, a grandson of Jonathan and Obediah. Other researchers, including Barbara Yancey Dore and Jim Cooper, instead list her maiden name as BRENT. She is also shown as BRENT on FindAGrave.  STR06 
50 I28443  ???  Rebecca  Between 1760 and 1770  Yes, date unknown  Some researchers suspect her maiden name was WRIGHT.  STR06 
51 I24783  ???  Rebecca  30 Mar 1775  Yes, date unknown  She was the widow of Philip Harwood, who was born ca 1715 and died 25 Feb 1778.
(Source: Hereward Records and Papers, 1620-1940, p. 406).

Hereward Records and Papers 1620-1940, 329 Years of History and Genealogy: The First Record of the Part Played by the Harwood Group of Virginia in the Winning of the West for America. Atkins, Susan W. and William P. Herod. unknown. (1940)

Atkins, S.W. & Herod, W.P. (1941). Hereward Records and Papers, 1620 - 1940, 329 Years of History and Genealogy: The First Record of the Part Played by the Harwood Group of Virginia in the Winning of the West for America. Unknown: Atkins, S.W.; Herod, W.R. & Darrach, M.H..

From the Quintin Publications Collection.

Courtesy of:
Melba Gene McLemore
1101 College
Glen Rose , Texas 76043 
52 I43959  ???  Ruthie E.  12 Jul 1916  19 Oct 2002  Obituary, from FindAGrave:

Birth:       Jul. 12, 1916
Death:       Oct. 19, 2002

Ruth E. McLemore

HARTSELLE \emdash  Funeral for Ruth E. McLemore, 86, of Danville will be Monday at 11 a.m. at Peck Funeral Home with Richard Sport officiating.

Burial will be in Aldridge Grove Cemetery. The family will receive friends tonight from 6 to 8 at the funeral home.

Mrs. McLemore died Saturday, Oct. 19, 2002, at Hartselle Medical Center. She was born July 12, 1916, in Lawrence County. She was a member of Danville Church of Christ. She was the widow of Ernest A. McLemore.

Survivors include four daughters, Nellie Hill of Mount Olive, Teen Dobbins of Hartselle, Betty Moore of Danville and Dorothy Tucker of Moulton; two sisters, Odie Bonds of Mount Olive and Nell Garner of Cullman; 11 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; and seven great-great-grandchildren.

Pallbearers will be Johnny Dobbins, Frankie Moore, Jamey Dobbins, Timothy Tucker, Clayton "Pete" Hill and David Dobbins.

Decatur Daily - October 20, 2002 
53 I19296  ???  Sally  Abt 1795  7 Sep 1827  Although Dwight indicated that Rodney's first wife was Mary TAYLOR, it appears that Mary was actually his second wife, and it is this, his first wife, that is unknown. Wickliffe Cemetery records indicate: "Sacred to the Memory of Sally/ Wife of Rodney Strong/ Died Sept. 7, 1827/ Aged 32 years."  STR06 
54 I7130  ???  Sarah  Bef 1820  Yes, date unknown  The Greer family came to Texas from Georgia and reached the west bank of the Sabine River at Sabinetown Dec. 24, 1869, on a birhg moonlit night. They came with a large caravan, and all settled in Sabine County. The three Greer children were orphaned, and Sarah Williams, mother of Lewis Williams, took them in her home. When Lewis S. Williams, his family, and the other Williams families, Brownings, and Smiths came to Texas, the Greers came with them. They wereL David Greer m Martha Arnold; Jane Greer m Wm. M. Horn; and Sallie Greer m David Gellately. There are many Greer descendants in Sabine County. (White and Toole, p 67).  STR06 
55 I26688  ???  Sarah  Abt 1830  Yes, date unknown  Based on the census records below, several researchers have shown her to be Sarah Alford Fortson, the daughter of Samuel Higginbotham Fortson and his wife Mary Alford. Mary Alford Fortson married second, William McLemore, Sr.

1850 Federal Census
Mississippi, Lauderdale County, Southern District
Enumerated 25 Nov 1850 by Wm. White

Wm McLemore 46 M Farmer $4500 NC
Mary McLemore 43 F NC
Amos McLemore 20 M Farmer Miss
Francis P McLemore 16 F Miss
William* McLemore 14 M Miss
Wm. G. Fortson 18 M Farmer Miss (stepchild)
Joseph Fortson 16 M Farmer Miss (stepchild)
Sarah* A Fortson 12 F Miss (stepchild)
Rowena McLemore 5? F Miss
John McLemore 7 M Miss

However this has not been proven. As seen above, Sarah A. Fortson was said to have been born circa 1837-1838 in Mississippi, whereas the widowed Sarah McLemore seems to have been born ca 1830-1831 in Tennessee. Additionally, Sarah Fortson would have given birth to William McLemore at the age of 12 or 13.

Census Information:

1850 Census
Not located, unless the 1850 census listing above is for the same Sarah.

1860 Census
Mississippi, Lauderdale County, Beat 3
Sarah McLemore 30 F Farmer 4800 $300 Tenn
William A McLemore 10 M Miss
Joseph G McLemore 8 M Miss
Martha A. McLemore 6 F Miss
George H.W. McLemore 2 M Miss
John** McLemore 19 M Farm Laborer Miss

**Appears to be the son of William McLemore and Mary Alford of Lauderdale County, Mississippi

1870 Census
Mississippi, Scott County, Beat 2
Enumerated 3 Aug 1870
Page 31, Stamped 21
McLemore, M 39 F W Keeping House 257 Tenn
McLemore, Wm 20 M W Farmer Miss
McLemore, Joseph 18 M W Farmer Miss
McLemore, A. 14 F W Student Miss
McLemore, Geo 12 M W Student Miss 
56 I28642  ???  Sarah "Sallie"  Abt 1790  Yes, date unknown  In 1860, in Little Coharie, Sampson County, the following family can be found.

Sarah McLemor 70 F $125 North Carolina
Tobias    "      24 M Turpentine Maker North Carolina
Sarah   "    30 F North Carolina

Based simply on his name, 24 year old Tobias McLemore appears to be a son of Tobias McLemore, and grandson of Archibald McLemore, both of Sampson County.

The older Tobias McLemore, born between 1780 and 1790, can not be located on the 1850 or 1860 census. It appears he was already dead. However, there was NOT a son under the age of 5 listed in his household in 1840.

Shown on the THACKER FAMILY TREE on as Sarah CARVER. 
57 I2548  ???  Serena  Abt 1820  Bef 1860  Wynema McGrew writes that after William's death, she married James P. FRENCH, on 13 Jan 1846 in Robertson County, Texas. This made him a stepfather of Paralee McGrew. When Serena died, James French married the widow Caroline Breedlove, whose son Thomas married Paralee. This made him not only Paralee's stepfather, but also her stepfather-in-law.  STR06 
58 I43812  ???  Sinie S.  24 May 1901  4 Nov 1994  Obituary, copied from FindAGrave

Sinie S. Rogers, 93, of Carthage, Miss. Died Friday at Leake Memorial Extended Care Unit.

Funeral will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Smith Funeral Home in Newton with burial at Newton City Cemetery.

A native of Newton, she lived in Carthage a short time.

Survivors include daughter, Cherry Denson of Lena, Miss.; son, Bruce Rogers of Angleton; two grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. 
59 I1954  ???  Susan B.  27 Mar 1797  12 Dec 1859  Obituary
Transcribed by Mary Frances Smith Fisher

The Christian Advocate New Orleans, LA Volume 10, #6, February 8, 1860

Susan B. Blackburn was born Mar. 27, 1797 in Stokes County, N.C. and was married to Hampton BOSTICK in 1813 and settled in Lincoln County, Tenn. She removed to Madison County, Ala. in 1820 and in 1822 her husband died. In the summer of 1823 she was married to Dr. A. J. Blackburn. They removed to Tenn. in 1834 and in 1836 moved to Mississippi, Columbia, Marion Col, where they lived with their son, Col. G. F. Blackburn at Fordville, Marion Co., Miss. 
60 I30120  ???  Vera E.  1 Jul 1910  4 Apr 1972  Vera E Bush
Social Security #:       585688526
Sex:       FEMALE
Birth Date:       1 Jul 1910
Birthplace:       Texas
Death Date:       4 Apr 1972
Death Place:       San Joaquin 
61 I29705  ???  Wilma L.  23 Feb 1917  4 Oct 1999  Taylor -- Wilma L., 82, Geneva, died Monday (10/4/99). Born, Woodward, Iowa. Survivors: husband, John L.; son, John L. Jr., Geneva; daughters, Sharon Kay Elznic, Sandra Petersen, both Geneva, Shirley Sluka, Roca; 11 grandchildren; 10 greatgrandchildren.
Services: Thursday, 2 p.m., United Methodist Church, Geneva. Geneva Public Cemetery. Visitation beginning 11 a.m. Wednesday, Farmer and Son Funeral Home, Geneva. Memorials to family.
(Courtesy of Dennis Belohlavy) 
62 I10336  Aarant  Velma Vivian  27 May 1895  4 Aug 1976  Her Texas Death certificate, online at Texas Deaths, 1890-1976, showed that she was the daughter of Benjamin Aarant, and had been employed as a salesperson  at a Ladies store. The informant was Mrs. Rae Taylor, daughter.  STR06 
63 I23524  Abadie  Stanley Herbert  13 Nov 1925  7 Dec 1999  Bennie Zahn writes that he was born in New Orleans, died in Baton Rouge, with his funeral services being held in New Orleans. The U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015. verifies his birth place was New Orleans, and lists his parents as Joseph H. Abadie and Estelle A. Martiny.  STR06 
64 I22948  Abbott  Horace Greely  20 Dec 1884  19 Nov 1958  Not able to locate on either the 1920 or 1930 census index.

His Texas Death certificate, viewable online at, Texas Deaths, 1890-1976, shows him as the son of Sam Abbott, and a retired farmer.  The informant was listed as James Abbott, son. 
65 I23246  Abbott  James Samuel  28 Nov 1917  9 Dec 1969  Oil Refinary operator at Mobil Oil in Beaumont, Texas.

His Texas Death certificate, viewable online at, Texas Deaths, 1890-1976, showed him as the son of James Sherman Abbott and Maggie Landry. 
66 I31238  Abel  Anna Bartlett  16 Nov 1865  Yes, date unknown       Resided in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  STR06 
67 I31241  Abel  Helen Dees  6 Jan 1878  Yes, date unknown       Resided in St. Louis, Missouri.  STR06 
68 I31242  Abel  Margaret Hester  6 Feb 1881  Yes, date unknown       Resided in Birmingham, Alabama.  STR06 
69 I31239  Abel  Mary Florence  3 Nov 1868  Yes, date unknown       Resided in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  STR06 
70 I30876  Abel  Oliver  11 Nov 1830  Yes, date unknown  (Research):Census Information:


Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Oc
cupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Oliver ABEL   Self  M  Male  W  49  NEW YORK  Lawyer  VERMONT  NEW YORK
Mary E. ABEL   Wife  M  Female  W  38  NEW YORK  Keeping House  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
William H. ABEL   Son  S  Male  W  17  NEW YORK  At School  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Anna B. ABEL   Dau  S  Female  W  14  NEW YORK  At School  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Mary F ABEL   Dau  S  Female  W  11  NEW YORK  At School  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Oliver ABEL JR.   Son  S  Male  W  6  NEW YORK  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Helen D. ABEL   Dau  S  Female  W  3  NEW YORK  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Margureitte ABEL   Dau  S  Female  W  7M  NEW YORK  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Fanny TURNER   Other  S  Female  W  19  NEW YORK  Servant  NEW YORK  NEW YORK
Source Information:
Census Place Elizabethtown, Essex, New York
Family History Library Film 1254832
NA Film Number  T9-0832Page Number 92D 
71 I31240  Abel  Oliver  12 Jul 1874  Yes, date unknown       Resided in St. Louis, Missouri.  STR06 
72 I31237  Abel  William Henry  5 Jan 1863  Yes, date unknown       Resided in Kansas City, Missouri.  STR06 
73 I27269  Abernathy  Clarence  Abt 1871  Yes, date unknown  (Research):

Census Listings:

1900 Census
Texas, Van Zandt County, JP 3
Enumerated 12 Jun 1900
SD 7 ED 128 Sheet 6A
Abernathy, Louise Hd W F Sept 1845 54 Wd 11/7 Ala Ala Ala Farm Laborer
Abertnathy, Nellie E Dtr W F July 1881 18 S Ala Ala Ala Farm Laborer
Abernathy, James S Son W M Jan 1885 14 S Ala Ala Ala Farm Laborer
Bell, Lilla Dtr W F Aug 1877 22 M 4 3/3 Ala Ala Ala
Bell, Thomas Grandson W M Aug 1896 3 S Tx Tx Ala
Bell, Terah Granddtr W F Mar 1899 2 S Tx Tx Ala
Bell, Teman Grandson W M Feb 1900 3/12 S Tx Tx Ala
Abernathy, Clarence Hd W M Aug 1870 29 M 5 Ala Ala Ala Farmer
Abernathy, Maggie Wf W F Jul 1873 26 M 5 3/3 Tx Ala Ala
Abertnathy, Gertrude Dtr W F Aug 1895 4 S Tx Tx Ala Ala
Abernathy, Birdie Dtr W F Aor 1898 2 S Tx Ala Ala
Abernathy, Elmer D Son W M Feb 1900 3/12 S Tx Ala Ala
York, George Boarder W M Aug 1881 18 S Tx Tn Tn Farm Laborer 
74 I27271  Abernathy  Lilla Emma  18 Aug 1877  30 Oct 1937  The 1880 census shows her born in Alabama, and the family residing in Limestone County, Alabama. David Merrill instead has her place of birth as Georgia.  STR06 
75 I27271  Abernathy  Lilla Emma  18 Aug 1877  30 Oct 1937  (Research):

Census Listings:

1900 Census
Texas, Van Zandt County, JP 3
Enumerated 12 Jun 1900
SD 7 ED 128 Sheet 6A
Abernathy, Louise Hd W F Sept 1845 54 Wd 11/7 Ala Ala Ala Farm Laborer
Abertnathy, Nellie E Dtr W F July 1881 18 S Ala Ala Ala Farm Laborer
Abernathy, James S Son W M Jan 1885 14 S Ala Ala Ala Farm Laborer
Bell, Lilla Dtr W F Aug 1877 22 M 4 3/3 Ala Ala Ala
Bell, Thomas Grandson W M Aug 1896 3 S Tx Tx Ala
Bell, Terah Granddtr W F Mar 1899 2 S Tx Tx Ala
Bell, Teman Grandson W M Feb 1900 3/12 S Tx Tx Ala
Abernathy, Clarence Hd W M Aug 1870 29 M 5 Ala Ala Ala Farmer
Abernathy, Maggie Wf W F Jul 1873 26 M 5 3/3 Tx Ala Ala
Abertnathy, Gertrude Dtr W F Aug 1895 4 S Tx Tx Ala Ala
Abernathy, Birdie Dtr W F Aor 1898 2 S Tx Ala Ala
Abernathy, Elmer D Son W M Feb 1900 3/12 S Tx Ala Ala
York, George Boarder W M Aug 1881 18 S Tx Tn Tn Farm Laborer 
76 I25795  Abernathy  Mial Smith  19 Apr 1841  Mar 1884  (Research):

Census Information:


1880 Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Mial ABERNATHY   Self  M  Male  W  39  AL  Farmer  NC  NC
Louisa ABERNATHY   Wife  M  Female  W  35  AL  Keeping House  TN  AL
Albania ABERNATHY   Dau  S  Female  W  16  AL  AL  AL
Nancy ABERNATHY   Dau  S  Female  W  12  AL  AL  AL
Clarence ABERNATHY   Son  S  Male  W  9  AL  AL  AL
Letta ABERNATHY   Dau  S  Female  W  5  AL  AL  AL
Lila ABERNATHY   Dau  S  Female  W  2  AL  AL  AL
Josaphine MC LEMORE   SisterL  S  Female  W  22  AL  At Home  TN  AL
Source Information:
Census Place Beat 7, Limestone, Alabama
Family History Library Film 1254020 NA Film Number  T9-0020
Page Number 390C 
77 I5859  Abrams  Cecil F.  28 Dec 1898  21 Feb 1981  This APPEARS to be the same individual listed on the SSDI, based on middle initial and month and year of birth:

CECIL F ABRAMS  28 Dec 1898 21 Feb 1981 (VA) (none specified) 709-14-7566 Long-time or retired railroad workers 
78 I27884  Abrams  Joseph E.  Abt 1836  Yes, date unknown  (Research):Census Information:

1860 Census
Alabama, Cherokee County, 2nd District, P.O. Cen
Enumerated 6 July 1860
Joseph E. Abrams 24 M Farmer $142 NC
Sarah Ann Abrams 24 F Ga
William A Abrams 9/12 M Ala
William Abrams 60 M Farmer $40 NC
Sarah Ann Abrams 19 F NC 
79 I5846  Abrams  Lafayette  19 Aug 1856  28 Aug 1931  (Research):Census Information:

1880 Census

Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Oc
cupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Lafaette ABRAMS   Self   M   Male   W   22   OH   Farming   TN   PA
Belle ABRAMS   Wife   M   Female   W   20   OH      OH   OH
William ABRAMS   Son   S   Male   W   3M   NE      OH   OH
William MC WETHY   BroL   S   Male   W   13   OH   Atending School   OH   OH
Franklin MC WETHY   BroL   S   Male   W   5   NE   Atending School   OH   OH Source

  Census Place Lincoln, Saline, Nebraska
  Family History Library Film   1254755
  NA Film Number   T9-0755
  Page Number   44B 
80 I27878  Abrams  William  Abt 1795  Aft 1860  (Research):Census Information:

1850 Census
Alabama, Cherokee County, District 27
Enumerated 1 Jan'y 1850
Lewis Abrams 24 M None NC
Nancy Abrams 24 F NC
Vincent Abrams 5 M NC
Martha Abrams 2 F Ala
The above is my Lewis and Nancy.
Wm. Abrams 55 M Agr $200 NC Idiot
Sarah Abrams 41 F NC
Wm Abrams 18 M Agr NC
James Abrams 17 M Agr NC
Joseph Abrams 14 M NC
Richd Abrams 12 M NC
Sarah Abrams 10 F NC

1860 Census
Alabama, Cherokee County, 2nd District, P.O. Cen
Enumerated 6 July 1860
Joseph E. Abrams 24 M Farmer $142 NC
Sarah Ann Abrams 24 F Ga
William A Abrams 9/12 M Ala
William Abrams 60 M Farmer $40 NC
Sarah Ann Abrams 19 F NC 
81 I15291  Abrams  William  Abt 1880  Bef 1900  He appears to have died young, as the 1900 census shows Belle was the mother of seven children, six of whom were still living.  STR06 
82 I31328  Abrantes  Manuel Henriques  4 Mar 1906  4 Jul 1989  His application for a social security account, dated January 3, 1940, shows Manuel was born in Portugal. His father is listed as Sarafinn/[Serafina?] Abrantes, and mother unknown. His wife's name was  shown was "Mickley Moore" instead of McLemore. Manuel was employed by the Bulkcarriers Corp in Houston at the time of his his application.  STR06 
83 I949               
84 I3867  Ach  Bernard "Bernie"  10 Jun 1936  11 Feb 2015  Born at the Cecrle House in Milligan, being delivered by Dr. V.V. Smrha. When he was a toddler, they moved to Friend, Nebraska, where he later graduated from High School. He attended the University of Nebraska and graduated from the College of Law in 1960. He has practiced law at Friend since his graduation and serves as Friend City Attorney and General Counsel for Saline County Rural Fire District. He was Saline County Attorney for 8 years. In 1957, he married Margaret Kraus, a daughter of Emil and Josephine Kraus, and to this union were born three daughters, namely Deborah Lynne, Donna Rae and Dineen Kay Ach. Deborah Lynne is employed in Kearney, Nebraska at a Medical Supply Company, Donna Rae Rae Hansen is a secretary at Doane College and Dineen Kay is attending Creighton University in Omaha studying to be an Occupational Therapist. Bernard married again after Margaret passed away in 1966, his wife Sharon has two daughters, Kathie and Laurie. (Milligan, p 185). Dennis Belohlavy writes that there anniversary announcement was in the August 11, 2013 Lincoln Journal Start, and they were married on 11 Aug 1968, 45 years ago today.

Obituary, from the Lauber Moore Funeral Home, courtesy of Dennis Belohlavy:

In Memory of Bernard "Bernie" Ach

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Friend, Nebraska with Fr. Lawrence Stoley officiating. Interment will be in St. Joseph Cemetery. A Prayer Service will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Friday at Lauber-Moore Funeral Home in Friend. Visitation will be on Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Lauber-Moore Funeral Home, Friend. Memorials have been established and may be directed in care of the family.

Bernard "Bernie" Joseph Ach was born June 10, 1936, in Milligan, Nebraska to Joseph and Blanche (Fritz) Ach, the first of two sons and passed away Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at the Friend Manor in Friend at the age of 78 years, 8 months and 1 day. As a young boy, his family moved to Friend and he attended Friend Public School and graduated with the class of 1954. He furthered his education at the University of Nebraska and received his law degree in 1960. He was united in marriage to Margaret Kraus on June 15, 1957 and to this union three daughters were born, Deborah, Donna and Dineen. He was later blessed with a second marriage to Sharon (McGinnis) Haase on August 11, 1968 in Belleville, KS and two more daughters were added to his family, Kathie and Laurie.

After graduation, he joined his father, Joseph, in the Ach law firm. Bernie served as Saline County Attorney from 1962 to 1970. He continued practicing law in Friend until his retirement in 2004. His community involvement included serving as the City Attorney for Friend and other area communities. He was also the attorney for the Friend School District.

Bernie was active in the State and National Bar Associations, Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited. At a young age he taught himself the art of taxidermy as he enjoyed hunting, fishing and other activities that brought him out into nature. Bernie loved polka music and taught himself to play the accordion. He also golfed in his spare time. Bernie collected decoys, and carved and painted decoys. Bernie started "Wildfowl History, LLC" a business for collecting, trading and selling various hunting, fishing and wildlife memorabilia, including hunting decoys, calendars and many other items. He spent many hours driving by local wetlands to assess the habitat conditions. In 2005, Bernie was awarded the Lifetime Resident Award from the Friend Chamber of Commerce. He also donated some of the land where the lake is located to develop the Spreeman Ach Memorial Park.

Bernie was a man with a strong love of family and his community and of a good joke. He loved hunting pheasant and ducks and spent many enjoyable hours with his special dog, P.D. Bernie especially enjoyed taking family and friends to his cabin.

Bernie is survived by his wife, Sharon, Friend, daughters and sons-in-law, Kathie and Mark Hiatt, Lincoln, Laurie and Tomonori Nagata, Lincoln, Donna and Matthew Hansen, Dorchester, Dineen and Greg Vlasnik, Crete, six grandchildren and spouses, Evan Hansen, Phoenix, AZ, Andrea and Brant Pracheil, Dorchester, Jessica Hansen and Blake Hansen, both of Dorchester, Aaron and Kim Vlasnik, Lincoln, Joel and Amber Vlasnik, Lincoln, four great-grandchildren, Avery and Hazel Vlasnik, Lincoln, Lillian and Aubrey Pracheil, Dorchester, brother and sister-in-law, Howard and Marilyn Ach, Friend, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law, Carole McGinnis, Shreveport, LA, Eleanor Benes, Valparaiso, Dennis and Lorie Kraus, Grand Island, nieces, nephews and a host of other relatives and friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his first wife, Margaret in 1966, his daughter, Deborah in 1988, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law, Shirley Ach, Stephen Benes, Bill and Edith Rezac, Frank Kraus, Darrell McGinnis, parents-in-law, Earl and Evelyn McGinnis, and his special dog, P.D. 
85 I3866               
86 I9530  Ach  James  30 Apr 1913  22 Feb 1999  He was an accomplished musician and played professionally. He farmed in Milligan for a number of years when he was called to service in the armed forces during the Second World War, being stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Here he met Staci MIHATCH whom he married. They moved back to the farm in Nebraska after he was discharged. To this union were born three sons, John, Albert and Frank. They later moved to Temple, Texas. (Milligan, pp. 185-186)

SSN: 506-18-7489 
87 I14126  Ach  Joseph  2 Jan 1911  19 Jul 1977  He attended the University of Nebraska receiving his BA in 1931 and his Bachelor of Law degree in 1933. He praticed law in Fillmore County from 1933 to 1937, marrying Blanche Fritz on 3 July 1935. He practiced law in Fillmore County for five years, moving to Friend, Nebraska in 1938, where he purchased the law office of Edward Kubat. He served on the Board of Education fifteen years, fourteen as president. He always took a keen interest in school and civic affairs. He served as County Attorney from May 1944 to January 1955, being elected again in 1958 by write-in. He also served as City Attorney of Friend and counsel of the school district. He was a director of the First National Bank of Friend, member of the Methodist Church, member of the Chamber of Commerce, past president of the Rotary Club, member of the Masonic Lodge No. 73 A.F. and A.M., Scottish Rite and Shrine, I.O.O.F. and K.P. Lodge. Joseph was elected District Judge of the Seventh Judicial District in 1960, ill health forcing him to retire in 1969. (Milligan, p 186)  STR06 
88 I15148  Ach  Vaclav  14 Aug 1884  6 Apr 1955  Son of Stepan ACH and Marie PAVLICEK. He learned the shoemaking trade from his father. He came to New York in 1905 and settled in Ohio where he worked in the coal mines for a year. Due to a strike in the mines, he went to work for a grocery merchant in Cleveland, Ohio. He came to Nebraska in 1906 and was employed in a harnass shop working part time in Milligan and part time in Davis city. He later worked as a farm laborer, earning $170 and room and board. He became a US Citizen in Fillmore County on November 18, 1918. After he married, he and Agnes farmed until their son James took that over from them. They later bought a tavern and cafe which they ran until their retirement inthe early fifties. Vaclav played the button accordian with his son and friends. He and Agnes visited Czechoslovakia in 1926, visiting his parents and brothers. He was an active member of Lodge Svatopluk and the Lodge Stotsenberg.  (MILLIGAN, pp. 186-187)  STR06 
89 I4375               
90 I42729  Ackerman  E. Naomi  Abt 1901  Yes, date unknown  BonnieMargaret Jacob's indicates, on page 18 of her 1981 unpublished manuscript THE FAMILY BENKELMAN, that the origin of  the name ACKERMANN was occupational, meaning "Farmer" in German.  STR06 
91 I12034  Ackerman  Esther Selma  12 Feb 1888  9 Feb 1980  Cass City Chronicle
Thursday, February 14, 1980

Rites held for Esther Benkelman

Esther Selma Benkelman, 91, of Cass City died last Thursday at the Tuscola County Medical Care Facility in Caro after a brief illness.

She was born February 12, 1888, near Minden City, the daughter of William and Marie (Wittmer) ACKERMAN.

Miss Ackerman married Joseph A. Benkelman June 10, 1911 in Cass City. He died June 11, 1968.

Mrs. Benkelman was one of the oldest members of Salem United Methodist Church of Cass City. She was also a member of the Dorcas Circle of United Methodist Women.

She is survived by three nieces, Mrs. Gordon THOMAS of East Lansing, Mrs. J. Franklin BECK of Mt. Gilead, Ohi and Andrew BLODGET of Hurtford City, Indiana. One daughter, Fern Marie, preceded her in death.

Funeral services were conducted Monday morning from Little's Funeral Home, Cass City, with Rev. Eldred Kelley of Salem United Methodist church officiating. Burial was in Elkland cemetery.

(Transcribed by Melinda McLemore Strong, Summer 2007) 
92 I12034  Ackerman  Esther Selma  12 Feb 1888  9 Feb 1980  (Research):Cass City Chronicle
July 31, 1958

......eleven members of the Class (of 1905 of Cass City High School) were present at the reunion Thursday. They were: Frances McBurney-Gravatt of Houston, TX; Cecil Krapf-Allen of Royal Oak, Jennie Ferguson-Doerr of Fostoria; Ethel Dodge-Rambo of Marlette; Mae Williamson-Marshall of Gagetown, and the following of Cass City; Mr. Auten, Mr. Schwaderer, Miss Adeline Gallagher, Jennie Leek-Hutchinson, Esther Ackerman-Benkelman and Mollie Ackerman-Lenzner.... 
93 I30315  Ackerman  Marie M.  19 Jul 1889  Dec 1977  (Research):Census Information:

1930 Census
Indiana, Blackford County, Licking Twp, Hartford City, War
d 2
Enumerated 8 Apr 1930
ED 5-6 SD 4 Sheet 7A Stamped 73
Blodgett, Herbert Hd O $5000 M W 49 M W M@24 Mich Mich Mich Manufacturer Overhead Door Controls
Blodgett, Marie Wf F W 39 M@22 Mich Berne Switzerland Berne Switzerland
Blodgett, Andrene Dtr F W 12 S Mich Illegible Mich 
94 I29729  Ackerman  Mollie M.  18 Sep 1885  20 May 1965  Cass City Chronicle
Friday, April 6, 1956
Cass City Area Social and Personal Items
Page Four

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Thomas and children, David and Kathleen, of Lansing visited Mrs. Thomas' mother, Mrs. H.F. Lenzner, from Thursday morning until Saturday night.

Rev. and Mrs. J. Franklin Beck and four sons of Grand Island, N.Y., came Sunday night and visited Mrs. Beck's mother, Mrs. H.F. Lenzner, until Wednesday morning. Mrs. Lenzner accompanied them home to spend a week.

Cass City Chronicle
Thursday, May 27, 1965
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Pay Final Tribute to Mrs. Lenzner

A pioneer resident of the Thumb area, Mrs. Mollie Lenzner, died Thursday, May 20, at Hills and Dales General Hospital. She was stricken Wednesday at her home in Cass City.

Mrs. Lenzner was born in Minden City, Sept. 18, 1885, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Akerman . She came to Cass City in 1905

She married Herbert F. Lenzner in Cass City, June 10. 1909. She and her husband lived in this community until their deaths. Together they published the Cass City Chronicle until retirement in 1951.

Mr. Lenzner died Feb. 7, 1953.

Mrs. Lenzner was a life member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church of Cass City.

Surviving are: two daughters, Mrs. Gordon L. (Phyllis) Thomas of East Lansing and Mrs. J. Franklin (Shirley) Beck of Akron, Ohio; two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Benkelman of Cass City and Mrs. H.C. Blodgett of Hartford City, Ind., and seven grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at the EUB church Sunday. The Rev. Robert Betts and Rev. Stanley Kirn Sr. officiated.

Burial was in Elkland Cemetery.

(Transcribed by Melinda McLemore Strong, January 2008) 
95 I41432  Ackermann  Bertha  29 May 1871  1 Nov 1946  BonnieMargaret Jacob's indicates, on page 18 of her 1981 unpublished manuscript THE FAMILY BENKELMAN, that the origin of  the name ACKERMANN was occupational, meaning "Farmer" in German.

From FindAGrave:

San Antonio Express
November 3, 1946

Renz Rites Sunday
Mrs. Bertha Renz, 75, of Kirby, died at Bracken Friday night. Services will be held here Sunday at 3 p.m. Interment will be at Wetmore. Survivors are her husband William Renz, son Robert Renz, a daughter Mrs. Herbert Tonne, three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and one sister Mrs. Ida Renz. 
96 I41430  Ackermann  Joseph  5 Nov 1859  3 Dec 1942  FindAGrave shows he was a son of Joseph and Margarete Fey Ackermann.  STR06 
97 I22748  Ackmann  Carrie  Jul 1888  Yes, date unknown  At the time of the 1910 census, she worked as a cashier in a Dry Goods store.  STR06 
98 I16061  Ackmann  John Conrad  29 Aug 1864  17 Mar 1948  John was a coal miner. His parents were both born in Germany. They may have been Charles and Wilamina Ackmann, both of whom lived near him at the time of the 1900 Allegheny census, in the 2nd district of Baldwin. They immigrated to the United States in 1854. Charles was born in May 1833, and Wilamina in March 1832.  STR06 
99 I16061  Ackmann  John Conrad  29 Aug 1864  17 Mar 1948  (Research):Census Listings:

1910 Census
Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, Baldwin Twp
Enumerated 25 Apr 1910
SD 23 ED 6  Ward 1 and 2
Sheet 6A Stamped 191

Ackmann, John Hd M W 46 m1 25 8/8 Pa Germany Germany Englis
h Miner Coal
Ackmann, Arabell Wf F W 43 M 25 8/8 Pa Pa Germany None
Ackmann, Carrie Dtr F W 22 S Pa Pa Pa Cashier Dry Goods
Ackmann, Wilbert Son M W 20 S Pa Pa Pa Miner Coal
Ackmann, Emma Dtr F W 18 S Pa Pa Pa
Ackmann, Helen Dtr F W 15 S Pa Pa Pa
Ackmann, Lewis Son M W 11 S Pa Pa Pa
Ackmann, Theodore Son M W 8 S Pa Pa Pa
Ackmann, Gretta Dtr F W 2 S Pa Pa Pa 
100 I14012  Ackmann  Theodore E.  25 Mar 1901  31 Mar 1976  Per the 1948 Everett Directory, Theo Ackmann (Audrey L) was assistant service manager of Rucker Avenue Motors on Carson Rd. Audrey was the office manager of the same establishment.

The 1956 Directory shows, Theo Ackmann (Audrey) as a mechanic for Everett Truck Co on Xavier Way. In the same directory, a Ted E. Ackmann is also listed under "Ted Ackmann Realty: Real Estate, Financing, All Types of Insurance" on Hewitt Avenue. His wife was shown as Courlyne E. Ackmann.

Per the 1966 and 1968 city directories, Theodore was a salesman at "Al's Auto Supply" on Xavier Way, with Audrey listed as his wife.

In the 1973 Everett Directory, he was listed without a wife, and still shown as a salesman for "Al's Auto Supply."

His obituary was published in the 2 April 1976 edition of the Everett Herald:

Theodore E. Ackmann Sr.

Theodore Ackmann, Sr., 75, of 8120 Xavier Way died March 31.

Mr. Ackmann was born March 25, 1901 in Mt. Oliver, Pa. and had resided in the Everett area for many years. He was preceded in death by his wife, Audrey L. Ackmann in 1969.

He leaves a son, Ted Ackmann, of Pennsylvania; a daughter Mrs. Wanda Miller of Pennsylvania; a step-daughter, Mrs. Nancy Lucas of Everett; also six grand-children and several great grandchildren.

Services, Saturday, 2:00 pm Chapel of Cassidy Funeral Home with Rev. Robert Warren of the First Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Mount Vernon.

Arrangements under direction of Cassidy Funeral Home.

The following post-it was on the Rootsweb SSDI for Theodore Ackmann

Theodore ACKMANN m.ELLA META STEINFORTH b. 19 Apr 1895 d. May 1976 and AUDREY LEONE SCHOPF b. 7 Apr 1907 d. June 1969. Pamela Hudson, 

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