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# Description Mediia_type Person ID Last Name First Name Living Tree
1 A Strong Story : The Tale of Two Ralphs  histories           
2 Ancestral Region in England   histories           
3 Ancestral Region in France  histories           
4 Ancestral Region in Germany  histories           
5 Benkelman Family Sod Hut (Ben and Minnie Family), Cheyenne County, Kansas
ca 1902 
6 Benkelman, Bonnie ca 1956, Western Michigan University, Sigma Kappa Sorority  documents           
7 Benkelman, Bonnie Jean ca 1942, and friends  photos           
8 Benkelman, Bonnie Jean ca 1947 at Girl Scout Camp in Fenton, Michigan  photos           
9 Benkelman, Bonnie Jean ca 1948 at Girl Scout Camp in Fenton, Michigan  photos           
10 Benkelman, Bonnie Jean ca 1950 or 1951, Cass City High School Clarinet Quartet  photos           
11 Benkelman, Bonnie Jean ca 1968 Sigma Kappa Fundraiser, Houston, Texas  photos           
12 Benkelman, Bonnie-Margaret and Mary Barbara, ca mid-1940's  photos           
13 Benkelman, Bonnie-Margaret, Mary Barbara and Robert Fletcher, mid 1940's  photos           
14 Benkelman, BonnieMargaret ca 1998 with cousins  photos           
15 Benkelman, Lois ca 1930's with her young cousins Bonnie and Barbara Benkelman of Colorado, and her sister-in-law, Isabel Benkelman and nephew Bill  photos           
16 Benkelman, Lynn with her new father-in-law Ralph (l) and husband Allan Biddlecomb (r)  photos           
17 Benkelman, Mary Barbara, Robert and Bonnie-Margaret  photos           
18 Benton, Mary Ethel ca 1940  photos           
19 Bien, Dolly and Sally   photos           
20 Blue, Eva Leona ca 1957  photos           
21 Bures, Agnes ca 1930's -1940's   photos           
22 Bures, Frank and Anna (Ruzicka) ca 1930's  photos           
23 Bures, Josephine ca 1930's  photos           
24 Burkett, Alricks and Ruby Ray (Boyett) of Beaumont, ca 1992 or later  photos           
25 Cass City (Michigan) High School Band, ca 1950  photos           
26 Cass City (Michigan) High School, 1927-1997  documents           
27 Church of God Congregants-1949, Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas  photos           
28 Clark, Sudie ca 1920's, Sabine County  photos           
29 Cummings, Adeline (Krapf)  headstones           
30 Cutting, Alberta Strong ca 1924  photos           
31 Cutting, Glenn David Jr. ca 1930  photos           
32 Cutting, Glenn David Jr. ca 1957 giving away his daughter Elinore in marriage  photos           
33 Cutting, Glenn David Jr. ca 1981  photos           
34 Fuller, Alice (Holland) Pointer with her daughter and step-children, 1956  photos           
35 Fuller, Herman and Ruth Children, ca 2005  photos           
36 Gentry Women in Sundresses, Sunday at Granny's, 1947  photos           
37 Gentry, Bessie Bird ca 1930 with her daughters  photos           
38 Gentry, Bessie ca 1940, with son Thomas Hardrick Payne and daughter Fay Payne Pierce  photos           
39 Gentry, Betty Jean  photos           
40 Gentry, Delbert "Bud" and wife Eva  photos           
41 Gentry, Delbert "Bud" at Halliburton  photos           
42 Gentry, Harold 1943 letter from his teacher, Gladys Payne,

Arthur School, Stephens County, Oklahoma  
43 Gentry, James Edwin Farm House, Stephens County, Oklahoma  photos           
44 Gentry, Jess Newton WWI Photo  photos           
45 Gentry, John Melton and wife Pamelia (nee Harpole)   photos           
46 Gentry, Lloyd Raymond and wife, Esther   photos           
47 Gentry, Ruth Cleo  photos           
48 Goodwin, Tolbert  photos           
49 History of Oil and Gas in the Los Angeles area including Signal Hill.  histories           
50 Krapf Family of Oklahoma  photos           
51 Krapf Siblings and Spouses; Children of Jake Krapf and Hazel Williams  photos           
52 Lewis, Cecil and Annabelle (Hanks) ca 1985  photos           
53 Marshall, Silas and wife Mary Langhorne  photos           
54 McGuire, Elvis Henry ca 1984  photos           
55 McGuire, Keith David ca 1945  photos           
56 McGuire, Patricia ca 1956  photos           
57 McLemore DNA Study Results NOVEMBER 2011 (see spreadsheet PDF at bottom of this page)  documents           
58 McLemore, Earl  photos           
59 McLemore, Elisha Right's Children  photos           
60 McLemore, Ernest and Norma, April 1956  photos           
61 McLemore, Evon Viola ca 2006  photos           
62 McLemore, James W. and Letha (Hunt)  headstones           
63 McLemore, Lelan Ernest ca 1960, Vidor High School  photos           
64 McLemore, Margaret Elizabeth ca 2005  photos           
65 McLemore, Melinda ca 1969  photos           
66 McLemore, Nina (Fuller), Quilt Square, ca 1966  documents           
67 McLemore, Norma Faye ca 1954  photos           
68 McLemore, Percy ca 1920, with Evon, Earl and Ray  photos           
69 McLemore, Percy ca 1985 with Evon, Earl, Ray, Tom and Lynn  photos           
70 McLemore, Sterling Estate Probate Records, Lexington, Kentucky, August 1815 p 1 of 3  documents           
71 McLemore, Sterling Estate Probate Records, Lexington, Kentucky, August 1815 p 2 of 3  documents           
72 McLemore, Sterling Estate Probate Records, Lexington, Kentucky, August 1815 p 3 of 3  documents           
73 McLemore, Terry F and Shirley (Soshee)  headstones           
74 McLemore, Thomas Eugene ca 1935  photos           
75 McLemore, Thomas Eugene ca 1943  photos           
76 McLemore, Thomas Eugene ca 1945

Eighth Grade Commencement
San Augustine, Texas  
77 McLemore, Thomas Eugene ca 1950
Taylor Hall, Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 
78 McLemore, Thomas Michael  headstones           
79 McLemore, Tom and Bonnie Family Home (1961-1962), Dallas Duplex  documents           
80 McLemore, Tom and Bonnie Family Home (1963-1968), Houston, Texas  documents           
81 McLemore, Vessie & Nina McLemore family Home, San Augustine, Texas  documents           
82 McLemore, Vessie and Nina Family Reunion, October 1985, Broaddus, Texas  photos           
83 McLemore, Viola Evon, Memorial Service Program  documents           
84 Mitochodrial DNA (mtDNA), Haplogroup K  documents           
85 Morgan, Arlis Duward & Eula Mae (McCray)  headstones           
86 Morgan, Cleo and Merdie (Whitehead)  headstones           
87 Morgan, Edgar and Zelma (Hawthorne)  headstones           
88 Morlas Cousins at the St. Alphonsus Convent in 1927  photos           
89 Morlas Dairy, 2220 Calhoun Street, New Orleans  photos           
90 Morlas Men, ca 1951  photos           
91 Morlas Sister Reunion, between 1954-1956, New Orleans  photos           
92 Morlas, Eugenia and Josephine  photos           
93 Morlas, Josephine ca 1916  photos           
94 Morlas, Josephine ca 1930's  photos           
95 Morlas, Josephine ca 1965  photos           
96 Morlas, Lucine and daughters   photos           
97 Morlas, Vivian, Sister Cyril, RSM (Juliet), and Eleanor  photos           
98 O'Neill Home Duncan, Oklahoma  documents           
Home of Aunt Annie (O'Neill) Sparks -
303 Hickory, Duncan, Oklahoma
100 Payne Thomas H. Selective Service Departure Permit 1943, California to Alaska  documents           

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