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Harry Carl Payne

Male 1898 - 1957  (59 years)



PAYNE FAMILY REUNION - 1927 Home of Aunt Annie (O'Neill) Sparks - 303 Hickory, Duncan, Oklahoma

This 1927 Payne Reunion photo is of 41 people. On September 21-23, 1999, Charles R. Strong along with his mother, Anna Laura "Rooney" (Payne) Strong and two aunts – Dora Fay (Payne) Pierce-Yeager and Lois Marie (Payne) Hanna reviewed the picture. The late Lewis Adair Payne had already prepared his own list identifying all persons. Both list had errors. Mary Gwendolyn “Marilynn” (Payne) Wade of Marlow later helped Charles Strong reconcile the two lists and correct some errors. One reason for differences in the two lists was due to the existence of two pictures, which were almost, but not exactly, identical. This photo slightly differs from Aunt Annie’s version.

. NOTE-The list below is numbered left to right - top to bottom. The first number is sequential in total, and the
second number is position within the row.

1 1 Paul Puckett, Boy living with Hattie (Brown) Payne.
2 2 Mabel Lyles
3 3 Baby is Mary Gwendolyn “Marilynn” (Payne) Wade.
4 4 Joseph Ray “Jodey” Payne Jr.
5 5 Virginia (Payne) Hardin - d. of Walter W., # 22 below
6 6 Vera (Payne) Roberts-Young, -d. of Walter W. #22 and mother of #30 below
7 7 Mary Ethyl (Payne) Benton-Madison-Parker. d. of W. W. # 22
8 8 Claude Chadwick Payne
9 9 Ruth Hazel Witherspoon-d. of Mable (Gentry) Witherspoon, d. of John Price Gentry.
10 10 Florence Scott d. of # 23 Lou Payne Scott & niece of W.W. Payne
11 11 Marvin Walter Payne Sr. Father of #'s 8, 28, 37, & 38
12 12 Gracie (Gentry) Payne Wife of # 11 Marvin W. Payne
13 13 Rene Gentry - s. of Frank Melton and Ada (Jones) Gentry, and nephew of Gracie #12
14 14 Edna (Surginer) Payne, First wife of John Earl (Dukie) Payne
15 15 John Earl, (Dukie) Payne
16 16 Caroline "Carrie" (Cover) Payne
17 17 Harry Carl Payne,Sr.

18 1 William "Billy" West - Grandson of # 23, Louise (Payne) Scott
19 2 Joseph Ray Payne, s. of Wm. Henry H. Payne
20 3 C. Frank Payne, Brother to # 11, Marvin W. Payne Sr.
21 4 Annie (O'Neill) Sparks, Wife of #26
22 5 Walter Winkle Payne
23 6 Louise "Lula" (Payne) Scott
24 7 Hattie (Brown) Payne
25 8 Orville Scott
26 9 James Rufus Sparks f. of # 33, Mary Pat (Sparks) Kubic

27 1 Anna Laura "Rooney" (Payne) Strong
28 2 Mary Olive (Payne) Thompson
29 3 Mary Ethyl (Benton) Jones
30 4 Clifford "Bosco" Roberts
31 5 Virginia Payne, sister to # 4 above, and d. of Joseph R. & g.d. Wm. H. H. Payne ?
32 6 Dora Fay (Payne) Pierce - Yeager
33 7 Mary Pat (Sparks) Kubik
34 8 Francis Hardin, d. of Virginia Payne Hardin, # 5 above, (in lap of Mary Pat)
35 9 Thelma (Gentry) Callaway - d. of Edgar J. Gentry & g.d. of Wm. M. Gentry
36 10 Lois Marie (Payne) Hanna
37 11 Lewis Adair Payne
38 12 Marvin Walter "Snort" Payne Jr. in Lewis' lap.
39 13 Willie Lee "Billy" Payne ?
40 14 Paul James Payne
41 15 Jean Bruce (Benton) Turner

Owner/SourceCharles Richard Strong
PlaceDuncan, Oklahoma
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