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 Burial Hill (aka Old Plymouth Cemetery; Pilgrims Cemetery), Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachussets, USA

Latitude: 41.926, Longitude: -70.666

Historical marker reads "The hill before you has been used for burials by Plymouth residents since the 1620s. The first English settlers (known as "The Pilgrims") built their first meeting hosue here. There, Mayflower passengers are buried including Governor William Bradford and William and Mary Brewster. The last burial took place in 1957. The earliest grave markers were of carved wood, and do not survive today. Stone markers were likely used starting in the mid-seventeenth century. The the oldest know stone on Burial hill is that of Edward Gray, 1681. These early stone markers are valuable historic documents, and many are irreplaceable works of folk art...this is a historic and sacred ground, which deserves care and respect.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Bramhall, Joshua
Bramhall, Joshua
In Memory of Mr
decd Janu'ry
21st 1763 In
ye 80th year of his age
Notice that the engraved sketch of a man with seeming electrified hair is the same one shown on the headstone of his son, Cornelius Bramhall, who predeceased his father by a few years, and in another state 
Located    Joshua Bramhall (d. 21 Jun 1763)