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Shelby County, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkison, Carolyn Jean  16 Oct 1936Shelby County, Texas I32358
2 Allen, Adelia  4 Feb 1872Shelby County, Texas I1759
3 Allen, John Herel  4 May 1904Shelby County, Texas I39796
4 Allen, Oma Mae  Between 1900 and 1903Shelby County, Texas I39803
5 Alvis, Anna E.  1 May 1873Shelby County, Texas I37172
6 Beasley, Derwood N. "D. N."  Abt 1906Shelby County, Texas I41611
7 Beasley, Lavada  Abt 1908Shelby County, Texas I41612
8 Beasley, Loyd Proctor  20 Feb 1883Shelby County, Texas I34838
9 Beasley, V. P.  Abt 1920Shelby County, Texas I41614
10 Belsha, Martha Justine "Jettie"  13 Dec 1875Shelby County, Texas I44714
11 Bennett, Yvonne  8 Feb 1914Shelby County, Texas I33318
12 Bragg, Dennis Ray "Bo"  18 Sep 1953Shelby County, Texas I34773
13 Brinson, Frank  10 Feb 1861Shelby County, Texas I46517
14 Brinson, Zachariah  Abt 1865Shelby County, Texas I46519
15 Brittain, Ardell  1 Feb 1915Shelby County, Texas I24289
16 Broach, Robert Earl  26 Oct 1891Shelby County, Texas I38078
17 Cammack, Buford G.  Abt 1902Shelby County, Texas I37892
18 Cammack, Joe Bailey  Abt 1913Shelby County, Texas I32211
19 Cammack, Nettie Ann  17 Jul 1889Shelby County, Texas I32194
20 Cammack, Robert Lowry  6 Aug 1882Shelby County, Texas I32191
21 Cammack, Van Carter  10 Jun 1904Shelby County, Texas I13194
22 Cartwright, Robert  Abt 1849Shelby County, Texas I39058
23 Chambers, Thomas J.  Abt 1910Shelby County, Texas I39349
24 Chance, James C.  29 May 1868Shelby County, Texas I39473
25 Chance, Leo Edgar  18 Jul 1904Shelby County, Texas I2389
26 Coats, Basil Arthur  16 Dec 1919Shelby County, Texas I17558
27 Conn, Gloria Sue  24 Oct 1950Shelby County, Texas I33552
28 Cozart, Wilson  7 Sep 1940Shelby County, Texas I40883
29 Crawford, Alton  Abt 1916Shelby County, Texas I34914
30 Crawford, Averil Winnifred  30 Jul 1895Shelby County, Texas I34908
31 Crawford, Earl  30 Aug 1892Shelby County, Texas I34907
32 Crawford, Elwyn  23 Mar 1900Shelby County, Texas I42879
33 Crawford, Glenn Gordon  Abt 1921Shelby County, Texas I12375
34 Crawford, Joe R.  Abt 1918Shelby County, Texas I34915
35 Crawford, Joseph Leroy  23 Dec 1855Shelby County, Texas I34889
36 Crawford, Mildred  Abt 1910Shelby County, Texas I34912
37 Crawford, Muriel  Abt 1906Shelby County, Texas I34910
38 Crawford, Ransome H.  21 Sep 1912Shelby County, Texas I34913
39 Crawford, Rupert Lloyd  23 Mar 1880Shelby County, Texas I34902
40 Crawford, Rupert Lloyd Jr.  7 May 1907Shelby County, Texas I34911
41 Crawford, Thomas Jacob  14 Oct 1859Shelby County, Texas I34893
42 Darnell, Myrtle Cooper  11 Mar 1873Shelby County, Texas I26623
43 Dean, Floyd Lawrence  23 Dec 1877Shelby County, Texas I44743
44 Eddins, Infant Son  22 Jul 1897Shelby County, Texas I2174
45 Hairgrove, Ada L.  Feb 1894Shelby County, Texas I36924
46 Hairgrove, David Alvis  29 Mar 1873Shelby County, Texas I32203
47 Hairgrove, Ellis  Mar 1899Shelby County, Texas I36927
48 Hairgrove, Eugenia  Abt 1906Shelby County, Texas I36930
49 Hairgrove, Infant Daughter  Abt 1910Shelby County, Texas I36931
50 Hairgrove, Jefferson D. "Dewey"  Sep 1897Shelby County, Texas I36926
51 Hairgrove, Lucille  Abt 1904Shelby County, Texas I36929
52 Hairgrove, Mark Corley  Oct 1895Shelby County, Texas I36925
53 Hairgrove, Temperance "Tempie" Eula  Abt 1902Shelby County, Texas I36928
54 Haley, Alonzo "A. C."  26 Oct 1862Shelby County, Texas I39237
55 Hodges, Benjamin Franklin  8 Mar 1839Shelby County, Texas I11488
56 Jolley, James Andrew  15 Mar 1892Shelby County, Texas I17304
57 Kilcrease, J. W.  5 Oct 1923Shelby County, Texas I29711
58 Kilcrease, Lydia Ceal "Cotton"  22 Jun 1925Shelby County, Texas I33626
59 Kilcrease, Tommy Glen  18 Nov 1934Shelby County, Texas I46205
60 King, Edward Warren  19 Aug 1891Shelby County, Texas I36919
61 King, Mary Matilda  22 Feb 1888Shelby County, Texas I36918
62 Lemmons, Leola  17 Jul 1903Shelby County, Texas I39078
63 Lout, Ruby Olivia  21 Sep 1925Shelby County, Texas I34209
64 Mathews, Aubrey R.  14 Mar 1903Shelby County, Texas I44328
65 Mathews, Clyde J. "Frog"  14 Nov 1918Shelby County, Texas I44331
66 Mathews, Irene Elizabeth  25 Jun 1900Shelby County, Texas I2238
67 Mathews, Jennie "Biddie" Pearl  1 May 1922Shelby County, Texas I44295
68 Mathews, Jesse Lee  3 Sep 1907Shelby County, Texas I44395
69 Mathews, Jesse R.  Abt 1903Shelby County, Texas I44327
70 Mathews, Jimmie Woodrow  11 Nov 1914Shelby County, Texas I44294
71 Mathews, Julia Eppie  1 Dec 1914Shelby County, Texas I44330
72 Mathews, Reece  Abt 1909Shelby County, Texas I44329
73 McCary, Amanda Vernuel "Nuely"  11 Jan 1880Shelby County, Texas I38096
74 McCary, Baxter  Feb 1890Shelby County, Texas I44730
75 McCary, Dan R.  Jan 1887Shelby County, Texas I44729
76 McCary, Joe Louis "Jack"  8 Jan 1902Shelby County, Texas I44717
77 McCary, John French  9 Nov 1881Shelby County, Texas I44725
78 McCary, John Richard  8 Oct 1899Shelby County, Texas I44716
79 McCary, Joseph Muncie  6 Mar 1872Shelby County, Texas I44713
80 McCary, Katherine "Katy" Louise  10 Jan 1878Shelby County, Texas I44724
81 McCary, Lizzie  Feb 1884Shelby County, Texas I44728
82 McCary, Mary Alice  4 Feb 1875Shelby County, Texas I44726
83 McCary, Mary Allishie  14 Feb 1895Shelby County, Texas I44715
84 McCary, Vivian Irene  14 Nov 1909Shelby County, Texas I44720
85 McCary, William F.  Dec 1869Shelby County, Texas I44727
86 McCary, William Harry "J. M."  12 Sep 1915Shelby County, Texas I44721
87 McCroskey, Fred David Jr.  3 Sep 1945Shelby County, Texas I44869
88 McLemore, Elijah  Abt 1841Shelby County, Texas I26615
89 McLemore, John T.  Nov 1846Shelby County, Texas I26617
90 Meeks, Patricia Diane  14 Aug 1948Shelby County, Texas I38668
91 Moore, Juanita Fay  25 Nov 1943Shelby County, Texas I33295
92 Reynolds, Edith Gertrude "Trudy"  Abt 1921Shelby County, Texas I37091
93 Rhame, William Ferol  Jan 1921Shelby County, Texas I36564
94 Savell, Levi  23 Oct 1900Shelby County, Texas I33083
95 Shull, Addie  29 Jun 1882Shelby County, Texas I28436
96 Tinsley, Clarinda "Clara"  14 Jan 1911Shelby County, Texas I38102
97 Tinsley, Josiah "Joe"  19 Jan 1904Shelby County, Texas I38100
98 Wagstaff, Floyd  8 Jan 1911Shelby County, Texas I23777
99 Wagstaff, Robert Harlon  9 Oct 1920Shelby County, Texas I2140
100 Walker, Haren Caris  7 Jan 1886Shelby County, Texas I36921

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Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Sarah Adora "Dora"  20 Feb 1922Shelby County, Texas I44723
2 Alford, Allen Josiah  23 Jul 1923Shelby County, Texas I1616
3 Alford, Lee Edmondson  Abt 1887Shelby County, Texas I32588
4 Bailey, Bonnie Lucille  12 Aug 1986Shelby County, Texas I37264
5 Barrett, Willie Geneva  29 Dec 1944Shelby County, Texas I357
6 Beard, Marvin Joe  17 Nov 1987Shelby County, Texas I23422
7 Blankenship, Nancy C.  Aft 1827Shelby County, Texas I26929
8 Bragg, Mary Frances  24 Aug 1948Shelby County, Texas I31043
9 Brinson, Susan A.  Bef 1870Shelby County, Texas I26612
10 Cammack, Katherine "Kate" Cornelia  Oct 1973Shelby County, Texas I32193
11 Cammack, Robert Lowry  14 Oct 1930Shelby County, Texas I32191
12 Cammack, Thomas Jefferson  26 Nov 1918Shelby County, Texas I32151
13 Cannon, Mary Ann  27 Sep 1885Shelby County, Texas I34901
14 Cartwright, Robert Grimmer  1 Mar 1853Shelby County, Texas I3190
15 Clark, Bill Artemis  19 Feb 1936Shelby County, Texas I40133
16 Conn, Robert Cecil Sr.  31 May 1979Shelby County, Texas I22046
17 Conner, Vivian Mildred "Pat"  27 Nov 1997Shelby County, Texas I41379
18 Crawford, Earl  31 Oct 1972Shelby County, Texas I34907
19 Crawford, Edd Burke  8 Aug 1944Shelby County, Texas I34891
20 Crawford, George Marshall  16 Sep 1943Shelby County, Texas I42890
21 Crawford, Joseph Leroy  14 May 1934Shelby County, Texas I34889
22 Crawford, Thomas Jacob  8 Dec 1860Shelby County, Texas I34893
23 Crawford, William H.  30 Apr 1892Shelby County, Texas I34896
24 Crocker, Willie Laura  4 Aug 1980Shelby County, Texas I39379
25 Dean, Floyd Lawrence  15 Jan 1958Shelby County, Texas I44743
26 Dean, Julius Curtis  29 Mar 1939Shelby County, Texas I44744
27 Ebarb, Mary Margaret  7 Nov 1984Shelby County, Texas I36336
28 Eddins, Infant Son  26 Aug 1897Shelby County, Texas I2174
29 Eddins, Larkin Chivers "L. C." Jr.  1 Jan 1969Shelby County, Texas I6561
30 Evans, Mary Bernice  22 Feb 2009Shelby County, Texas I36203
31 Fullen, Beulah Carey  30 Aug 1993Shelby County, Texas I20772
32 Hughes, Robert Irwin  24 Dec 1976Shelby County, Texas I44901
33 Hurst, James Wyatt  26 Jan 1935Shelby County, Texas I1752
34 King, Mary Matilda  18 Apr 1918Shelby County, Texas I36918
35 Lanier, Mary Hill  Bef Sep 1852Shelby County, Texas I16299
36 Lee, Laverne  Jan 1978Shelby County, Texas I22951
37 Lout, Adelle  1 Apr 1988Shelby County, Texas I39334
38 Maund, Nellie Cowart  25 Mar 1930Shelby County, Texas I44415
39 Maund, William Lott "Uncle Billie"  Nov 1902Shelby County, Texas I37385
40 McCary, Amanda Vernuel "Nuely"  7 Aug 1905Shelby County, Texas I38096
41 McCary, Mary Alice  18 Nov 1936Shelby County, Texas I44726
42 McCary, Mary Allishie  11 Aug 1940Shelby County, Texas I44715
43 McDaniel, Addie Catherine  6 Feb 1995Shelby County, Texas I44900
44 McLemore, Adaline Margaret  Aft 1900Shelby County, Texas I29540
45 McLemore, Lela Gertrude  14 Oct 1976Shelby County, Texas I2680
46 McLemore, Lourena  Bef 1900Shelby County, Texas I36916
47 McNairy, Frances Laura  Abt 1872Shelby County, Texas I46511
48 McWilliams, Margaret Jane  11 Feb 1864Shelby County, Texas I34899
49 McWilliams, Robert  Oct 1864Shelby County, Texas I34900
50 Shull, Addie  3 Jan 1955Shelby County, Texas I28436
51 Shull, Robert Martin  24 Sep 1910Shelby County, Texas I18799
52 Tillman, Melissa Lurani  29 Apr 1892Shelby County, Texas I32189
53 Waldrop, Jeremiah Sylvester  20 Nov 1900Shelby County, Texas I36023
54 Walker, Haren Caris  13 Apr 1965Shelby County, Texas I36921
55 Watson, Mitford Sarentha  15 May 1931Shelby County, Texas I28431
56 Whittlesey, Martha "Mattie" Luma  17 Mar 1898Shelby County, Texas I3830
57 Windham, Roena Thomas  10 Mar 1936Shelby County, Texas I39348


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Doggett  14 Jan 1898Shelby County, Texas F12063
2 Bandy / Crawford  22 Aug 1915Shelby County, Texas F10948
3 Blount / Crawford  15 Oct 1902Shelby County, Texas F10920
4 Coussons / Dean  13 Dec 1883Shelby County, Texas F12638
5 Gee / Bailey  17 Oct 1925Shelby County, Texas F11463
6 Green / Cammack  14 Feb 1909Shelby County, Texas F6953
7 King / Wagstaff  8 Dec 1923Shelby County, Texas F11373
8 McLemore / Gomillion  29 Mar 1932Shelby County, Texas F783
9 Williams / McCauley  22 Feb 1946Shelby County, Texas F8637
10 Youngblood / Norwood  3 Jan 1866Shelby County, Texas F5991