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Sampson County, North Carolina



Latitude: 34.9915302777778, Longitude: -78.3712297222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Gabriel  Abt 1769Sampson County, North Carolina I1711
2 Blanton, Abraham  Abt 1802Sampson County, North Carolina I35801
3 Blanton, Christian  Abt 1798Sampson County, North Carolina I35799
4 Blanton, Edmond  31 Aug 1815Sampson County, North Carolina I8508
5 Blanton, Enoch  Abt 1800Sampson County, North Carolina I35800
6 Blanton, Isaac  23 Feb 1793Sampson County, North Carolina I22074
7 Blanton, James Andrew  7 Aug 1813Sampson County, North Carolina I17713
8 Blanton, John  Abt 1796Sampson County, North Carolina I35798
9 Blanton, Mary Jane "Polly"  1 Jun 1827Sampson County, North Carolina I10643
10 Blanton, Moses  Abt 1789Sampson County, North Carolina I8679
11 Bradford, Elsie Myrtle  15 Oct 1907Sampson County, North Carolina I22196
12 Bullard, James  10 Mar 1809Sampson County, North Carolina I22238
13 Bullard, Roland Roby  17 Sep 1912Sampson County, North Carolina I28371
14 Butler, Edgar Blount  27 Mar 1888Sampson County, North Carolina I43038
15 Campbell, Caroline  Abt 1827Sampson County, North Carolina I21832
16 Carter, Charles Jenkins  18 Sep 1885Sampson County, North Carolina I21848
17 Carter, Daniel E.  Jan 1825Sampson County, North Carolina I21845
18 Carter, James Owen  23 May 1852Sampson County, North Carolina I21846
19 Carter, Jo Etta  8 Aug 1882Sampson County, North Carolina I21827
20 Carter, Mary Lou  15 Oct 1891Sampson County, North Carolina I21849
21 Dudley, Lela Elizabeth  7 Jul 1918Sampson County, North Carolina I22277
22 Ezzell, Archie  8 May 1888Sampson County, North Carolina I22309
23 Faircloth, Ammie Elbert  16 Sep 1888Sampson County, North Carolina I45857
24 Goff, Nancy  9 Mar 1792Sampson County, North Carolina I22067
25 Grantham, Marilyn  18 Jan 1933Sampson County, North Carolina I17660
26 Hall, Lila Jane  29 Jul 1907Sampson County, North Carolina I45864
27 Hall, Margaret "Maggie" Penelope  23 Apr 1854Sampson County, North Carolina I21833
28 Jones, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1816Sampson County, North Carolina I22239
29 Matthis, Willie James  12 Apr 1885Sampson County, North Carolina I45862
30 McLemore, Addie Dora  12 Feb 1880Sampson County, North Carolina I21828
31 McLemore, Alton Lynwood  2 May 1929Sampson County, North Carolina I22253
32 McLemore, Amos  Abt 1813Sampson County, North Carolina I13157
33 McLemore, Ann  Abt 1840Sampson County, North Carolina I21814
34 McLemore, Annie Matilda  4 Mar 1894Sampson County, North Carolina I21870
35 McLemore, Bonnie Erline  18 May 1913Sampson County, North Carolina I22250
36 McLemore, Charles Allen  Abt 1859Sampson County, North Carolina I21821
37 McLemore, Cordie  26 Feb 1896Sampson County, North Carolina I31839
38 McLemore, Daughter  Between 1810 and 1815Sampson County, North Carolina I28470
39 McLemore, Daughter  Between 1815 and 1820Sampson County, North Carolina I28632
40 McLemore, Daughter  Between 1815 and 1820Sampson County, North Carolina I28633
41 McLemore, Daughter  Between 1820 and 1825Sampson County, North Carolina I28634
42 McLemore, Daughter  Between 1820 and 1825Sampson County, North Carolina I28635
43 McLemore, Daughter  Between 1835 and 1840Sampson County, North Carolina I28641
44 McLemore, David Alderman  13 Dec 1851Sampson County, North Carolina I21809
45 McLemore, David Alexander  14 Mar 1919Sampson County, North Carolina I22183
46 McLemore, David Alexander Jr.  Abt 1943Sampson County, North Carolina I42424
47 McLemore, Dixie Madie  7 Jan 1926Sampson County, North Carolina I22268
48 McLemore, Doris Atwood  2 May 1929Sampson County, North Carolina I22254
49 McLemore, Edgar Lonie  21 Jul 1889Sampson County, North Carolina I22283
50 McLemore, Edgbert Ray Sr.  18 Oct 1922Sampson County, North Carolina I22270
51 McLemore, Elisha Anderson  11 May 1900Sampson County, North Carolina I31836
52 McLemore, Elizabeth Grey  1 Feb 1921Sampson County, North Carolina I22269
53 McLemore, Emma Mae  10 Sep 1906Sampson County, North Carolina I31840
54 McLemore, George Ammie M.D.  12 Nov 1878Sampson County, North Carolina I21834
55 McLemore, Haywood  7 Sep 1845Sampson County, North Carolina I22048
56 McLemore, Haywood Lofton  4 May 1920Sampson County, North Carolina I22271
57 McLemore, Hezekiah M.  Abt 1844Sampson County, North Carolina I21817
58 McLemore, James David  30 Mar 1953Sampson County, North Carolina I22308
59 McLemore, Joel  Jan 1850Sampson County, North Carolina I21818
60 McLemore, John  Abt 1855Sampson County, North Carolina I21820
61 McLemore, Lela M.  18 Nov 1896Sampson County, North Carolina I22317
62 McLemore, Lillie Hazel  13 Dec 1916Sampson County, North Carolina I22251
63 McLemore, Lofton Hayes  10 Mar 1844Sampson County, North Carolina I22047
64 McLemore, Louanna  Dec 1825Sampson County, North Carolina I21844
65 McLemore, Louanna  Abt 1853Sampson County, North Carolina I21819
66 McLemore, Maggie Penelope "Nellie"  16 May 1888Sampson County, North Carolina I21868
67 McLemore, Margie Emma  11 Nov 1882Sampson County, North Carolina I21866
68 McLemore, Martha  Abt 1836Sampson County, North Carolina I21813
69 McLemore, Mary E.  Abt 1860Sampson County, North Carolina I21822
70 McLemore, Minnie J.  30 Nov 1909Sampson County, North Carolina I31841
71 McLemore, Nancy "Nanny"  Between 1774 and 1790Sampson County, North Carolina I22215
72 McLemore, Raleigh Sloan  12 Dec 1900Sampson County, North Carolina I22178
73 McLemore, Reddick  Between 1774 and 1790Sampson County, North Carolina I22216
74 McLemore, Sarah  Abt 1830Sampson County, North Carolina I28636
75 McLemore, Sarah  Abt 1843Sampson County, North Carolina I21816
76 McLemore, Seavy Hayes  10 Aug 1911Sampson County, North Carolina I22249
77 McLemore, Susannah  Abt 1785Sampson County, North Carolina I1740
78 McLemore, Tobias Jr.  Between 1836 and 1838Sampson County, North Carolina I26608
79 McLemore, Wade Hampton  19 Aug 1897Sampson County, North Carolina I22177
80 McLemore, William McCoy "Toot"  22 Feb 1926Sampson County, North Carolina I45865
81 McLemore, William S.  Abt 1842Sampson County, North Carolina I21815
82 McLemore, Zilpha  Between 1774 and 1790Sampson County, North Carolina I22214
83 Melvin, Lulu  17 Aug 1888Sampson County, North Carolina I43037
84 Morgan, Duncan  8 Jun 1806Sampson County, North Carolina I8501
85 Morgan, Enoch  4 Jun 1812Sampson County, North Carolina I8497
86 Morgan, William Ivan  10 Dec 1828Sampson County, North Carolina I8654
87 Porter, Arthur  2 Feb 1893Sampson County, North Carolina I39594
88 Porter, Hughie P.  5 Nov 1887Sampson County, North Carolina I39593
89 Porter, Jeff  5 Sep 1905Sampson County, North Carolina I22280
90 Porter, Lillie  2 Jun 1890Sampson County, North Carolina I21838
91 Porter, Luther  7 Dec 1886Sampson County, North Carolina I39592
92 Porter, Otis  13 May 1901Sampson County, North Carolina I39597
93 Porter, Ozell  12 Oct 1908Sampson County, North Carolina I39598
94 Rich, Owen Preston  13 Jul 1924Sampson County, North Carolina I28372
95 Sessoms, Margaret Emma "Maggie"  9 Feb 1869Sampson County, North Carolina I31838
96 Simmons, Arleah Alice  16 Jun 1861Sampson County, North Carolina I22314
97 Simmons, Cornelia Sloan  4 Oct 1859Sampson County, North Carolina I13156
98 Simmons, Jemima  Between 1809 and 1814Sampson County, North Carolina I13155
99 Spell, Nancy Elizabeth  10 Mar 1860Sampson County, North Carolina I22204
100 Tew, Jesse  15 Apr 1816Sampson County, North Carolina I45870

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashley, Claudia  30 May 2002Sampson County, North Carolina I22199
2 Campbell, Caroline  Abt 1852Sampson County, North Carolina I21832
3 Dudley, Lela Elizabeth  12 Jul 1999Sampson County, North Carolina I22277
4 Fowler, Matilda Jane  26 Oct 1909Sampson County, North Carolina I21864
5 Grantham, Marilyn  13 Nov 2010Sampson County, North Carolina I17660
6 Hall, Margaret "Maggie" Penelope  19 Jan 1926Sampson County, North Carolina I21833
7 McLemore, Abb Columbus  10 May 1908Sampson County, North Carolina I22307
8 McLemore, Alton Lynwood  3 Sep 2011Sampson County, North Carolina I22253
9 McLemore, Alvin Hayes  17 Jan 1941Sampson County, North Carolina I22207
10 McLemore, Amos  Aft 1887Sampson County, North Carolina I13157
11 McLemore, Archibald  Between 1820 and 1830Sampson County, North Carolina I21660
12 McLemore, Charles Ward  28 Oct 1953Sampson County, North Carolina I22287
13 McLemore, David Alderman  3 Oct 1914Sampson County, North Carolina I21809
14 McLemore, Edith  Bef 1868Sampson County, North Carolina I21806
15 McLemore, Haywood  3 May 1910Sampson County, North Carolina I22048
16 McLemore, Haywood Lofton  14 May 1920Sampson County, North Carolina I22271
17 McLemore, Hezekiah M.  2 Jan 1865Sampson County, North Carolina I21810
18 McLemore, James David  30 Mar 1953Sampson County, North Carolina I22308
19 McLemore, Lofton Hayes  3 Oct 1906Sampson County, North Carolina I22047
20 McLemore, Nancy "Nanny"  Abt 1870Sampson County, North Carolina I22215
21 McLemore, Seavy Hayes  28 Feb 1964Sampson County, North Carolina I22249
22 McLemore, Thomas Warren  1 Mar 2002Sampson County, North Carolina I22184
23 McLemore, West  Abt 1818Sampson County, North Carolina I21659
24 McLemore, William Oscar  Between 1908 and 1910Sampson County, North Carolina I31837
25 Porter, Lillie  9 Feb 1984Sampson County, North Carolina I21838
26 Rivenbark, Marna  5 Mar 1983Sampson County, North Carolina I22312
27 Simmons, Cornelia Sloan  30 Oct 1918Sampson County, North Carolina I13156
28 Simmons, Jemima  Aft 1884Sampson County, North Carolina I13155
29 Smith, McLemore Peter  25 Jan 1955Sampson County, North Carolina I31995
30 Spell, Nancy Elizabeth  6 Aug 1930Sampson County, North Carolina I22204
31 Tew, Jeremiah Jr.  19 Feb 1859Sampson County, North Carolina I45869
32 Tew, Jesse  11 Oct 1894Sampson County, North Carolina I45870


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bullard / Ezzell  23 May 1869Sampson County, North Carolina F11304
2 McLemore / Branch  18 Jan 1872Sampson County, North Carolina F9949
3 McLemore / Bullard  18 Sep 1866Sampson County, North Carolina F7697
4 McLemore / Ezzell  17 Jan 1916Sampson County, North Carolina F7660
5 McLemore / Register  19 Aug 1847Sampson County, North Carolina F8796
6 McLemore / Rich  28 Dec 1901Sampson County, North Carolina F7721
7 McLemore / Sessoms  9 Mar 1895Sampson County, North Carolina F10213
8 Smith / McLemore  10 Aug 1865Sampson County, North Carolina F7645