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Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas



Latitude: 31.3432002777778, Longitude: -93.8517997222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Pearl Elizabeth  13 Jan 1916Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I41710
2 Anderson, Wyatt Pearson  8 Jul 1898Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I38099
3 Bragg, Bettye Frances  10 Oct 1928Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I2137
4 Burkhalter, Donald Lee  22 Nov 1932Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I37208
5 Felts, Delon Davis "Shay"  12 Sep 1915Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I14248
6 Felts, Eula Mae  22 Jun 1911Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I14261
7 Felts, Lola B.  26 Mar 1920Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I25988
8 Felts, Ocie Inez  21 Jan 1905Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I13014
9 Ferguson, Alvin Eldridge  26 Nov 1931Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I14778
10 Gomer, Horace Ingram  21 Jun 1897Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I15877
11 Gooch, Marcille Willie  8 Jan 1921Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I33438
12 Gooch, Pauline Lemmie  11 Aug 1925Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I36697
13 Harper, Wendell Holmes  25 Jul 1922Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I16024
14 Hines, Charlton  14 Sep 1830Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I2069
15 Low, Emily Elizabeth  29 Dec 1833Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I4056
16 McDaniel, Carrol Martin  24 Jun 1930Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I24354
17 Moore, Frankie Dee  23 Jan 1930Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I17553
18 Morris, Amon Perry Jr.  25 Mar 1864Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I34654
19 Morris, Jessie Viola  10 Feb 1915Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I4166
20 Smith, June Alvin  26 Aug 1883Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I15202
21 Tinsley, Lela  2 Feb 1901Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I38098
22 Youngblood, Ida  29 Mar 1902Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I12948
23 Youngblood, Ruby Lawrence  7 Feb 1918Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I24406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, John Andrew  3 Sep 1931Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I41608
2 Beddoe, Phillip Tolbert  Abt 1861Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I24034
3 Bostick, Mary Elizabeth  12 May 1907Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I41609
4 Burkett, Martha "Mattie" Bell  3 Mar 1955Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I7878
5 Cooper, Berintha "Bee"  14 Mar 1959Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I13003
6 Felts, Thomas Jefferson  17 Apr 1948Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I7879
7 Gomer, Horace Ingram  16 Nov 1945Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I15877
8 Goodloe, Dr. Robert Kemp  20 Oct 1879Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I14230
9 Hines, Elbert  6 Jul 1862Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I2070
10 McDaniel, Winnie Luthenia "Thena"  18 Jan 1944Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I3494
11 Melton, Mahana  10 Aug 1859Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I2071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Morris, Shadrach H.  Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I2060
2 Nelson, Mary "Polly" Sarah  Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas I2061


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Maund / Goodloe  24 Jun 1869Sabinetown, Sabine County, Texas F3425