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Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas



Latitude: 31.4251522222222, Longitude: -94.0048263888889


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldree, Wilma Dean  12 Nov 1932Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I24437
2 Boyd, Otha Darrell "O. D."  29 Aug 1938Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I34362
3 Boyett, Erma  25 Feb 1922Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I7473
4 Boyett, James Roy Sr.  20 Apr 1935Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I17535
5 Chance, Sam Alfred  15 Feb 1939Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I46385
6 Fullen, Byron  20 Dec 1917Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I1129
7 Fuller, Alonzo Alkony  1 Jul 1890Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I609
8 Fuller, Bertha Lena  23 Jan 1900Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I613
9 Fuller, Bobbie Joe  17 Jul 1932Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I647
10 Fuller, Brooks John  1 Mar 1895Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I611
11 Fuller, David Andrew Sr.  22 Feb 1940Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I650
12 Fuller, Ethel Arlie  11 Feb 1897Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I612
13 Fuller, Gerald Conrad  10 Oct 1928Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I645
14 Fuller, James Herman  17 Dec 1903Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I615
15 Fuller, Kenneth  19 Feb 1948Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I652
16 Fuller, Mildred Alyne  12 Jan 1925Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I579
17 Fuller, Nina Ophelia  15 Sep 1891Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I50
18 Fuller, Ola Jean  26 Jul 1934Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I648
19 Fuller, Price Joseph  16 Feb 1893Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I610
20 Fuller, Ruby Narvalyn  17 Oct 1926Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I644
21 Fuller, Tera Mary  13 Jan 1902Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I614
22 Hargrove, Noble Earl  12 Jun 1920Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I38878
23 Hargrove, Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth  10 Aug 1886Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I41361
24 Keller, Elenora  10 May 1905Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I33084
25 Kerr, Charlie Denton M. D.  4 Apr 1903Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I3452
26 Kerr, Jewel  20 Aug 1904Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I1197
27 Kerr, William Rupert M. D.  8 May 1924Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I5342
28 Lawrence, John Samuel "Johnie" Sr.  11 Feb 1884Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I16811
29 Mitchell, Addie Mae  27 Mar 1919Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I1114
30 Oliver, Vernon Luther  27 Sep 1945Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I42884
31 Parker, John Robert  10 Oct 1930Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I15987
32 Wright, Moncho  17 Jun 1871Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I39124


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baldree, William Thomas  5 Apr 1936Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I39059
2 Boyett, John Oliver  5 Jan 1934Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I30076
3 Boyett, Robert Edgar  30 Apr 1927Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I36161
4 Burkett, Elbert Scott "Britt"  3 Oct 1989Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I38211
5 Burns, Carrie Emma  30 May 1997Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I32948
6 Cox, John Shannon "Shan" Jr.  28 Jul 2013Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I43526
7 Eddings, Wendell Burnis  29 May 2005Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I10547
8 Fuller, Joe S.  6 Sep 1987Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I624
9 Fuller, Joseph Thomas  28 Nov 1950Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I124
10 Fuller, Kenneth  19 Feb 1948Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I652
11 Gill, Roland Roy Jr.  17 Dec 2013Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I44431
12 Harvey, Emma Elizabeth  27 Jan 1968Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I34529
13 Horton, Burnice "Monk"  8 Aug 1995Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I33616
14 Jones, Martha E. "Mattie"  12 Feb 1941Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I22863
15 Jones, Nelda Faye "Nell"  30 Apr 2012Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I747
16 McCroskey, Olive Robert "Bob"  12 Feb 1948Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I38856
17 Moore, Annie Arlee  18 Sep 2013Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I43730
18 Retherford, Thomas Richard "T. R."  14 Feb 2015Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I45338
19 Wright, Ethelean  11 Oct 2012Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I41503
20 Wright, Lloyd Singleton  14 Apr 1940Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I39128
21 Wright, Moncho  24 Jan 1929Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I39124


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Birdwell, Billie Faye  Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I46840
2 Fuller, Bertha Lena  Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I613
3 Fuller, Bobbie Joe  Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I647
4 Fuller, Tera Mary  Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I614
5 Toner, Francis James "Buddy"  Rosevine, Sabine County, Texas I653