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Rockcastle County, Kentucky



Latitude: 37.3651497222222, Longitude: -84.31597


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kirby, Jeremiah "Jerry" Marsh  28 Mar 1824Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31759
2 McLemore, Chester  Abt 1921Rockcastle County, Kentucky I45744
3 McLemore, Cynthia  21 Jan 1818Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31758
4 McLemore, Cynthia Jane  Abt 1864Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27546
5 McLemore, Delbert  Abt 1908Rockcastle County, Kentucky I45741
6 McLemore, Eliza  16 Sep 1897Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31718
7 McLemore, Grace  Abt 1906Rockcastle County, Kentucky I45740
8 McLemore, Hackley  Jul 1874Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27549
9 McLemore, Hazel C.  Abt 1908Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31723
10 McLemore, Izella  Abt 1905Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31721
11 McLemore, Jannie  Abt 1918Rockcastle County, Kentucky I45743
12 McLemore, Lewis  Abt 1912Rockcastle County, Kentucky I45742
13 McLemore, Louisa  21 May 1827Rockcastle County, Kentucky I25839
14 McLemore, Louise  10 May 1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31708
15 McLemore, Lula J.  Abt 1906Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31722
16 McLemore, Martha  Abt 1910Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31724
17 McLemore, Nellie  Between 1900 and 1902Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31726
18 McLemore, Sarah Jane  31 May 1859Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27544
19 McLemore, Thomas Gilliam  Sep 1861Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27545
20 McLemore, Thomas Gilliam II  12 Jun 1913Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31725
21 McLemore, William F.  23 Dec 1855Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27542
22 McLemore, Wright  24 Sep 1824Rockcastle County, Kentucky I25838
23 McLemore, Wright  4 Jul 1869Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27547
24 Sowder, Elizabeth Ellen "Lissie"  Jun 1898Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31716
25 Sowder, Fannie Ray  26 Mar 1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32692
26 Sowder, Jahilo H. "Jay"  8 Feb 1869Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32224
27 Sowder, James M.  Feb 1895Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32691
28 Sowder, Nannie B.  20 Aug 1893Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32690
29 Sowder, Viola  19 Dec 1889Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32688
30 Sowder, William Thomas  17 Mar 1891Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32689
31 Tyree, James  26 Sep 1866Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32466
32 Tyree, Louise  29 Jun 1868Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32225
33 Tyree, Mack  13 Aug 1871Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32468
34 Waddell, Elizabeth F.  2 May 1865Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31749
35 Waddell, George Ann  Abt 1865Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31750
36 Waddell, Mary Martisha  13 Aug 1858Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31747
37 Waddell, Robert  Abt 1861Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31748
38 Waddell, Sarah Jonathan  7 Mar 1856Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31746


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bethurum, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1909Rockcastle County, Kentucky I33332
2 Bethurum, William  Dec 1869Rockcastle County, Kentucky I33331
3 Bullock, Mary Martha  4 Apr 1916Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31720
4 Burdine, Hepsia Armelda Mildred  28 Dec 1996Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32036
5 Kirby, Jeremiah "Jerry" Marsh  27 Feb 1911Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31759
6 Kirby, Nancy Ann  Aft 1910Rockcastle County, Kentucky I27541
7 McLemore, Cynthia  6 Jan 1911Rockcastle County, Kentucky I31758
8 McLemore, John D.  Aft 1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I25837
9 Sowder, Viola  2 May 1890Rockcastle County, Kentucky I32688


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McLemore / Bradley  24 Nov 1904Rockcastle County, Kentucky F13573
2 McLemore / Bullock  29 May 1902Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10198
3 McLemore / Kirby  4 Mar 1855Rockcastle County, Kentucky F9003
4 McLemore / Mainer  23 Oct 1890Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10158
5 McLemore / McClure  21 Aug 1879Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10197
6 McLemore / Mink  9 Apr 1925Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10200
7 McLemore / Rigsby  28 Jan 1896Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10159
8 McLemore / Tyree  9 Jul 1879Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10155
9 Smith / McLemore  15 Mar 1891Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10157
10 Sowder / Tyree  8 Sep 1887Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10328
11 Tyree / McLemore  2 Aug 1879Rockcastle County, Kentucky F9828
12 Waddell / McLemore  6 Jan 1856Rockcastle County, Kentucky F10202