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Newton, Newton County, Texas



Latitude: 30.8457866666667, Longitude: -93.7506163888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyett, Martha Ann "Babe"  22 Oct 1890Newton, Newton County, Texas I9397
2 Bozich, Melbaline Anice  13 Apr 1921Newton, Newton County, Texas I22757
3 Miller, Leviah "Levi" Jefferson  1 Jun 1872Newton, Newton County, Texas I43199
4 Miller, Ruth Orlee  26 Jul 1881Newton, Newton County, Texas I42169
5 Phelps, Charles Wesley  13 Aug 1882Newton, Newton County, Texas I42161
6 Powell, Mary Frances  27 Jan 1920Newton, Newton County, Texas I10813
7 Westbrook, Melissa Effaline  21 Aug 1856Newton, Newton County, Texas I9416
8 Woods, Fed Milton  6 Jan 1931Newton, Newton County, Texas I40056


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Huey Quillar Sr.  13 Feb 1967Newton, Newton County, Texas I14103
2 Bell, Frances Benena "Nina"  28 Sep 1941Newton, Newton County, Texas I21976
3 Bennett, Lillian Marie  7 Mar 1995Newton, Newton County, Texas I7024
4 Bennett, Mary Pauline  10 May 2004Newton, Newton County, Texas I35460
5 Biscamp, Lewis H. "Lou"  Abt 1896Newton, Newton County, Texas I9817
6 Caples, Charley Eugene  Jun 1972Newton, Newton County, Texas I9487
7 Carter, Marshall Sidney  1 May 1979Newton, Newton County, Texas I41584
8 Chance, Laura  25 Jul 1957Newton, Newton County, Texas I39474
9 Chance, William Lonnie  7 Aug 1970Newton, Newton County, Texas I39514
10 Clark, Jane "Jennie" Ida  15 Jan 1967Newton, Newton County, Texas I11262
11 Clark, Jefferson "Jeff" Delbert  26 Oct 1929Newton, Newton County, Texas I40561
12 Clark, Jessie Gere  23 Nov 1966Newton, Newton County, Texas I28210
13 Cousins, Miles Jefferson  5 Apr 1944Newton, Newton County, Texas I37837
14 Cousins, Robert "Bob" C.  16 Jan 2012Newton, Newton County, Texas I42215
15 Cousins, Sidney Lee  31 Mar 1936Newton, Newton County, Texas I42272
16 Dainwood, James Henry  2 May 1960Newton, Newton County, Texas I43614
17 Davidson, James Pedras  30 Mar 1957Newton, Newton County, Texas I24052
18 Davis, Katie Elizabeth  4 Nov 1990Newton, Newton County, Texas I9768
19 Dorsey, Rosa E.  15 Nov 1930Newton, Newton County, Texas I6931
20 Driggers, Dicie Viola  8 Jan 1959Newton, Newton County, Texas I44449
21 Fullen, Alice Winona  28 May 2010Newton, Newton County, Texas I11006
22 Hardy, Arsula "Sulie" Catherine Persinger  13 Jan 1934Newton, Newton County, Texas I9549
23 Holmes, Royal "Roy" Albert  22 Sep 1972Newton, Newton County, Texas I38712
24 Humpreys, Francis Viola  11 Feb 1965Newton, Newton County, Texas I1531
25 Hyden, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  9 Nov 1965Newton, Newton County, Texas I7639
26 Lord, Lorena  1 Sep 1956Newton, Newton County, Texas I15632
27 McClelland, Dempsey Daniel  19 Sep 2012Newton, Newton County, Texas I38266
28 McDaniel, Mary Emma  9 Jul 1968Newton, Newton County, Texas I15660
29 Meador, Onie Sinclare  Apr 1980Newton, Newton County, Texas I34641
30 Miller, Thomas Alvin  1 Dec 1960Newton, Newton County, Texas I42168
31 Powell, Mary Frances  27 Jan 1920Newton, Newton County, Texas I10813
32 Robbins, Richard "Dick" Coy  29 Aug 1975Newton, Newton County, Texas I34985
33 Robbins, Richard John  17 Oct 1957Newton, Newton County, Texas I21987
34 Sibley, Mattie Elzary  2 Dec 1973Newton, Newton County, Texas I17981
35 Smith, Althy Otha  15 Apr 1972Newton, Newton County, Texas I19082
36 Smith, Charlie Albert Jr.  27 Jul 2012Newton, Newton County, Texas I10020
37 Smith, Harlie Ernest  29 Mar 1969Newton, Newton County, Texas I36226
38 Travis, Mary Bethel  6 Jul 1994Newton, Newton County, Texas I32954
39 Wagstaff, Robert Harlon  23 Dec 2008Newton, Newton County, Texas I2140
40 Wood, Ora  14 Jan 1978Newton, Newton County, Texas I37883


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Biscamp / Kelley  16 Dec 1873Newton, Newton County, Texas F4443
2 Dougharty / Moore  21 Dec 1854Newton, Newton County, Texas F4589
3 Mitchell / Ramsey  Dec 1933Newton, Newton County, Texas F775