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Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana



Latitude: 31.72361, Longitude: -93.0962897222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alford, Jacob L.  25 Dec 1834Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I2119
2 Alford, Noel Waddell  25 Dec 1838Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I2120
3 Arthur, Elizabeth  Abt 1831Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12808
4 Arthur, Isaac  Abt 1834Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12810
5 Arthur, Mahala  Abt 1843Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12814
6 Arthur, Mary  Abt 1832Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12809
7 Arthur, Sarah  Abt 1834Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I34004
8 Arthur, Sarah  Abt 1838Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12813
9 Arthur, Susan  Abt 1837Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12812
10 Arthur, Thomas  Abt 1835Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12811
11 Carroll, Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth  18 Oct 1852Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I17927
12 Carter, A. Everly  Abt 1876Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38958
13 Carter, Bessie  Aug 1894Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I42822
14 Carter, Edward  Jan 1898Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I42823
15 Carter, Elizabeth A.  22 Jul 1849Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18293
16 Carter, Harold N.  Jun 1890Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18295
17 Carter, Isaac F.  Abt 1863Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38952
18 Carter, Joseph  Jan 1892Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I42820
19 Carter, Lillian Lee  Abt 1870Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38955
20 Carter, Martha "Bessie"  Abt 1871Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38951
21 Carter, Monroe  Aug 1892Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I42821
22 Carter, Ponder S.  Abt 1867Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38954
23 Carter, Thaddeus A.  Abt 1874Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38957
24 Carter, Thaddeus Amos  22 Nov 1851Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38949
25 Carter, Vedie  Abt 1872Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38956
26 Carter, William E.  Abt 1865Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38953
27 Carter, William Oliver Sr.  15 Jan 1846Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38913
28 Carter, William Redmond  Abt 1825Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18063
29 Christy, Marie Aimee  16 Sep 1820Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18355
30 Desadier, Bluford Earl  3 Jan 1926Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I15909
31 Dowden, Abraham Rinkle  14 Feb 1839Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18971
32 Harvey, Mary Ann Eliza  Abt 1837Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12984
33 McBride, George W.  22 Nov 1889Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18017
34 Montgomery, Rebecca Ann Catherine  28 May 1830Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I17774
35 Montgomery, Vincent Alpheus  12 Nov 1827Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18168
36 Page, William  Abt 1879Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I6411
37 Ponder, Amos Lee  24 Sep 1863Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38965
38 Ponder, Laura Eleanor  6 Sep 1854Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38963
39 Ponder, Silas Daniel Sr.  15 Jan 1860Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I38964
40 Winfree, Abraham  2 Feb 1802Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I12870


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bright, Sidney W.  Jul 1970Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I36418
2 Brown, Mary Elizabeth  1 Sep 1934Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18496
3 Carter, Charles Nettie  24 Jan 1917Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18285
4 Carter, Elizabeth A.  16 Jun 1888Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18293
5 Carter, Isaac F.  18 Feb 1853Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18292
6 Chambers, Ira Doctor  24 Aug 1966Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18998
7 Cochran, Lela Alena  19 Nov 1979Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I39296
8 Dandy, Matilda Caroline  Abt 1870Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18962
9 Holden, Margaret Ursula  17 Dec 1878Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I18291
10 McLemore, Fannie B.  3 May 1975Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I2007


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anthony / Cook  Abt 1826Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F6675
2 Arthur / Low  25 Dec 1830Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F2018
3 Arthur / Stroud  Abt 1833Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F5249
4 Carter / Carter  10 Aug 1870Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F6745
5 Carter / Norris  10 Mar 1888Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F116
6 Davis / Buvens  29 Apr 1846Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F6819
7 Garlington / Cook  10 Apr 1842Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F5282
8 Page / Carter  28 Jan 1874Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F6746
9 Summers / Montgomery  18 Feb 1886Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F6714
10 Winfree / Arthur  Abt 1824Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F5253