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Nacogdoches County, Texas



Latitude: 31.6035844444444, Longitude: -94.6556161111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Joanne  22 Sep 1938Nacogdoches County, Texas I39798
2 Ashley, James Augusta  10 Jul 1875Nacogdoches County, Texas I44513
3 Birdwell, Kevin Wayne  12 Jul 1983Nacogdoches County, Texas I31783
4 Blackshear, Pearl Vivian  18 Dec 1898Nacogdoches County, Texas I43232
5 Box, Pamela Sue  5 Mar 1958Nacogdoches County, Texas I32776
6 Burkhalter, Hoyt Littleton  22 Nov 1919Nacogdoches County, Texas I32598
7 Burleson, Betty  Abt 1856Nacogdoches County, Texas I43151
8 Burleson, Joseph  Abt 1854Nacogdoches County, Texas I43150
9 Burleson, Laurena  Abt 1852Nacogdoches County, Texas I43149
10 Burleson, Mary  Abt 1860Nacogdoches County, Texas I43152
11 Chandler, Lillie C.  26 Aug 1871Nacogdoches County, Texas I39574
12 Chesnutt, Mamie M.  Abt 1906Nacogdoches County, Texas I39584
13 Click, Sara Katlyn  26 Sep 1990Nacogdoches County, Texas I26402
14 Collier, Buford Alton  17 May 1931Nacogdoches County, Texas I39742
15 Collier, Christine  Abt 1903Nacogdoches County, Texas I41175
16 Collier, Douglas  Abt 1917Nacogdoches County, Texas I41178
17 Collier, Laura Belle  19 Jul 1929Nacogdoches County, Texas I34657
18 Collier, Lora Pearl  Abt 1913Nacogdoches County, Texas I41177
19 Collier, Lula B.  Abt 1899Nacogdoches County, Texas I41165
20 Collier, Pauline  Abt 1907Nacogdoches County, Texas I41176
21 Collier, Terrell Eugene  11 Jun 1947Nacogdoches County, Texas I41100
22 Coussons, Sammy Ray Jr.  19 Oct 1958Nacogdoches County, Texas I27911
23 Cox, John Shannon "Shan" Jr.  19 Jul 1992Nacogdoches County, Texas I43526
24 Cronkrite, John Hall  28 May 1879Nacogdoches County, Texas I32369
25 Curl, Edgar T. Jr.  17 Sep 1933Nacogdoches County, Texas I42937
26 Curl, Elizabeth  Abt 1904Nacogdoches County, Texas I14108
27 Curl, Laura C.  11 Jun 1912Nacogdoches County, Texas I14111
28 Curl, Mary  29 Mar 1902Nacogdoches County, Texas I14107
29 Curl, Thomas J.  Abt 1908Nacogdoches County, Texas I14110
30 Curl, Virginia H.  2 Nov 1905Nacogdoches County, Texas I14109
31 Dickerson, Maurice Elbert  23 Nov 1935Nacogdoches County, Texas I34475
32 Fall, John Neil Jr.  9 Jun 1929Nacogdoches County, Texas I42936
33 Gaston, Frankie Zou  1 Oct 1912Nacogdoches County, Texas I46797
34 Halbert, Bonnie L.  Abt 1920Nacogdoches County, Texas I44162
35 Halbert, Lerene  5 Nov 1920Nacogdoches County, Texas I41324
36 Hall, Othel Daniel  12 Oct 1925Nacogdoches County, Texas I44498
37 Hall, Othel Daniel "Danny"  25 Jun 1947Nacogdoches County, Texas I44544
38 Hand, Jack Sr.  1 Nov 1921Nacogdoches County, Texas I34656
39 Jerge, Kara Elizabeth  11 Aug 1988Nacogdoches County, Texas I45333
40 Jurney, Michael Shane  18 Dec 1969Nacogdoches County, Texas I31629
41 Jurney, William Marvin Jr.  31 May 1950Nacogdoches County, Texas I31621
42 Kerr, Roy C.  13 Feb 1897Nacogdoches County, Texas I1192
43 Mathews, Benjamin Franklin  20 Jan 1898Nacogdoches County, Texas I44282
44 McCray, Eulae Mae  26 Feb 1942Nacogdoches County, Texas I22450
45 McDaniel, Arthur Watson  15 Mar 1912Nacogdoches County, Texas I44934
46 McDaniel, Belinda Lea  13 Nov 1962Nacogdoches County, Texas I26500
47 McDaniel, Bertie  Abt 1914Nacogdoches County, Texas I45086
48 McDaniel, Daniel Elarce "DE"  30 Apr 1938Nacogdoches County, Texas I27451
49 McDaniel, Eunice Lee  29 Apr 1941Nacogdoches County, Texas I17814
50 McDaniel, Gail  Abt 1923Nacogdoches County, Texas I45089
51 McDaniel, Myrtie Leola  26 Aug 1916Nacogdoches County, Texas I45087
52 McDaniel, Tilmon Alec "Troy" Jr.  Abt 1919Nacogdoches County, Texas I45088
53 McLemore, Ashley Nicole  10 Sep 1984Nacogdoches County, Texas I1985
54 Metteauer, George Lance  19 Nov 1921Nacogdoches County, Texas I27019
55 Parker, Judith Esther  16 Sep 1941Nacogdoches County, Texas I17763
56 Prado, Artie Mae  15 Oct 1909Nacogdoches County, Texas I40667
57 Prado, Lulu  Abt 1904Nacogdoches County, Texas I40668
58 Prado, Margarette  7 Oct 1908Nacogdoches County, Texas I34629
59 Prado, Mary  17 Jul 1914Nacogdoches County, Texas I34630
60 Prado, Theodore  30 Nov 1901Nacogdoches County, Texas I11342
61 Prado, Thomas Hardy  12 Jan 1906Nacogdoches County, Texas I11343
62 Prado, Thomas Jefferson  26 Nov 1868Nacogdoches County, Texas I34627
63 Russell, Angus T.  12 Sep 1878Nacogdoches County, Texas I42934
64 Sanders, Fred Gail  3 Nov 1937Nacogdoches County, Texas I220
65 Scarber, Jaquita Yvette  20 May 1952Nacogdoches County, Texas I22641
66 Scott, Ethel Lee  28 Jul 1905Nacogdoches County, Texas I33549
67 Smith, Ira Curl  6 Oct 1894Nacogdoches County, Texas I43174
68 Stephenson, Mamie Frances  18 Jul 1884Nacogdoches County, Texas I44301
69 Wallace, Infant Daughter  24 May 1933Nacogdoches County, Texas I44539
70 Wilson, Sam B.  20 Jul 1880Nacogdoches County, Texas I42036
71 Woods, Ouida Benette  8 Jul 1935Nacogdoches County, Texas I3288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, John Herel  Nacogdoches County, Texas I39796
2 Allen, Theodore Isham  1 Jun 1923Nacogdoches County, Texas I1756
3 Arney, James Rodney  14 Feb 1998Nacogdoches County, Texas I46679
4 Baldree, Homer Gay  27 Feb 1948Nacogdoches County, Texas I24440
5 Barnett, James Landy Jr.  24 Jun 1999Nacogdoches County, Texas I11122
6 Becton, Ada  8 Jun 1981Nacogdoches County, Texas I34876
7 Bickley, Hattie G.  31 May 1955Nacogdoches County, Texas I41643
8 Biggers, Earl S.  4 Feb 2002Nacogdoches County, Texas I23124
9 Birdwell, Duverne Elizabeth  16 Jan 1996Nacogdoches County, Texas I26297
10 Birdwell, Enlow Cornelius  7 Nov 1974Nacogdoches County, Texas I4392
11 Birdwell, Roy  10 Apr 1955Nacogdoches County, Texas I35629
12 Box, Pamela Sue  26 Sep 2008Nacogdoches County, Texas I32776
13 Bragg, David Eldon "Dot"  5 Jan 2001Nacogdoches County, Texas I33190
14 Bright, Sue A.  30 Mar 1992Nacogdoches County, Texas I36420
15 Brown, Mary Ann  11 Aug 2010Nacogdoches County, Texas I14659
16 Butler, James Bobby  20 Mar 2011Nacogdoches County, Texas I36739
17 Byley, Lester Cleveland Sr.  25 May 1950Nacogdoches County, Texas I36831
18 Calcote, Bertha  9 Feb 1967Nacogdoches County, Texas I37497
19 Calcote, Birdie Elbre  26 Apr 1968Nacogdoches County, Texas I37495
20 Cartwright, Mary Earlene  17 Apr 2004Nacogdoches County, Texas I39089
21 Cartwright, Ruby Mae  17 Feb 2006Nacogdoches County, Texas I39087
22 Chambers, Emmitt Adam  9 Nov 1946Nacogdoches County, Texas I1831
23 Chambers, Mary Agnes  2 Aug 1934Nacogdoches County, Texas I6639
24 Chance, Elnora  8 Jun 1997Nacogdoches County, Texas I44494
25 Chance, Ernest Lee  10 May 1992Nacogdoches County, Texas I44495
26 Chance, Lena Mae  11 Oct 1999Nacogdoches County, Texas I44490
27 Chance, Lila Mae  2 Mar 1983Nacogdoches County, Texas I44488
28 Chance, Oscar James  25 Oct 1988Nacogdoches County, Texas I44486
29 Chance, Sam Alfred  25 Jan 2015Nacogdoches County, Texas I46385
30 Chandler, Lillie C.  26 Jan 1945Nacogdoches County, Texas I39574
31 Clark, Sudie Alma  4 May 1991Nacogdoches County, Texas I11349
32 Click, Beverly Jean  5 Oct 2003Nacogdoches County, Texas I24975
33 Click, Sara Katlyn  16 Mar 2007Nacogdoches County, Texas I26402
34 Cobb, Robert Earl  7 Jul 1979Nacogdoches County, Texas I40967
35 Collier, Alton Terrell  6 Apr 1961Nacogdoches County, Texas I39735
36 Collier, Cecil Ensley  24 Jan 1988Nacogdoches County, Texas I39737
37 Collier, Homer Raiford  17 Feb 2012Nacogdoches County, Texas I39738
38 Collier, Laura Belle  12 Nov 2013Nacogdoches County, Texas I34657
39 Collier, Lula B.  12 Apr 1978Nacogdoches County, Texas I41165
40 Collier, Terrell Eugene  17 Jan 2004Nacogdoches County, Texas I41100
41 Conn, George Cleburne Sr.  22 Jan 2008Nacogdoches County, Texas I30296
42 Conn, Letha Bell  6 Jun 1983Nacogdoches County, Texas I1198
43 Conn, Lottie Ruth  8 Dec 2005Nacogdoches County, Texas I8312
44 Conn, Myrtle Francis "Fannie"  22 May 1987Nacogdoches County, Texas I1213
45 Conn, Vernie Irene  13 Oct 1999Nacogdoches County, Texas I8311
46 Cooper, Alexander Randle  3 Oct 1947Nacogdoches County, Texas I833
47 Cordray, Judge Sidney Sr.  28 Apr 1981Nacogdoches County, Texas I5475
48 Cordray, Looman Earl  31 Dec 1957Nacogdoches County, Texas I42560
49 Corley, Mary Temperance  24 Jan 1971Nacogdoches County, Texas I29544
50 Coulter, Obbie Lee  5 Mar 1990Nacogdoches County, Texas I14494
51 Coussons, Charles William  3 May 2001Nacogdoches County, Texas I42282
52 Coussons, Sammy Ray Jr.  3 Mar 1961Nacogdoches County, Texas I27911
53 Crocker, Johnie Willis  26 Nov 1990Nacogdoches County, Texas I28266
54 Crocker, William Earl  22 Oct 1992Nacogdoches County, Texas I17112
55 Cronkrite, Albert H.  Abt 1898Nacogdoches County, Texas I14179
56 Crouch, Abbie Verleen  29 Jan 2003Nacogdoches County, Texas I24425
57 Crowell, Ella  2 Jan 1966Nacogdoches County, Texas I37594
58 Crowell, Susie  16 Jul 1990Nacogdoches County, Texas I4089
59 Curl, Della Aileen  13 Nov 2006Nacogdoches County, Texas I27018
60 Curl, Edgar T. Jr.  18 Jan 1996Nacogdoches County, Texas I42937
61 Curl, Virginia H.  2 Jun 1971Nacogdoches County, Texas I14109
62 Davidson, Margerey Idalene  27 Feb 1991Nacogdoches County, Texas I42115
63 Dorsey, James Harvel  19 Jul 1931Nacogdoches County, Texas I29451
64 Dorsey, Joseph Davis "Dock"  2 Aug 1969Nacogdoches County, Texas I29500
65 Drawhorn, Ira Bell Jr.  12 Jan 2011Nacogdoches County, Texas I34068
66 Easley, Cecil Clarence  20 Sep 1936Nacogdoches County, Texas I7549
67 Easley, Ernest Claude  4 Mar 2007Nacogdoches County, Texas I11057
68 Felts, Lola B.  22 Apr 1996Nacogdoches County, Texas I25988
69 Felts, Sarah Elizabeth  16 Mar 2007Nacogdoches County, Texas I28792
70 Fussell, Edwin Alexander  4 Mar 1906Nacogdoches County, Texas I14824
71 Fussell, Florence A.  30 Nov 1957Nacogdoches County, Texas I14828
72 Fussell, Vernon Dees  29 Oct 1951Nacogdoches County, Texas I35720
73 Garrett, Milton Buddy  12 Oct 1998Nacogdoches County, Texas I19530
74 Garrett, Vivian  8 Jan 1992Nacogdoches County, Texas I260
75 Grandberry, Lillian  31 Jan 1991Nacogdoches County, Texas I14141
76 Green, Julian Clarence "J. C." Sr.  16 Jul 1989Nacogdoches County, Texas I43575
77 Gregory, Andrea  3 Dec 2012Nacogdoches County, Texas I28791
78 Halbert, Grover Cleveland  24 Sep 1961Nacogdoches County, Texas I14376
79 Halbert, William Washington "W. W." Jr.  7 Feb 1937Nacogdoches County, Texas I6629
80 Halbert, Willie Chester  28 Sep 1985Nacogdoches County, Texas I6640
81 Halbert, Wilma Lavern  13 Apr 2010Nacogdoches County, Texas I23974
82 Hall, John Olen  23 Jul 2014Nacogdoches County, Texas I43134
83 Hall, Richard Alexander Sr.  9 Mar 1931Nacogdoches County, Texas I3754
84 Hand, Jack Sr.  6 Nov 2009Nacogdoches County, Texas I34656
85 Hargrove, John Hollis  22 Apr 1984Nacogdoches County, Texas I38877
86 Harris, Judge Noble  6 Oct 1934Nacogdoches County, Texas I701
87 Harris, Robert Noble Sr.  29 Jul 2016Nacogdoches County, Texas I46831
88 Harrison, James Franklin  6 Aug 1986Nacogdoches County, Texas I4298
89 Henry, Elvie Denton  26 Aug 1979Nacogdoches County, Texas I38205
90 Hensarling, Hazel Ethel  15 Aug 2008Nacogdoches County, Texas I32248
91 Hensarling, Joseph Abram  8 Jul 1973Nacogdoches County, Texas I259
92 Hitt, Era Jo  27 May 1996Nacogdoches County, Texas I35650
93 Huffman, Wendell Drew  2 Jul 2011Nacogdoches County, Texas I18060
94 Husband, William Starling  29 Aug 1969Nacogdoches County, Texas I15959
95 Impson, Alvin G.  17 Jul 2003Nacogdoches County, Texas I37449
96 Jurney, Michael Shane  19 Dec 1969Nacogdoches County, Texas I31629
97 Kelley, Katie Joe  6 May 2006Nacogdoches County, Texas I22759
98 Kirk, Rosa  13 Nov 1957Nacogdoches County, Texas I37557
99 Laird, Arlon Etheredge "Buddy"  19 Mar 2000Nacogdoches County, Texas I34584
100 Lindsey, Cecil Claude  3 Oct 2006Nacogdoches County, Texas I13909

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Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashley / Maxie  16 Jan 1898Nacogdoches County, Texas F13200
2 Burleson / Curl  4 Sep 1851Nacogdoches County, Texas F12866
3 Chesnutt / Chandler  30 Aug 1891Nacogdoches County, Texas F11998
4 Click / Gray  13 Jan 1897Nacogdoches County, Texas F13400
5 Collier / Stewart  11 Aug 1895Nacogdoches County, Texas F12401
6 Curl / Buckner  15 Feb 1888Nacogdoches County, Texas F5589
7 Dearman / Kilcrease  21 Jul 1994Nacogdoches County, Texas F13631
8 Easley / Montgomery  17 Oct 1877Nacogdoches County, Texas F376
9 Martin / Hill  3 Sep 1843Nacogdoches County, Texas F6033
10 Russell / Cronkrite  23 Dec 1908Nacogdoches County, Texas F12809
11 Strickland / Stripling  13 Aug 1928Nacogdoches County, Texas F11428