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Montgomery County, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bear, Grace Irene  31 Oct 1909Montgomery County, Alabama I34101
2 Bethea, Achsah A.  Abt 1828Montgomery County, Alabama I35854
3 Caffey, Margaret Selemma  28 Oct 1819Montgomery County, Alabama I29923
4 Caffey, Mary Patrick  17 Nov 1821Montgomery County, Alabama I29893
5 Edwards, Martha C.  10 Feb 1819Montgomery County, Alabama I32085
6 Leake, James McLemore  15 Nov 1884Montgomery County, Alabama I35864
7 Leake, Tillman Ford Jr.  23 Dec 1878Montgomery County, Alabama I35863
8 McLemore, A. L.  Abt 1866Montgomery County, Alabama I32081
9 McLemore, Alida R.  24 Aug 1897Montgomery County, Alabama I32072
10 McLemore, Andrew Handy Hugh "H. H."  20 Feb 1855Montgomery County, Alabama I29902
11 McLemore, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  14 Dec 1891Montgomery County, Alabama I32069
12 McLemore, Benjamin J. Franklin  Abt 1832Montgomery County, Alabama I29925
13 McLemore, Cheridah  Between 1903 and 1905Montgomery County, Alabama I32074
14 McLemore, Gemima  Abt 1874Montgomery County, Alabama I32102
15 McLemore, James S.  Feb 1838Montgomery County, Alabama I26614
16 McLemore, Jane  Abt 1911Montgomery County, Alabama I32076
17 McLemore, Jesse James  Abt 1834Montgomery County, Alabama I32088
18 McLemore, Jessie J.  Abt 1849Montgomery County, Alabama I29900
19 McLemore, John J.  Abt 1848Montgomery County, Alabama I32210
20 McLemore, John P.  Abt 1850Montgomery County, Alabama I29897
21 McLemore, Joseph Franklin  May 1840Montgomery County, Alabama I32087
22 McLemore, Joseph M.  Abt 1846Montgomery County, Alabama I32209
23 McLemore, Joseph Pierce  Abt 1825Montgomery County, Alabama I29922
24 McLemore, Kate  31 Jan 1882Montgomery County, Alabama I32084
25 McLemore, Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth I. C.  May 1853Montgomery County, Alabama I29901
26 McLemore, Klenton Tranum  21 Apr 1900Montgomery County, Alabama I32073
27 McLemore, Laura Adella "Dell"  Abt 1859Montgomery County, Alabama I26699
28 McLemore, Lenorah Ellen  15 Sep 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I45366
29 McLemore, Louisa Alabama "Louizer"  10 Aug 1856Montgomery County, Alabama I29903
30 McLemore, Margaret Virginia  27 Jun 1844Montgomery County, Alabama I32206
31 McLemore, Martha E.  Abt 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I29895
32 McLemore, Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Abt 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I32205
33 McLemore, Mary R. "Mamie"  Abt 1854Montgomery County, Alabama I26697
34 McLemore, Matthew William  25 Oct 1835Montgomery County, Alabama I26613
35 McLemore, Moses  Abt 1857Montgomery County, Alabama I26698
36 McLemore, Ophelia  Apr 1894Montgomery County, Alabama I32070
37 McLemore, Pleasant Mason  Abt 1860Montgomery County, Alabama I29904
38 McLemore, Price  12 Jan 1909Montgomery County, Alabama I32075
39 McLemore, Rebecca  Abt 1838Montgomery County, Alabama I29894
40 McLemore, Sally Martha Patrick  23 Dec 1848Montgomery County, Alabama I32207
41 McLemore, Sarah Margaret M. P.  31 Jan 1842Montgomery County, Alabama I32086
42 McLemore, Simon  20 Nov 1820Montgomery County, Alabama I26631
43 McLemore, Sterling Price  6 Mar 1862Montgomery County, Alabama I26700
44 McLemore, Thomas Oliver  11 Jul 1922Montgomery County, Alabama I46046
45 McLemore, Tom Taylor  7 Aug 1879Montgomery County, Alabama I32083
46 McLemore, William Ware  Abt Jul 1836Montgomery County, Alabama I32089
47 Oliver, Mary Ledyard  29 Dec 1895Montgomery County, Alabama I6841
48 Walker, Benjamin W.  Sep 1891Montgomery County, Alabama I32071
49 Willingham, Andrew Jackson  18 Apr 1848Montgomery County, Alabama I29921
50 Willingham, James J.  Abt 1839Montgomery County, Alabama I29919
51 Willingham, William Henry  25 Oct 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I29920


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caffey, John  Abt 1873Montgomery County, Alabama I35876
2 Caffey, Margaret Selemma  26 Apr 1852Montgomery County, Alabama I29923
3 Caffey, Mary Patrick  5 Apr 1885Montgomery County, Alabama I29893
4 Edwards, Martha C.  8 Nov 1843Montgomery County, Alabama I32085
5 Goodwyn, Celestine Raoul  6 Oct 1933Montgomery County, Alabama I32082
6 McGlynn, Joy  26 Feb 2013Montgomery County, Alabama I12259
7 McLemore, A. L.  Aft 1870Montgomery County, Alabama I32081
8 McLemore, Alida R.  3 Feb 1977Montgomery County, Alabama I32072
9 McLemore, Andrew Handy Hugh "H. H."  9 Mar 1927Montgomery County, Alabama I29902
10 McLemore, Andrew Jackson  25 Jan 1870Montgomery County, Alabama I26695
11 McLemore, Benjamin J. Franklin  29 Dec 1834Montgomery County, Alabama I29925
12 McLemore, James M. V  22 Aug 1858Montgomery County, Alabama I29891
13 McLemore, Jesse James  7 Sep 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I32088
14 McLemore, Joseph Franklin  27 Sep 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I32087
15 McLemore, Joseph Pierce  Sep 1827Montgomery County, Alabama I29922
16 McLemore, Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth I. C.  Apr 1905Montgomery County, Alabama I29901
17 McLemore, Klenton Tranum  27 May 1966Montgomery County, Alabama I32073
18 McLemore, Lenorah Ellen  6 Aug 1843Montgomery County, Alabama I45366
19 McLemore, Moses  Bef Oct 1878Montgomery County, Alabama I29892
20 McLemore, Price  5 Aug 1997Montgomery County, Alabama I32075
21 McLemore, Sally Martha Patrick  24 Jul 1859Montgomery County, Alabama I32207
22 McLemore, Sarah M.  Bef 1860Montgomery County, Alabama I29896
23 McLemore, Sarah Margaret M. P.  7 Sep 1848Montgomery County, Alabama I32086
24 McLemore, Tom Taylor  8 Aug 1891Montgomery County, Alabama I32083
25 McLemore, William Ware  8 Sep 1841Montgomery County, Alabama I32089
26 Moseley, Julia Perry  29 Jul 1856Montgomery County, Alabama I29910
27 Patrick, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1836Montgomery County, Alabama I35877
28 Smith, Sarah Caroline  24 Mar 1915Montgomery County, Alabama I26696
29 Willingham, Andrew Jackson  18 Nov 1849Montgomery County, Alabama I29921
30 Willingham, William Henry  23 Oct 1847Montgomery County, Alabama I29920


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Graves / Brinson  4 Jan 1835Montgomery County, Alabama F13863
2 McLemore / Bear  4 Oct 1934Montgomery County, Alabama F10812
3 McLemore / Brinson  23 Oct 1834Montgomery County, Alabama F8792
4 McLemore / Caffey  18 Jan 1838Montgomery County, Alabama F9633
5 McLemore / Caffey  1 Apr 1847Montgomery County, Alabama F9629
6 McLemore / Harper  16 Jul 1819Montgomery County, Alabama F7686
7 McLemore / Pinkston  23 Nov 1846Montgomery County, Alabama F9630
8 McQueen / McLemore  15 Jan 1829Montgomery County, Alabama F10295
9 McQueen / McLemore  23 Dec 1830Montgomery County, Alabama F10296
10 Moseley / McLemore  7 Nov 1822Montgomery County, Alabama F9631
11 Taylor / McLemore  Aft 1828Montgomery County, Alabama F10294