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Marion County, Mississippi



Latitude: 32.41979, Longitude: -88.6514148055556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Ada V.  Oct 1852Marion County, Mississippi I2537
2 Blackburn, Frances Amelia  10 Apr 1812Marion County, Mississippi I1952
3 Blackburn, Gabriel Francis  21 Jan 1845Marion County, Mississippi I2532
4 Blackburn, Harriett  Abt 1852Marion County, Mississippi I2540
5 Blackburn, Irvin Armstrong  17 Sep 1841Marion County, Mississippi I2515
6 Blackburn, John Tyner  Oct 1855Marion County, Mississippi I2533
7 Blackburn, Louisiana "Lucy"  Abt 1853Marion County, Mississippi I2541
8 Blackburn, Margaret L.  Abt 1849Marion County, Mississippi I2536
9 Blackburn, Susan Francis  8 May 1838Marion County, Mississippi I13476
10 Broom, Mary Lou "Lou"  19 Jan 1884Marion County, Mississippi I2519
11 Collins, Nathaniel Alexander  24 Mar 1832Marion County, Mississippi I2213
12 Collins, Sarah Ann Raridones  8 Jul 1834Marion County, Mississippi I2214
13 Corley, Lucretia Ann  5 Feb 1817Marion County, Mississippi I32134
14 Gibson, Clarissa "Clarrisee"  12 Mar 1841Marion County, Mississippi I412
15 Holmes, Doctor James "D. J."  25 Jan 1846Marion County, Mississippi I43387
16 Lott, Dorinda "Rendy"  Abt 1822Marion County, Mississippi I2524
17 McGrew, Adaline  Abt 1838Marion County, Mississippi I1767
18 McGrew, Amanda "Mandy" Jane  Apr 1844Marion County, Mississippi I2444
19 McGrew, Caroline C.  Abt 1827Marion County, Mississippi I940
20 McGrew, Eliza Ann  20 Mar 1816Marion County, Mississippi I2099
21 McGrew, Emily E.  7 Oct 1873Marion County, Mississippi I4114
22 McGrew, Ferdinand  Abt 1825Marion County, Mississippi I1768
23 McGrew, John Gabriel  Abt 1821Marion County, Mississippi I943
24 McGrew, Leonard Bradford  25 Mar 1842Marion County, Mississippi I2436
25 McGrew, Lorenzo Dow  15 Oct 1828Marion County, Mississippi I1765
26 McGrew, Margaret B.  Abt 1835Marion County, Mississippi I1766
27 McGrew, Zuleeke "Leake"  6 Jul 1876Marion County, Mississippi I4115
28 Partin, Elisha  9 Oct 1838Marion County, Mississippi I2055
29 Partin, Martha  7 Mar 1841Marion County, Mississippi I2690
30 Randall, Rev. William Thomas  20 Jan 1894Marion County, Mississippi I4131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ???, Susan B.  12 Dec 1859Marion County, Mississippi I1954
2 Blackburn, Armstrong Irvine Jr.  20 Sep 1843Marion County, Mississippi I2611
3 Blackburn, Armstrong Irvine "Joel"  19 Sep 1867Marion County, Mississippi I1949
4 Horton, Mary Ann  Aft 1819Marion County, Mississippi I2599
5 Lott, Hiram Jasper  Abt 1944Marion County, Mississippi I2504
6 McGrew, William  Bef 1860Marion County, Mississippi I2098
7 Sones, Mary E. "Polly"  Bef 1860Marion County, Mississippi I2526
8 Tyner, John  Aft 1860Marion County, Mississippi I2525


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackburn / Cole  17 Jun 1820Marion County, Mississippi F1635
2 Blackburn / Tyner  22 Jun 1837Marion County, Mississippi F1274
3 Blackburn / Warren  12 Sep 1854Marion County, Mississippi F1272
4 Cole / Blackburn  2 Oct 1819Marion County, Mississippi F1273
5 Collins / McGrew  6 Apr 1831Marion County, Mississippi F1375
6 Conn / Gibson  10 Mar 1820Marion County, Mississippi F12420
7 Conn / Mulford  19 Sep 1847Marion County, Mississippi F825
8 McGrew / Cook  19 Sep 1872Marion County, Mississippi F1567
9 McGrew / Lott  Bef 1836Marion County, Mississippi F1373
10 Means / Blackburn  8 Mar 1830Marion County, Mississippi F1275
11 Partin / McGrew  17 Jan 1831Marion County, Mississippi F416
12 Youngblood / Harvey  Abt 1816Marion County, Mississippi F707