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Manitowoc County, Wisconsin



Latitude: 44.1075947222222, Longitude: -87.6617244444444


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benkelman, Emma Ella  18 Feb 1860Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I12683
2 Binkelman, Olla Estelle "Ollie"  Abt 1872Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I29875
3 Bodwin, Arthur  17 Sep 1884Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I6050
4 Bodwin, Clifford  27 Oct 1907Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33016
5 Bodwin, Donald John  16 Jan 1926Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32995
6 Bodwin, Everett E.  21 Aug 1916Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32991
7 Bodwin, Grace Dorothy  14 May 1912Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32974
8 Bodwin, John F.  23 Sep 1885Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33220
9 Bodwin, John Leonard  24 Feb 1878Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33218
10 Bodwin, Mary E. "Mayme"  24 Oct 1879Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I6054
11 Bodwin, Peter Joseph  15 Apr 1881Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I6052
12 Bodwin, Walter Rudolph  17 Aug 1888Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I6049
13 Cahill, Irene E.  Abt 1910Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32998
14 Cahill, Ruth N.  Abt 1908Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32997
15 Fitzgerald, Anna  Abt 1874Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33015
16 Forrest, Mayme A.  Abt 1888Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32910
17 Grimm, Adolph Jr.  Nov 1893Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33170
18 Grimm, Alfred Alois  15 Aug 1913Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33173
19 Grimm, Elenora Charlotte "Nora"  6 Nov 1903Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33177
20 Grimm, Elisabeth Francis  19 Nov 1901Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33176
21 Grimm, Elmer Lawrence  12 May 1911Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33172
22 Grimm, Francis  30 Apr 1891Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33174
23 Grimm, Margaret Ann  9 Feb 1908Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33178
24 Grimm, Mary  12 Sep 1889Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32911
25 Grimm, Norbert  20 Mar 1906Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33171
26 Grimm, Otto  16 Jun 1896Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33175
27 Horne, William "Willie"  Abt 1874Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I28846
28 Krajnik, Mary  24 Apr 1859Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I19791


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bodwin, Donald John  22 Jan 1985Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32995
2 Bodwin, Eleanore  19 Jul 1962Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32994
3 Bodwin, Leonard A.  4 Apr 2005Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32992
4 Brouchard, Bernice  21 May 2003Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33082
5 Forrest, Mayme A.  Apr 1956Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32910
6 Grimm, Adolph Jr.  6 Mar 1992Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33170
7 Grimm, Alfred Alois  14 Jan 1996Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33173
8 Grimm, Elisabeth Francis  17 Jul 1976Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33176
9 Grimm, Mary  27 Jun 1983Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32911
10 Grimm, Norbert  12 Aug 1991Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33171
11 Grimm, Otto  27 Oct 1900Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I33175
12 Horne, John E.  May 1876Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I12677
13 Issellman, Ida M.  Aug 1972Manitowoc County, Wisconsin I32909


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bodwin / Benkelman  22 May 1877Manitowoc County, Wisconsin F3100
2 Bodwin / Fitzgerald  24 Apr 1906Manitowoc County, Wisconsin F10530
3 Clancey Binkelman / Ramsdell  28 Mar 1871Manitowoc County, Wisconsin F9378
4 Clark / Clancey  2 Sep 1882Manitowoc County, Wisconsin F5216
5 Grimm / Shamberger  13 Aug 1888Manitowoc County, Wisconsin F10573
6 Striffler / Horn  29 Nov 1900Manitowoc County, Wisconsin F2621