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Limestone County, Alabama



Latitude: 34.81008, Longitude: -86.98134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abernathy, Lettie Abigail  31 Aug 1874Limestone County, Alabama I27270
2 Abernathy, Lilla Emma  18 Aug 1877Limestone County, Alabama I27271
3 Abernathy, Mial Smith  19 Apr 1841Limestone County, Alabama I25795
4 Ball, Pearl Mae  14 May 1900Limestone County, Alabama I45897
5 Bates, Mary Alma  10 Nov 1902Limestone County, Alabama I42313
6 Davenport, Sallie  29 Apr 1885Limestone County, Alabama I27650
7 Gordon, Ada Wallace  31 Dec 1904Limestone County, Alabama I27362
8 Gordon, Bertha  Abt 1912Limestone County, Alabama I30294
9 Gordon, Clarence  Abt 1910Limestone County, Alabama I30293
10 Gordon, Eura  Jul 1895Limestone County, Alabama I30290
11 Gordon, James C.  Jun 1897Limestone County, Alabama I30291
12 Gordon, Mary L.  Aug 1889Limestone County, Alabama I7903
13 Gordon, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Apr 1903Limestone County, Alabama I30445
14 Gordon, Thomas K.  Jan 1892Limestone County, Alabama I30289
15 Gordon, Walter M.  Oct 1899Limestone County, Alabama I30292
16 Hudson, Florence Juanita  17 Jun 1904Limestone County, Alabama I27730
17 McLemore, Alvis Wallace "Doc" Jr.  10 Oct 1905Limestone County, Alabama I27361
18 McLemore, Belton Readus  22 Oct 1908Limestone County, Alabama I27656
19 McLemore, Benton Wilson  27 Jul 1912Limestone County, Alabama I27742
20 McLemore, Burl M. "Bee"  11 Sep 1912Limestone County, Alabama I27363
21 McLemore, Carlos  21 Mar 1911Limestone County, Alabama I29880
22 McLemore, Catherine "Pie"  1 Dec 1925Limestone County, Alabama I30155
23 McLemore, Charles Wayne  5 Apr 1933Limestone County, Alabama I38862
24 McLemore, Christina  26 Oct 1914Limestone County, Alabama I27649
25 McLemore, Clytus James  18 May 1894Limestone County, Alabama I27718
26 McLemore, Dortha Goldyn  3 Mar 1919Limestone County, Alabama I27661
27 McLemore, Earl Jr.  28 Jan 1915Limestone County, Alabama I27248
28 McLemore, Earl Briggs "Early"  17 Aug 1878Limestone County, Alabama I27245
29 McLemore, Earl Leonard  Abt 1917Limestone County, Alabama I27743
30 McLemore, Eddie  Abt 1902Limestone County, Alabama I27720
31 McLemore, Effie B.  13 Nov 1907Limestone County, Alabama I27738
32 McLemore, Ella  Abt 1905Limestone County, Alabama I27740
33 McLemore, Emogene Claire  7 Aug 1928Limestone County, Alabama I42314
34 McLemore, Erdie B.  Jul 1897Limestone County, Alabama I27719
35 McLemore, Eugene  Abt 1908Limestone County, Alabama I27722
36 McLemore, Eva Mae  Abt 1904Limestone County, Alabama I27713
37 McLemore, Evy S.  13 Dec 1879Limestone County, Alabama I27297
38 McLemore, Fred Price  11 Jan 1897Limestone County, Alabama I27735
39 McLemore, Gera Poteete  8 Oct 1916Limestone County, Alabama I27658
40 McLemore, Gervis M. "Jerry"  13 Jul 1921Limestone County, Alabama I27364
41 McLemore, Harry Walker  13 Aug 1910Limestone County, Alabama I30434
42 McLemore, Hazel C.  3 May 1924Limestone County, Alabama I27673
43 McLemore, Herbert Walter  22 Oct 1896Limestone County, Alabama I27734
44 McLemore, Homer  28 Jan 1903Limestone County, Alabama I27360
45 McLemore, Horace Matthew  8 Nov 1929Limestone County, Alabama I27729
46 McLemore, Iladean  10 May 1931Limestone County, Alabama I42315
47 McLemore, Infant Son  Abt 1917Limestone County, Alabama I46716
48 McLemore, Itasca  11 Sep 1913Limestone County, Alabama I27648
49 McLemore, James Archie  5 May 1923Limestone County, Alabama I27726
50 McLemore, James M.  Abt 1859Limestone County, Alabama I27280
51 McLemore, James Oliver  8 Aug 1931Limestone County, Alabama I45365
52 McLemore, Jane L. "Vinnie"  9 Feb 1899Limestone County, Alabama I27711
53 McLemore, John  3 Nov 1847Limestone County, Alabama I25769
54 McLemore, John Cluff  Nov 1889Limestone County, Alabama I27644
55 McLemore, John Cluff Jr.  15 Jul 1920Limestone County, Alabama I27677
56 McLemore, John Presley  5 Aug 1901Limestone County, Alabama I27712
57 McLemore, Joseph Brice  28 Apr 1914Limestone County, Alabama I27657
58 McLemore, Laura Margarette  Abt 1914Limestone County, Alabama I27670
59 McLemore, Lena B.  17 Apr 1905Limestone County, Alabama I27737
60 McLemore, Marvin E.  Abt 1904Limestone County, Alabama I27645
61 McLemore, Merle  Abt 1906Limestone County, Alabama I27646
62 McLemore, Nella Ray  6 Oct 1911Limestone County, Alabama I27669
63 McLemore, Nellie  Abt 1902Limestone County, Alabama I27739
64 McLemore, Odie Lee  28 Dec 1879Limestone County, Alabama I27640
65 McLemore, Oliver Dalmer  7 Jul 1898Limestone County, Alabama I26766
66 McLemore, Oliver Dempsey "Demp"  27 Jun 1924Limestone County, Alabama I30145
67 McLemore, Orville Erdie  23 Nov 1925Limestone County, Alabama I27727
68 McLemore, Otho  Abt 1908Limestone County, Alabama I27647
69 McLemore, Pettus F.  15 Feb 1904Limestone County, Alabama I27721
70 McLemore, Reba L.  3 Feb 1907Limestone County, Alabama I27655
71 McLemore, Tessie  Abt 1910Limestone County, Alabama I27687
72 McLemore, Velma  16 Jul 1900Limestone County, Alabama I27274
73 McLemore, Vinus Buford  Mar 1887Limestone County, Alabama I27643
74 McLemore, Virgie Lee  18 May 1908Limestone County, Alabama I27715
75 McLemore, Wiley Blue  16 Apr 1885Limestone County, Alabama I27642
76 McLemore, William Edgar "Ed"  14 Jul 1883Limestone County, Alabama I27765
77 McLemore, William Frank  26 Mar 1909Limestone County, Alabama I27660
78 McLemore, William Tollie  Nov 1883Limestone County, Alabama I27641
79 McLemore, Zula Z.  21 Aug 1876Limestone County, Alabama I27684
80 Reid, Lela  22 Sep 1889Limestone County, Alabama I45879
81 York, Elizabeth "Bettie" Wilson  29 May 1873Limestone County, Alabama I27365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abernathy, Mial Smith  Mar 1884Limestone County, Alabama I25795
2 Ball, Pearl Mae  29 Mar 1984Limestone County, Alabama I45897
3 Bates, Mary Alma  22 Sep 1997Limestone County, Alabama I42313
4 Gordon, Sarah Elizabeth  5 Oct 1912Limestone County, Alabama I30445
5 McLemore, Alvis Moore  24 Oct 1951Limestone County, Alabama I27293
6 McLemore, Dessie Elaine  23 Jul 1993Limestone County, Alabama I27725
7 McLemore, Grady Jackson  May 1987Limestone County, Alabama I27714
8 McLemore, Homer  Feb 1980Limestone County, Alabama I27360
9 McLemore, Infant Son  Abt 1917Limestone County, Alabama I46716
10 McLemore, James Oliver  28 Nov 1932Limestone County, Alabama I45365
11 McLemore, John  14 Feb 1924Limestone County, Alabama I25769
12 McLemore, John Cluff  23 Mar 1959Limestone County, Alabama I27644
13 McLemore, Lena B.  25 Oct 1999Limestone County, Alabama I27737
14 McLemore, Reba L.  22 Oct 1997Limestone County, Alabama I27655
15 McLemore, Wiley Blue  27 Dec 1960Limestone County, Alabama I27642
16 Reid, Lela  31 Dec 1923Limestone County, Alabama I45879
17 Shoemaker, Martha Jane  9 Jun 1924Limestone County, Alabama I25765
18 Wallace, Deward Arigile  19 Jul 1946Limestone County, Alabama I46693
19 York, Elizabeth "Bettie" Wilson  25 Feb 1928Limestone County, Alabama I27365


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McLemore / Ball  23 Dec 1917Limestone County, Alabama F13632
2 McLemore / Dement  Jan 1851Limestone County, Alabama F8945
3 McLemore / Halbert  26 Oct 1843Limestone County, Alabama F8577
4 McLemore / Winsett  6 Nov 1854Limestone County, Alabama F8586
5 Roberts / McLemore  Abt 1920Limestone County, Alabama F9056
6 Shoemaker / Halbert  8 Nov 1847Limestone County, Alabama F670