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Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.8490605555556, Longitude: -88.6486561111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Manning, Alfred Duren  12 Sep 1903Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I43454
2 Manning, Hester Gordon  Abt 1907Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I43455
3 Manning, Kathryn  Abt 1921Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I43456
4 Manning, William Haywood  18 Jan 1884Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I27194
5 Maynard, Charles Monroe  18 Apr 1892Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I46303
6 McLemore, Bertha T.  Jul 1888Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26425
7 McLemore, Charles Talmage  6 May 1892Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26427
8 McLemore, Clayton Andrews  10 Dec 1900Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26369
9 McLemore, Curtis Everette  14 Nov 1894Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26428
10 McLemore, Emma Elizabeth  8 Jan 1890Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26426
11 McLemore, Jessie D.  7 Apr 1900Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26429
12 McLemore, Malcom Joseph  27 Sep 1888Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26164
13 McLemore, Mary Louise  31 Oct 1849Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I25476
14 McLemore, Ola Mae  Aft 1882Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26430
15 McLemore, Robert  Aft 1882Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26431
16 McLemore, U. L.  26 Apr 1886Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26424
17 McLemore, William Armstead  1 Oct 1878Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I36341
18 Utley, Abraham  Abt 1872Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26154
19 Utley, Bette C.  Abt 1874Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26155
20 Utley, John Allen  21 Apr 1870Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26153
21 Utley, Margaret P.  Abt 1862Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26149
22 Utley, Martha J.  6 Jul 1864Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26150
23 Utley, Permelia Frances  Abt 1867Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26151
24 Utley, Virginia  Abt 1868Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26152
25 Utley, William M.  Abt 1877Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26156


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Camp, Permelia "Amelia" Jane  Abt 1903Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I25456
2 Manning, Bulah Bell  14 Apr 1947Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I27193
3 Manning, Thomas B.  30 May 1916Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I27188
4 McLemore, Abraham  Aug 1869Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I22000
5 McLemore, Abraham H.  26 Jan 1910Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26147
6 McLemore, Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth  12 Dec 1931Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I25491
7 McLemore, Sarah Priscilla  8 Mar 1905Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I25469
8 McLemore, Young Phillip  23 Dec 1904Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I25482
9 Utley, John Allen  21 Feb 1923Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26153
10 Utley, Margaret P.  29 Dec 1876Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26149
11 Utley, Martha J.  29 Dec 1876Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee I26150


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Utley / McLemore  11 Nov 1862Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee F8467