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Lauderdale County, Mississippi



Latitude: 32.5208052777778, Longitude: -88.5119794444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boswell, Lula Virginia  3 Nov 1870Lauderdale County, Mississippi I17537
2 Coats, Walter Luther  17 Nov 1897Lauderdale County, Mississippi I17541
3 Martin, Caleb Leon  20 Aug 1879Lauderdale County, Mississippi I35297
4 Martin, Edwin McLemore  27 Jan 1877Lauderdale County, Mississippi I35296
5 Martin, Henrie Izard  27 Dec 1881Lauderdale County, Mississippi I43628
6 Martin, Louella  5 Dec 1872Lauderdale County, Mississippi I35294
7 Martin, Mary V.  May 1883Lauderdale County, Mississippi I35298
8 Martin, Percy Lewis  10 Jan 1875Lauderdale County, Mississippi I35295
9 McLemore, Ann  Abt 1846Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26669
10 McLemore, Aquilla "Quilla" L.  10 Oct 1869Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26858
11 McLemore, Caleb Semmes  28 Aug 1868Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26882
12 McLemore, Charity  12 Jul 1835Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26602
13 McLemore, Corinna  Feb 1884Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42061
14 McLemore, Cornelius Andrew Jackson  Abt 1859Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26855
15 McLemore, Ernestine  14 Jan 1880Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42059
16 McLemore, Fannie  Abt 1867Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26857
17 McLemore, George H.W.  Abt 1858Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26845
18 McLemore, Inez  Abt 1861Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26873
19 McLemore, J. C.  Abt 1869Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26883
20 McLemore, John  Abt 1843Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26671
21 McLemore, John Thomas  Abt 1838Lauderdale County, Mississippi I25632
22 McLemore, Joseph G.  Abt 1852Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26841
23 McLemore, Joshua  3 Jun 1839Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26606
24 McLemore, Juriah  8 Mar 1837Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26604
25 McLemore, Kate H.  Abt 1865Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26881
26 McLemore, Lamar  May 1892Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42064
27 McLemore, Laura A.  16 Jul 1872Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26869
28 McLemore, Lawrence  2 Nov 1882Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42060
29 McLemore, Lewis  Dec 1887Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42062
30 McLemore, Louis Kirkland  1 Mar 1877Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26870
31 McLemore, Martha A.  Abt 1854Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26842
32 McLemore, Mary  Abt 1844Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26658
33 McLemore, Mittie  7 Jan 1870Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26875
34 McLemore, Mittie B.  Abt 1879Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26887
35 McLemore, Nancy  Abt 1842Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26657
36 McLemore, Octavia  Jun 1889Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42063
37 McLemore, Oscar Adelbert  10 Dec 1871Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26874
38 McLemore, R. Victoria  20 Dec 1864Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26690
39 McLemore, Richard L.  23 May 1856Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26877
40 McLemore, Sallie  Abt 1877Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26886
41 McLemore, Sarah  9 Feb 1833Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26601
42 McLemore, Sudie J.  16 Dec 1872Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42067
43 McLemore, Susan  Abt 1837Lauderdale County, Mississippi I25631
44 McLemore, Theodore J.  Aug 1858Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26872
45 McLemore, Virginia "Jennie" M.  Jul 1861Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26856
46 McLemore, William  Dec 1898Lauderdale County, Mississippi I42057
47 McLemore, William A.  Abt 1850Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26840
48 McLemore, William Allen  Sep 1848Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26659
49 McLemore, William F.  Abt 1857Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26854
50 McLemore, William Nate  15 Apr 1875Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26885
51 Wiggins, Louis  Abt 1856Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26880
52 Wiggins, William  Abt 1854Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26879


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brunson, Rev. Harvey Peter Sr.  11 Apr 1855Lauderdale County, Mississippi I27183
2 Brunson, Rev. John Edgar  17 Sep 1899Lauderdale County, Mississippi I36452
3 Martin, Henrie Izard  5 May 1883Lauderdale County, Mississippi I43628
4 McGrew, Charles Elliott  10 Jun 2014Lauderdale County, Mississippi I33100
5 McLemore, Amos  2 Sep 1903Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26085
6 McLemore, Ann  Abt 1850Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26669
7 McLemore, Elvina  17 Apr 1899Lauderdale County, Mississippi I19084
8 McLemore, Joshua  19 Mar 1918Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26606
9 McShan, Mary Jane Leanoriah  22 Dec 1908Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26661
10 Sturdivant, John W.  15 Jun 1918Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26587
11 Yarbourough, Joseph B.  8 Jan 1869Lauderdale County, Mississippi I26595


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bozane / McLemore  9 Nov 1855Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8808
2 Brewster / McLemore  3 Nov 1892Lauderdale County, Mississippi F11411
3 Foster / McLemore  14 Feb 861Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8810
4 Holden / McLemore  6 Jan 1892Lauderdale County, Mississippi F11412
5 Keeton / McLemore  16 Oct 1845Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8784
6 McLemore / ???  28 Feb 1873Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8524
7 McLemore / Brown  7 Mar 1895Lauderdale County, Mississippi F13943
8 McLemore / Carter  6 Nov 1859Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8523
9 McLemore / McInnis  6 Jan 1886Lauderdale County, Mississippi F11414
10 McLemore / McShan  14 May 1855Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8805
11 McLemore / Radford  22 Jan 1861Lauderdale County, Mississippi F10467
12 McLemore / Semmes  27 Feb 1860Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8789
13 McLemore / Shackleford  7 Feb 1878Lauderdale County, Mississippi F12605
14 McLemore / Smith  8 Nov 1853Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8809
15 McNeely / McLemore  20 Oct 1897Lauderdale County, Mississippi F11413
16 Sanders / McLemore  8 Dec 1886Lauderdale County, Mississippi F12606
17 Snell / McLemore  5 Nov 1884Lauderdale County, Mississippi F11410
18 Tucker / McLemore  3 Nov 1887Lauderdale County, Mississippi F11415
19 Wiggins / McLemore  23 Jun 1859Lauderdale County, Mississippi F8787