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Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas



Latitude: 30.661215, Longitude: -93.8938647222222


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bevil, James Noah  30 Sep 1910Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I36253
2 Bostick, Anice  23 Jun 1897Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I36056
3 Bostick, Maggie Eliza  22 Oct 1890Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9761
4 Boyett, Barney Bernard  7 Nov 1909Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9540
5 Boyett, Bessie  17 Sep 1897Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9388
6 Boyett, Daughter  Abt 1905Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9541
7 Boyett, Daughter  Aft 1910Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9542
8 Boyett, George Worthy  18 Apr 1907Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9539
9 Boyett, Ollie Olivia  1 Aug 1893Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I22145
10 Claud, Edward Lee  23 Oct 1890Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I40893
11 Dougharty, Alvada Arlene  13 Jul 1912Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3415
12 Dougharty, Arthur Denton  16 Apr 1918Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3418
13 Dougharty, Ina Irene  19 Jun 1916Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3417
14 Dougharty, Infant  2 Jul 1911Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I22128
15 Dougharty, Marcus Hillman  17 May 1923Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3421
16 Dougharty, Raymond Cecil  18 Nov 1921Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3420
17 Dougharty, Reba  14 Apr 1914Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3416
18 Hawthorn, Sion  11 Jan 1886Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9342
19 Hawthorne, Arthur Jack  Abt 1933Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9486
20 Hawthorne, Olive Agnes  3 Jul 1892Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9767
21 Jones, Daniel Newton  25 May 1887Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9325
22 Kelley, Jack Clayton Sr.  13 Mar 1942Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I24219
23 Lee, Lela Lanine  21 Jan 1897Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9413
24 Marze, C. V.  20 Sep 1908Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I40902
25 McLemore, Cecil Earnest  31 Jul 1886Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I30244
26 McLemore, William Ernest "Buck"  23 May 1912Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I30345
27 Nantz, Zona Marjorie  27 Jul 1899Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I6250


Matches 1 to 79 of 79

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Quincy  8 Sep 1973Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10611
2 Bean, Benjamin Franklin  Abt 1947Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9707
3 Bean, Jesse Burk  30 Jan 1960Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10466
4 Bean, Maud  23 Jul 1962Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10434
5 Bean, Rose Ella  29 Mar 1943Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I2011
6 Bean, Von Victor  13 Aug 1972Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10467
7 Bean, Winnie Auzella  21 Jul 1932Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9710
8 Berryman, Samuel Whitson  25 Dec 1969Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I41934
9 Biscamp, Homer  9 Jun 1953Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10256
10 Biscamp, Jesse  22 Jan 1939Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10251
11 Biscamp, Lewis Walker  Apr 1979Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I35756
12 Bostick, William Lester  25 Nov 1971Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I36065
13 Boyett, Barney Bernard  31 Jul 1961Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9540
14 Boyett, Celestia "Sis" Inez  1 Mar 1980Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10348
15 Boyett, Daughter  Abt 1905Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9541
16 Boyett, Daughter  Abt 1912Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9542
17 Boyett, Epsie B.  23 Oct 1994Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10343
18 Boyett, James Estell  18 Nov 1979Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10349
19 Boyett, Nettie Aririlla  11 Apr 1946Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I33731
20 Boyett, Noah Jackson  18 Nov 1933Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9393
21 Bruce, Missouri Ann R.  23 Sep 1926Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I41013
22 Burwick, Cecil C.  15 Jan 1986Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I6085
23 Carrell, Zorine  12 Feb 2003Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I25285
24 Cartee, Estella Agnes "Stella"  3 Apr 1963Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10218
25 Caswell, Penelope  19 Nov 1917Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I8664
26 Causey, Florence  Dec 1983Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I39121
27 Christian, Robert William "Willie"  19 Jan 1931Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I44663
28 Clark, Cora Lee  20 Sep 2000Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I28211
29 Claud, Sarah Maggie  8 Jan 1936Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I40892
30 Conn, Elijah M. "Mac"  26 Dec 1953Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I41268
31 Cooper, Huelan Amberson "Bully"  1 Apr 2005Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I41888
32 Curl, Wiley Hansford  13 Feb 1969Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I30130
33 Curl, William Oliver  May 1986Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I32943
34 Dougharty, Infant  2 Jul 1911Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I22128
35 Fussell, D. L.  7 Jul 1962Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I22860
36 Fussell, Lucille  5 Dec 1955Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I39198
37 Garlington, Mack  28 Dec 1978Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I11309
38 Hargrove, Hazel Lucille  11 Dec 1983Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I23025
39 Hargrove, Starkey  13 Nov 1960Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I23024
40 Hawthorne, J. C. Jr.  Mar 1976Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10247
41 Hawthorne, Roy  Aug 1986Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I8691
42 Hawthorne, Willie  17 Jul 1988Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I22082
43 Holt, Ida Eldora  27 Jul 1959Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I7331
44 Horn, John Albert  17 Oct 1967Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9430
45 Lee, Joshua Timothy  16 Apr 1931Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I8694
46 Lord, Rosanna "Rosie"  10 Oct 1962Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I14200
47 Love, Lula Amanda  Nov 1980Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9538
48 McDaniel, Edward Calvin  13 Aug 1948Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I26493
49 McDaniel, Pearl  27 Aug 1987Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I44945
50 McDonald, Alexander  10 May 1924Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10109
51 McDonald, James Alvin  27 Oct 1942Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I45159
52 McDonald, Joseph  18 Apr 1928Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10110
53 McDonald, Julia Etta  23 Feb 1941Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I45158
54 McDonald, Trudie  13 Aug 1945Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I45161
55 McLemore, Minnie Dorothy  18 Nov 1984Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I2018
56 McLemore, Sarah Beulah  1 Nov 1957Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I2016
57 Morgan, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1902Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I8609
58 Morgan, Joseph Benjamin  3 Oct 1973Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I30150
59 Morgan, Julia A.  25 Dec 1967Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3267
60 Morgan, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1935Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I3286
61 Morgan, Robert Carroll  28 Dec 1987Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9300
62 Morgan, Salura Eudora "Dora"  1 Apr 1959Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I8623
63 Morgan, Zora Bertha  1 Dec 1986Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9308
64 Nantz, Zona Marjorie  16 Aug 1955Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I6250
65 Phelps, Robert E. Mark  8 Jun 1944Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I42159
66 Powell, James Alford  23 Mar 1968Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I36097
67 Powell, Madie Octavene  26 Oct 2002Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I15559
68 Ray, Charlotte  5 Apr 2016Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I13113
69 Sargent, Delia Irene  29 Feb 1976Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9330
70 Sims, James Russell  17 Mar 1940Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10030
71 Smith, Laura Zelma  4 Jul 1993Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9429
72 Strickland, Maudie Emily  19 Jun 1994Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I13180
73 Strickland, Meadie Semily  8 Dec 2007Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I13181
74 Strickland, Prentice Gustavis  23 May 1965Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I13494
75 Strickland, Redmond I. T. "I. T."  1 May 2010Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I8510
76 Turner, William Hyram  12 Jan 1952Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I10007
77 Warden, J. D. "Jake"  26 Aug 2014Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I45781
78 Westbrook, Emily Ann  18 Jan 1933Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I9404
79 Williams, Maston Amos  15 May 1950Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas I28187


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hawthorn / Turner  30 Oct 1910Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas F4298
2 Hicks / McLemore  20 Nov 1937Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas F1972