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Jones County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.6225502777778, Longitude: -89.1687994444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dickerson, Eveline  10 Aug 1835Jones County, Mississippi I25641
2 Fairchild, Dicey  Jan 1846Jones County, Mississippi I28039
3 Fairchild, Mary  28 Jun 1854Jones County, Mississippi I33121
4 Lee, Annie Alice  8 Nov 1889Jones County, Mississippi I33145
5 Lee, Clara Elizabeth "Bessie"  26 Feb 1892Jones County, Mississippi I33146
6 Lee, Ernest Evans  16 Jun 1884Jones County, Mississippi I33143
7 Lee, Florence May  23 May 1887Jones County, Mississippi I33144
8 Lee, Henry Allen  26 Nov 1895Jones County, Mississippi I33141
9 Lee, Lenora Addierena "Nora"  20 Mar 1882Jones County, Mississippi I33142
10 Lee, Robert E.  28 Feb 1898Jones County, Mississippi I33147
11 Lowery, Audrey Elizabeth  9 Feb 1921Jones County, Mississippi I38733
12 Lowery, Gladys Emma  7 Feb 1919Jones County, Mississippi I38721
13 McLemore, A. Hurl "A. H."  Abt 1904Jones County, Mississippi I37145
14 McLemore, Amanda "Mandie"  10 Jun 1895Jones County, Mississippi I37143
15 McLemore, Amos  14 Jan 1867Jones County, Mississippi I26712
16 McLemore, Anna Jane  Abt 1856Jones County, Mississippi I25650
17 McLemore, Avery  31 Mar 1859Jones County, Mississippi I26757
18 McLemore, Elizabeth  29 Apr 1869Jones County, Mississippi I26713
19 McLemore, Estella  7 Jun 1897Jones County, Mississippi I37144
20 McLemore, Infant Son  Abt 1900Jones County, Mississippi I45752
21 McLemore, John  1 Feb 1864Jones County, Mississippi I26710
22 McLemore, John C.  19 Jul 1854Jones County, Mississippi I25649
23 McLemore, Josephine "Dolly"  29 Feb 1876Jones County, Mississippi I26760
24 McLemore, Laura  Abt 1907Jones County, Mississippi I36397
25 McLemore, Lionel  Abt 1909Jones County, Mississippi I36398
26 McLemore, Louisa "Luda"  28 Jun 1871Jones County, Mississippi I26758
27 McLemore, Mary  28 Mar 1858Jones County, Mississippi I26756
28 McLemore, Merle  Abt 1905Jones County, Mississippi I36396
29 McLemore, Nancy Mary  1 Nov 1830Jones County, Mississippi I25627
30 McLemore, Pearlie E.  8 Jan 1894Jones County, Mississippi I37142
31 McLemore, Richard  4 Dec 1873Jones County, Mississippi I26759
32 McLemore, Rosa Lavinia  Abt 1831Jones County, Mississippi I25604
33 McLemore, Rosa V.  Abt 1857Jones County, Mississippi I25651
34 McLemore, Sebelle Rosetta  17 May 1852Jones County, Mississippi I25648
35 McLemore, Taylor A. Sr.  13 Sep 1907Jones County, Mississippi I37146
36 McLemore, Willis D.  16 Dec 1865Jones County, Mississippi I26711
37 McLemore, Zachary Taylor  25 Aug 1877Jones County, Mississippi I26761
38 Riels, Sennett  29 May 1919Jones County, Mississippi I38773
39 Shoemake, David "Dave"  3 May 1904Jones County, Mississippi I45849
40 Shoemake, Gavin Eugene  21 Oct 1937Jones County, Mississippi I45854


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dickerson, Eveline  Abt 1915Jones County, Mississippi I25641
2 McLemore, Abraham Bryan  17 May 1899Jones County, Mississippi I25596
3 McLemore, Amos  29 Sep 1964Jones County, Mississippi I26712
4 McLemore, Avery  5 Mar 1863Jones County, Mississippi I26757
5 McLemore, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1910Jones County, Mississippi I26713
6 McLemore, Infant Son  Abt 1900Jones County, Mississippi I45752
7 McLemore, Mary  5 Mar 1863Jones County, Mississippi I26756
8 McLemore, Pearlie E.  26 Jun 1956Jones County, Mississippi I37142
9 McLemore, Richard  17 Jul 1875Jones County, Mississippi I26759
10 Tisdale, Roena  12 Jun 1954Jones County, Mississippi I26762


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shoemake / McLemore  17 Sep 1924Jones County, Mississippi F13611