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Ionia County, Michigan



Latitude: 42.9831002777778, Longitude: -85.064195


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agar, Roy B.  20 Jun 1912Ionia County, Michigan I3742
2 Burton, Mattie  May 1892Ionia County, Michigan I39625
3 Burton, Roy  Dec 1895Ionia County, Michigan I39626
4 Burton, Winnie  Aug 1898Ionia County, Michigan I39627
5 Bywater, Cora M.  Abt 1879Ionia County, Michigan I39631
6 Caie, Marion Ambria  Abt 1910Ionia County, Michigan I39675
7 Chapman, Evelyn D. "Eva"  23 Nov 1860Ionia County, Michigan I12216
8 Chapman, Myrtie L.  Jan 1882Ionia County, Michigan I39618
9 Colwell, Margaret E.  9 Mar 1908Ionia County, Michigan I13073
10 Cramer, Luella Eliza  26 Aug 1869Ionia County, Michigan I13046
11 Cramer, Sarah Maria  21 Sep 1862Ionia County, Michigan I13044
12 Dailey, Ada Elizabeth  1 Feb 1860Ionia County, Michigan I42427
13 Elvert, Emma  Abt 1849Ionia County, Michigan I11071
14 Hoar, Franklin Lee  22 May 1907Ionia County, Michigan I13075
15 Hulburt, Lester J.  Abt 1901Ionia County, Michigan I39689
16 Hulburt, Sarah W.  Abt 1899Ionia County, Michigan I39688
17 Hulburt, Stoel J.  Abt 1907Ionia County, Michigan I39690
18 Zinnecker, George Henry  14 Jul 1871Ionia County, Michigan I5954
19 Zinnecker, John L.  13 Jun 1874Ionia County, Michigan I29667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Braden, Cora B.  Jan 1970Ionia County, Michigan I13056
2 Brown, Ann  12 Oct 1888Ionia County, Michigan I12207
3 Bywater, Carl Day  13 Jun 1947Ionia County, Michigan I39630
4 Bywater, Florence  Abt 1960Ionia County, Michigan I39628
5 Colwell, Raymond Albert  27 Jul 1948Ionia County, Michigan I13070
6 Cramer, Luella Eliza  6 Jan 1873Ionia County, Michigan I13046
7 Cramer, Rosa May  26 Aug 1868Ionia County, Michigan I13045
8 Cramer, Sarah Maria  20 Sep 1863Ionia County, Michigan I13044
9 Elliott, Ella Irene  19 Jun 1953Ionia County, Michigan I2038
10 Elvert, Emma  26 Jul 1873Ionia County, Michigan I11071
11 Herbert, John Jacob  16 Feb 1960Ionia County, Michigan I7768
12 Meyers, Mary Ann  25 Feb 1915Ionia County, Michigan I11675
13 Smith, Benjamin Franklin  6 Jul 1869Ionia County, Michigan I134
14 Smith, Morris M.  9 Dec 1880Ionia County, Michigan I12653
15 Smith, Sarah E.  28 Nov 1870Ionia County, Michigan I20591


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Braden / Cramer  17 Oct 1875Ionia County, Michigan F5295
2 Chapman / Welch  7 Oct 1871Ionia County, Michigan F132
3 Hodges / Elliott  20 Oct 1886Ionia County, Michigan F1338