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Indian Territory



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abrams, Henry Clyde  30 Jan 1888Indian Territory I5853
2 Abrams, James Burt  Sep 1884Indian Territory I5848
3 Abrams, John Burl  Feb 1883Indian Territory I5850
4 Beene, Walter W.  24 Oct 1897Indian Territory I34937
5 Benson, J. Hamp  Abt 1906Indian Territory I16661
6 Byrd, Leroy Alfred "L. A."  7 May 1891Indian Territory I25271
7 Condren, Ruby Lee  Nov 1899Indian Territory I6419
8 Gay, Alva M.  Abt 1905Indian Territory I20945
9 Gay, Effie F.  Abt 1901Indian Territory I20946
10 Gay, Nellie G.  Jun 1898Indian Territory I20943
11 Gentry, Elmer Fred  6 Nov 1901Indian Territory I6276
12 Goodwin, Tolbert Newton  13 Sep 1897Indian Territory I1625
13 Hardwick, David  Between 1879 and 1882Indian Territory I32409
14 Hardwick, David H.  Abt 1904Indian Territory I4054
15 Hardwick, Eastman Lane  15 Sep 1883Indian Territory I19152
16 Hardwick, Ida  Jan 1878Indian Territory I32395
17 Hardwick, Infant  Aft 1876Indian Territory I32448
18 Hardwick, Janie  Jul 1885Indian Territory I19153
19 Hardwick, Mary T. "Mollie"  23 Oct 1872Indian Territory I5921
20 Hardwick, Mattie  Oct 1878Indian Territory I32410
21 Hardwick, Mayetta  16 Feb 1901Indian Territory I32476
22 Hart, Sidney Georgina  Feb 1868Indian Territory I13937
23 Jacobs, Paul  10 Feb 1905Indian Territory I20233
24 Kincannon, William Perry  13 Oct 1889Indian Territory I3965
25 Krapf, Dora E.  28 Jul 1885Indian Territory I13037
26 Krapf, Ira C.  6 Feb 1891Indian Territory I13040
27 Krapf, Jacob "Jake" F.  31 Mar 1887Indian Territory I13038
28 Krapf, Mary Magnolia  27 Jul 1889Indian Territory I13039
29 Krapf, Naoma "Oma"  11 Apr 1894Indian Territory I13041
30 McClanahan, Everett Edwin  10 Mar 1895Indian Territory I4960
31 McClanahan, Gladys L.  7 Apr 1906Indian Territory I44754
32 McClanahan, Ida May  12 Jul 1893Indian Territory I4959
33 McClanahan, Lois Ethel  22 Sep 1904Indian Territory I44753
34 McClanahan, Myrtle May  May 1896Indian Territory I6107
35 McClanahan, William "Willie" Quincy  12 Mar 1897Indian Territory I4961
36 McLemore, Ernest F.  27 Dec 1895Indian Territory I45808
37 McLemore, George  Mar 1892Indian Territory I38608
38 McLemore, Gracie Mae  26 Feb 1904Indian Territory I37855
39 McLemore, Infant Daughter  May 1900Indian Territory I38614
40 McLemore, Marion Francis  31 Mar 1905Indian Territory I37856
41 McLemore, Ruby Ernestine  24 Oct 1906Indian Territory I24903
42 McLemore, Unice Ione  2 Oct 1906Indian Territory I37857
43 McLemore, William Anthony  10 Feb 1888Indian Territory I38607
44 Mutz, Ada  Mar 1896Indian Territory I32455
45 Mutz, Edna  Abt 1904Indian Territory I32539
46 Mutz, Fred  8 Nov 1898Indian Territory I32456
47 Mutz, Henry Overton  15 Feb 1901Indian Territory I32475
48 Mutz, Lem  Abt 1906Indian Territory I32546
49 Newton, Robert E.  Abt 1905Indian Territory I44760
50 O'Neill, Bird Elizabeth  4 Sep 1889Indian Territory I5474
51 Payne, Elizabeth Beatrice "Bee"  Nov 1892Indian Territory I2721
52 Payne, Eugenie  24 Nov 1892Indian Territory I4663
53 Payne, Hattie  14 Jul 1890Indian Territory I19918
54 Payne, Joseph Ray  18 Jul 1892Indian Territory I19910
55 Payne, Lee B.  22 Jun 1894Indian Territory I19911
56 Payne, Paul John  Abt 1901Indian Territory I1568
57 Payne, Ruby May  Nov 1890Indian Territory I2720
58 Peavey, Minnie Elizabeth  12 Dec 1897Indian Territory I28038
59 Rennels, Jasper  15 Aug 1883Indian Territory I4814
60 Rennels, Rose Etta "Rosa/Rosie"  Feb 1885Indian Territory I6397
61 Ryle, Emma  Sep 1892Indian Territory I32458
62 Ryle, Nannie May  Nov 1895Indian Territory I32459
63 Scott, Marie  Abt 1902Indian Territory I5684
64 Thompson, Eugene  Abt 1898Indian Territory I26312
65 Trawick, Ben  11 Dec 1906Indian Territory I10895
66 Trawick, Georgia  Abt 1904Indian Territory I13970
67 Yates, Lonnie Benton  1 Sep 1900Indian Territory I25385


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyd, James M.  27 Feb 1864Indian Territory I32401
2 Payne, Hattie  26 Jun 1892Indian Territory I19918
3 Payne, Willie T.  9 May 1899Indian Territory I19919


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Robbins  30 Sep 1875Indian Territory F12165
2 Hardwick / Gill  30 Aug 1899Indian Territory F10399
3 McLemore / Bagwell  Abt 1903Indian Territory F11616
4 Payne / James  Abt Feb 1899Indian Territory F1089