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Houston, Harris County, Texas



City/Town : Latitude: 29.76429, Longitude: -95.38370


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barcelona, Josephine  27 Feb 1920Houston, Harris County, Texas I9016
2 Buckley, Joyce Virginia  29 Dec 1929Houston, Harris County, Texas I29712
3 Causey, Clyde Ivan  12 Sep 1928Houston, Harris County, Texas I39135
4 Collier, William Maurice  8 Jan 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas I15452
5 Collins, Gertrude Genery  2 Mar 1907Houston, Harris County, Texas I25088
6 Fenley, Eva Jeanette  24 Oct 1936Houston, Harris County, Texas I41295
7 Fuller, Michael Alan  14 May 1957Houston, Harris County, Texas I761
8 Heath, Thomas Earl  15 Feb 1947Houston, Harris County, Texas I25099
9 Jacks, Johnathan Dale  3 Jan 1995Houston, Harris County, Texas I33523
10 Kelley, Patsy Ruth  7 Jun 1931Houston, Harris County, Texas I5183
11 Kenny, Edward Irving  20 Jan 1921Houston, Harris County, Texas I39873
12 Kenny, Lloyd Charles  24 May 1917Houston, Harris County, Texas I39872
13 Kerr, Robert Denton  15 Jan 1941Houston, Harris County, Texas I23628
14 Lister, Lucius Weldon "Buddy" Jr.  29 Mar 1952Houston, Harris County, Texas I46101
15 McDaniel, Vickie Ann  24 Jan 1961Houston, Harris County, Texas I34313
16 McLemore, Carmen Lisa  3 Oct 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas I8924
17 McLemore, Clifford Walter  7 Nov 1928Houston, Harris County, Texas I25138
18 McLemore, Kristopher Lynne  5 Nov 1965Houston, Harris County, Texas I215
19 McLemore, Warren Pleasant  29 Dec 1922Houston, Harris County, Texas I24592
20 O'Brien, Anna Sue  Abt 1909Houston, Harris County, Texas I29546
21 Sibley, Dorris Anna  7 Feb 1924Houston, Harris County, Texas I41507
22 Wilkinson, June Aileen  8 Jul 1929Houston, Harris County, Texas I9123
23 Wilson, Nancy Lea  14 Jun 1909Houston, Harris County, Texas I2328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ???, Missouri Elizabeth  21 Feb 1954Houston, Harris County, Texas I42249
2 Adams, Warren Briley  22 Jun 1989Houston, Harris County, Texas I43590
3 Addison, Vivian "Viva"  12 Jan 1968Houston, Harris County, Texas I38630
4 Adkins, Thomas Jethro  6 Aug 1956Houston, Harris County, Texas I41594
5 Adkison, Frances Kay  30 Jun 2012Houston, Harris County, Texas I25734
6 Albacete, Carmen Ines  10 Feb 1995Houston, Harris County, Texas I8922
7 Albritton, Grace Nan  21 Aug 1966Houston, Harris County, Texas I36609
8 Anders, Samuel Jesse  18 Dec 1959Houston, Harris County, Texas I39183
9 Anderson, Frank Bostick  9 Apr 2000Houston, Harris County, Texas I41713
10 Arndt, Hertha "Hattie" Augusta  19 Mar 1977Houston, Harris County, Texas I19312
11 Arnold, Della L.  27 Jan 1984Houston, Harris County, Texas I14571
12 Arnold, Hugh Fuller M.D.  9 Oct 1998Houston, Harris County, Texas I110
13 Asaro, Barbara Michelle  5 Apr 1969Houston, Harris County, Texas I34625
14 Baldree, Loula "Lou"  26 Aug 1951Houston, Harris County, Texas I42549
15 Barcelona, Josephine  27 Jan 1994Houston, Harris County, Texas I9016
16 Beall, Thomas Neal  8 Oct 1951Houston, Harris County, Texas I1619
17 Bean, O. B.  1 Feb 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I45224
18 Beard, Marby Ellen  3 Nov 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I3760
19 Beard, Vonnie Baron  5 Mar 2011Houston, Harris County, Texas I24211
20 Beauchamp, Paul Maurice  28 Jan 2016Houston, Harris County, Texas I46394
21 Beckcom, Robert Donald "R. D."  15 Jul 2014Houston, Harris County, Texas I43921
22 Becton, Artie May  19 Sep 1976Houston, Harris County, Texas I14162
23 Becton, Elmous Bryant  12 May 1977Houston, Harris County, Texas I34877
24 Becton, James Levi  29 Jul 1961Houston, Harris County, Texas I20743
25 Becton, William Arlis  27 Dec 1988Houston, Harris County, Texas I34883
26 Becton, William Edward  14 Apr 1952Houston, Harris County, Texas I34874
27 Behannon, Lillie  25 May 1976Houston, Harris County, Texas I10321
28 Behannon, Thomas Albert  4 Oct 1950Houston, Harris County, Texas I40867
29 Bell, Artie Clementine  27 Oct 1968Houston, Harris County, Texas I21983
30 Bell, Print Robert  23 Oct 1953Houston, Harris County, Texas I35018
31 Bell, William Cleveland Sr.  16 Jul 1975Houston, Harris County, Texas I41620
32 Benkelman, Benjamin Franklin Jr.  8 Mar 1998Houston, Harris County, Texas I17
33 Bennett, Edith Merlee  30 Jun 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I35193
34 Bennett, Henry A.  16 Jan 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas I35233
35 Bennett, Ruben Ancil  1 Jun 1975Houston, Harris County, Texas I35192
36 Bentler, Earl J.  3 Jan 1977Houston, Harris County, Texas I8294
37 Berryman, Everett Powell  5 Dec 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I1623
38 Bevil, Albert Warren  9 Jan 1959Houston, Harris County, Texas I42959
39 Bevil, James Noah  21 Sep 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I36253
40 Bevil, John "Jack" Mack  16 May 1955Houston, Harris County, Texas I8682
41 Bickley, Eva  2 Dec 2009Houston, Harris County, Texas I41667
42 Bickley, Helen Arzine  12 Feb 2012Houston, Harris County, Texas I41664
43 Bickley, Horace D.  25 Jan 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I41652
44 Bickley, Willie Simon  17 Aug 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I41657
45 Bien, Paul Preston  27 Apr 1955Houston, Harris County, Texas I4583
46 Bird, Elbert Clabe  22 Feb 1963Houston, Harris County, Texas I15950
47 Birdwell, Albert Birton  2 Dec 1960Houston, Harris County, Texas I35643
48 Birdwell, Drunetta Kay "Drue"  6 Apr 1972Houston, Harris County, Texas I26296
49 Bowen, Viola Theresa  7 Jan 1938Houston, Harris County, Texas I24487
50 Boydstun, Ione Lenelle  16 Nov 2006Houston, Harris County, Texas I20968
51 Boyett, Ernest Edward  19 Sep 1945Houston, Harris County, Texas I33736
52 Bradley, Winnie D.  11 Sep 1958Houston, Harris County, Texas I21358
53 Bragg, Roger Dale  22 Jul 2012Houston, Harris County, Texas I34774
54 Brooks, Christine Evangeline  22 May 2001Houston, Harris County, Texas I5004
55 Brown, Dill Marson  11 Mar 1970Houston, Harris County, Texas I24153
56 Brown, Jane  4 Sep 1999Houston, Harris County, Texas I23447
57 Browning, Lacy Theo  17 Mar 1960Houston, Harris County, Texas I34347
58 Buck, Michael Ray  4 Jul 1991Houston, Harris County, Texas I28389
59 Buckley, Paule "Paula" Hazel  17 Dec 1998Houston, Harris County, Texas I45829
60 Burkhalter, Alvie Carrel Sr.  27 May 1980Houston, Harris County, Texas I8252
61 Burkhalter, Elzie Lee  11 Apr 2003Houston, Harris County, Texas I37200
62 Burkhalter, Hardis Lenvil  12 Sep 1961Houston, Harris County, Texas I8255
63 Burkhalter, Henry Layfayette  4 Oct 1972Houston, Harris County, Texas I37201
64 Burkhalter, Ida Lee  14 Jul 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas I8246
65 Burkhalter, James "Jimmy"  May 1980Houston, Harris County, Texas I584
66 Burkhalter, John Hozy  25 Oct 1972Houston, Harris County, Texas I30092
67 Burkhalter, Joseph Henry  25 Mar 1959Houston, Harris County, Texas I583
68 Burkhalter, Leo Otice  26 Aug 1996Houston, Harris County, Texas I37203
69 Burkhalter, Oma B.  7 Sep 1976Houston, Harris County, Texas I38937
70 Burkhalter, Ray Mathis  30 Jun 2005Houston, Harris County, Texas I36610
71 Burrows, Charles C.  23 Jul 1926Houston, Harris County, Texas I29304
72 Butler, John Elijah "Johnnie"  12 Feb 1973Houston, Harris County, Texas I33501
73 Butler, Vera Lee  5 Feb 1964Houston, Harris County, Texas I33498
74 Byerly, Martin D.  3 Jul 1968Houston, Harris County, Texas I28387
75 Cammack, Temperance Lucretia "Babe"  9 May 1919Houston, Harris County, Texas I32152
76 Candelari, Anselmo "Elmo" Joseph  14 Jun 2008Houston, Harris County, Texas I15332
77 Cannon, Marguerite Laverne  25 Oct 2000Houston, Harris County, Texas I40531
78 Carley, Robert Oliver  26 Aug 1979Houston, Harris County, Texas I23128
79 Carlton, Carter Eugene "C. E."  11 Feb 1963Houston, Harris County, Texas I14581
80 Carlton, Ida L.  24 Mar 1976Houston, Harris County, Texas I38158
81 Carlton, Ollie Emma  9 Feb 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I38141
82 Carter, Lily Ethur  25 Nov 1990Houston, Harris County, Texas I1510
83 Cartwright, Leonidas "Lon" Davenport  26 Sep 1963Houston, Harris County, Texas I39040
84 Chambers, John T.  11 Feb 1938Houston, Harris County, Texas I18996
85 Chambers, Joseph Allen  20 Mar 1933Houston, Harris County, Texas I18980
86 Chance, Bryan Kermit  19 Oct 1976Houston, Harris County, Texas I25880
87 Chance, Elza Joseph  4 Nov 1961Houston, Harris County, Texas I39449
88 Chance, James Oscar Jr.  31 May 1990Houston, Harris County, Texas I44527
89 Christopher, Rolfe Craig  22 Feb 2004Houston, Harris County, Texas I36763
90 Clark, Albert Lee  9 Sep 1961Houston, Harris County, Texas I40146
91 Clark, Ara Jane  8 Oct 1964Houston, Harris County, Texas I40140
92 Clark, Bertie Louise  27 Jan 2001Houston, Harris County, Texas I40136
93 Clark, Bessie Della  26 Dec 1991Houston, Harris County, Texas I25216
94 Clark, Bobbie Lena  29 Apr 1989Houston, Harris County, Texas I11049
95 Clark, Charles Edward  26 Jan 2004Houston, Harris County, Texas I7337
96 Clark, Geraldine R. N.  17 Nov 2000Houston, Harris County, Texas I6538
97 Clark, Harmon Lee  7 Mar 1977Houston, Harris County, Texas I40157
98 Clark, Leola Monique  22 Nov 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I41182
99 Click, Effie Elizabeth  28 Feb 1991Houston, Harris County, Texas I45263
100 Click, Lillie Mae  27 Dec 1954Houston, Harris County, Texas I40913

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byrne / Hargrove  Abt 1949Houston, Harris County, Texas F7843
2 Fassy / Stafford  11 Aug 1936Houston, Harris County, Texas F2681