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Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri



Latitude: 36.0465075, Longitude: -90.1109194444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Christine Evangeline  4 Feb 1921Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5004
2 Brooks, M. Olean  17 Aug 1918Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5007
3 Brooks, Mildred  14 Jul 1918Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5365
4 Brooks, Ruby May  17 Feb 1921Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5364
5 Krapf, Cleo  16 Dec 1917Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5384
6 Krapf, Earl Cleveland  26 Apr 1925Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5347
7 Krapf, Earnest Philmon  12 Dec 1916Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5351
8 Krapf, Leon Wesley  6 Jan 1920Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5382
9 Krapf, Melvin Junior  27 Jan 1923Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5348
10 Krapf, Truman Ellsworth  26 Jun 1916Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5385
11 Rhew, Agnes Beatrice  6 Jun 1917Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5376
12 Rhew, Ethel Marie  22 Mar 1909Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5377
13 Rhew, Inez  Apr 1922Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5374
14 Rhew, Roy Vernon Sr.  21 Aug 1919Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hills, Henry Cleveland  13 Jan 1916Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I882
2 Horner, Manley Lee  5 May 1994Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5753
3 Krapf, Earnest Philmon  1 Mar 1920Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5351
4 Krapf, Mary Magnolia  13 Dec 1970Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I13039
5 Krapf, William Frederick  29 Jul 1946Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I12688
6 Rauls, Edwin "Dock"  4 May 1990Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I11384
7 Rhew, Agnes Beatrice  13 Oct 1983Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5376
8 Rhew, Ethel Marie  22 Apr 1993Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5377
9 Rhew, Harrison Joshua  8 Mar 1963Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5383
10 Rhew, Ida  21 Feb 1971Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5387
11 Rhew, Inez  Nov 1926Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I5374
12 Williams, Mary Elizabeth  3 Oct 1916Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri I13035


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Rauls / Rhew  Abt 1947Hornersville, Dunklin County, Missouri F2810