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Forrest County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.1888497222222, Longitude: -89.2578594444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lee, Eileen A.  Abt 1907Forrest County, Mississippi I27898
2 Lee, John O.  Abt 1901Forrest County, Mississippi I27896
3 Lee, Nathan Valuerda "N.V."  9 Nov 1890Forrest County, Mississippi I27890
4 Lee, Scott E.  19 Oct 1903Forrest County, Mississippi I27897
5 McLemore, Alla Agnes  19 Jan 1908Forrest County, Mississippi I27845
6 McLemore, Bessie Mae  Abt 1902Forrest County, Mississippi I27849
7 McLemore, Clifton William  10 Jun 1911Forrest County, Mississippi I27854
8 McLemore, Estelle Ellen  2 Dec 1923Forrest County, Mississippi I27902
9 McLemore, Eula Pearly  8 Dec 1898Forrest County, Mississippi I27814
10 McLemore, Gavin William  14 Nov 1896Forrest County, Mississippi I27841
11 McLemore, Grady Millard  12 Sep 1913Forrest County, Mississippi I27855
12 McLemore, Harlon Bethea  18 May 1920Forrest County, Mississippi I27901
13 McLemore, Hezekiah Dalma  Abt 1905Forrest County, Mississippi I31687
14 McLemore, Ida Averil  Abt 1903Forrest County, Mississippi I27850
15 McLemore, John Gloucester  5 Dec 1905Forrest County, Mississippi I27851
16 McLemore, Lela Elma  Abt 1909Forrest County, Mississippi I27853
17 McLemore, Mattie Merita  Abt 1907Forrest County, Mississippi I27852
18 McLemore, Ola M.  Abt 1915Forrest County, Mississippi I27817
19 Travis, Ruth Karlene  11 Sep 1925Forrest County, Mississippi I38747
20 Travis, William David  2 Feb 1920Forrest County, Mississippi I38722
21 Travis, William David Jr.  1 Apr 1952Forrest County, Mississippi I38771


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fairchild, Abraham Lundy Jr.  13 Mar 1920Forrest County, Mississippi I26824
2 Lee, Nathaniel N.  5 Sep 1929Forrest County, Mississippi I27848
3 Lowery, Gladys Emma  11 Sep 2003Forrest County, Mississippi I38721
4 McLemore, Catherine Louisa  6 Feb 1952Forrest County, Mississippi I27169
5 McLemore, Clifton William  5 Feb 1997Forrest County, Mississippi I27854
6 McLemore, Florence Nancy  4 Jan 1929Forrest County, Mississippi I27172
7 McLemore, Hezekiah K.  2 Sep 1957Forrest County, Mississippi I31674
8 McLemore, John Thomas  4 Sep 1905Forrest County, Mississippi I25632
9 Riels, Sennett  23 Mar 1997Forrest County, Mississippi I38773
10 Travis, William David  19 Jan 1971Forrest County, Mississippi I38722


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harrell / Fairchild  6 Jun 1912Forrest County, Mississippi F9112
2 Lee / McLemore  Abt 1887Forrest County, Mississippi F9082