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Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas



Latitude: 31.2256327777778, Longitude: -93.6617744444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chance, Aris Lavell  27 Sep 1912Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I39454
2 Chance, Daughter  21 Oct 1910Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I39452
3 Chance, Eva LaNell  30 May 1915Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I39511
4 Chance, Loveda  29 Nov 1910Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I39516
5 Chance, Sam Houston  28 Aug 1913Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I16031
6 Chance, Vessie Ray  17 Dec 1910Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I25829
7 Chance, Viola M.  21 Aug 1917Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I39512
8 Chance, William Bertice H.  12 Jun 1913Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I39523
9 Edgar, Julia Emma Jane  29 Dec 1882Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15825
10 Martin, Eli Frazier  3 Feb 1888Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I43610
11 McDaniel, Bessie Mae  3 Dec 1909Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I7369
12 McDaniel, Francis Richmond  25 Aug 1879Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I4064
13 McDaniel, Ila Mae  25 Aug 1890Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I16026
14 McDaniel, Imogene Renella  22 Jun 1911Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15601
15 McDaniel, Infant Son  30 Oct 1917Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I36658
16 McDaniel, Leland Reginald "Reggie"  16 Jul 1929Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15473
17 McDaniel, Lewis A.  10 Nov 1893Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I41961
18 McDaniel, Lyndell E.  19 Sep 1921Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15603
19 McDaniel, Mary Emma  12 Apr 1872Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15660
20 McDaniel, Mary Genie  7 Apr 1884Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I8539
21 McDaniel, Mildred Inez  Abt 1929Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I45073
22 McDaniel, Minnie Mozelle  24 Nov 1879Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15665
23 McDaniel, Vera Avery  11 Oct 1902Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I24342
24 McDaniel, William Frazier  21 Feb 1866Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I890
25 McDaniel, Woodrow Leonard  11 May 1914Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15602
26 McGee, Billy Joe  18 Oct 1948Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I45318
27 McGraw, Albert Dennis  22 Apr 1874Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15927
28 McGraw, Laura Faye  28 Dec 1929Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I43687
29 McGraw, Sim Thorough Jr.  24 Oct 1914Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I45068
30 McNaughten, Novie Mae  25 Dec 1909Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I14296
31 Pulliam, William Thomas Jr.  22 Oct 1872Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15661
32 Sibley, Clara Ruth  7 Jan 1915Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I17984
33 Smith, Adalene Marie  4 Apr 1926Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I45093
34 Smith, Carl Venson  16 Jan 1903Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I45092
35 Smith, Ferrell Levi Sr.  21 Dec 1914Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I16004
36 Smith, Florence Sybil  4 Oct 1918Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I16005
37 Smith, Harold Dean  9 Aug 1933Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I46092
38 Smith, Lula Bennena  2 Feb 1900Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I43097
39 Smith, Mary Elizabeth "Beth"  3 Nov 1931Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15986
40 Smith, Noble Terrence  7 Sep 1905Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15998
41 Smith, Verna Marie  28 Oct 1908Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I16000
42 Smith, William Franklin  29 Aug 1912Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I16001
43 Warden, J. D. "Jake"  2 Apr 1936Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I45781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Martin, Martha Ann  21 Jun 1923Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15659
2 Martin, Mary Almedia  28 Aug 1934Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I43705
3 McDaniel, Infant Son  30 Oct 1917Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I36658
4 McDaniel, Richmond Hubert "Hugh"  3 Oct 1942Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I15658
5 McDaniel, Samuel William  30 Jan 1922Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I7365
6 McDaniel, Tilman Stanmore  27 Aug 1918Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I26491
7 McGee, Joseph Bryant  17 May 1947Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I17644
8 Mitchell, Albert W.  18 Nov 1947Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I43707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bloodsworth, Acy  Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas I35831


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McDaniel / Smith  17 Oct 1878Fairdale, Sabine County, Texas F2281