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Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan



Latitude: 42.3316848055556, Longitude: -83.0479247222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartkowiak, Norbert Andrew  26 Nov 1925Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2048
2 Elam, Theodore Richard  8 Jan 1931Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I10892
3 Esau, John "Jack" Alexander  30 Jan 1918Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I15289
4 Jezewski, Walter  21 Apr 1917Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I3942
5 Johnson, Betty Lou  7 May 1928Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I16479
6 MacPhail, Albert Angus M. D.  7 Dec 1929Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30510
7 Markin, Marilyn  17 Feb 1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5253
8 McLemore, Richard Orville  18 Dec 1950Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I46715
9 Novy, Frances Grace  21 Jan 1925Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30425
10 Sanford, Helen  16 Nov 1861Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30770
11 Staton, Don Frederick  25 Mar 1931Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I17270
12 Striffler, Foster Lee  11 Mar 1932Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I29746
13 Watters, Edward W.  30 Jun 1923Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I39907
14 Wisniewski, Walter  Abt 1890Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5201
15 Wright, Barbara D.  11 Jul 1938Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37684
16 Wright, Charles "Chuck" Frederick  15 Feb 1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37650
17 Wright, Gladys Ethel  31 Oct 1934Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37663
18 Wright, Laura Christine  15 Feb 1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37652


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arehart, Burke M.D.  27 Feb 1976Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11894
2 Benkelman, Frances M.  2 Mar 1961Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I12017
3 Benkelman, John Donald  3 Apr 1965Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I854
4 Benkelman, William Frederick  11 Oct 1932Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I845
5 Brown, James  6 Aug 1952Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I872
6 Chapman, Martin L.  21 Jul 1910Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I12214
7 Coleman, Benjamin Harrison  15 Feb 1955Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I28116
8 Feuchtwanger, Mary "Mamie"  4 Aug 1942Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I29733
9 Fisk, Marjorie  3 Nov 1980Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30380
10 Gooden, Pearl  24 Jun 1958Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I10083
11 Grant, Jean Elizabeth  12 Apr 2006Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I871
12 Hall, Mita L.  9 Mar 1962Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I43481
13 Hranácová, Emma  26 Jun 1935Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I32751
14 Hunt, Elizabeth B. "Betty"  23 Feb 1985Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I29809
15 Kolb, Bernice Elvira  13 Jun 1966Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I6008
16 Kolb, Clarence Robert  Jan 1927Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I6012
17 Lenzner, Samuel B.  20 Jul 1926Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I24242
18 McLemore, Carlos  8 Feb 1959Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I29880
19 Moreton, William  23 May 1951Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I29860
20 Sanford, Charlotte  31 Jan 1879Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30585
21 Striffler, Dorothy A.  20 Jun 1959Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30803
22 Striffler, Franklin Arthur  8 Sep 1959Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5951
23 Striffler, Ione Katherine  7 Jul 1974Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I28706
24 Striffler, Luella Irene  1 Mar 1973Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5730
25 Striffler, Ruth Elizabeth  Nov 1984Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I28699
26 Striffler, Stanley A.  14 Jan 1981Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I28879
27 Wisniewski, Walter  29 Aug 1955Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5201
28 Wright, Barbara D.  28 Aug 1998Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37684


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benkelman / Fletcher  14 Sep 1918Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F33
2 Benkelman / Stickley  2 Nov 1943Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F623
3 Bien / Shaneyfelt  22 Jun 1920Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F11103
4 Chapman / Loughead  17 Apr 1926Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F12019
5 Jaus / Kramp  1 Jul 1911Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2709
6 Mannarino / Wright  3 Nov 1951Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F11559
7 Orr / Novy  14 Jun 1948Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F9805
8 Sandham / Striffler  9 May 1910Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F9335
9 Seeger / Gracey  Mar 1918Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F10382
10 Seeger / Mark  18 Jun 1939Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2337
11 Striffler / Janes  9 Jan 1923Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F9920
12 Wright / Aune  3 Aug 1929Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2767
13 Wright / Wooley  3 Oct 1936Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2758