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Cumberland County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Edward Earl  11 Jun 1912Cumberland County, North Carolina I26578
2 Alford, Edwin Barksdale  25 Nov 1792Cumberland County, North Carolina I32715
3 Alford, Jacob Jr.  Abt 1788Cumberland County, North Carolina I32712
4 Anderson, Attie S.  Aug 1885Cumberland County, North Carolina I33329
5 Anderson, John McLemore  Oct 1881Cumberland County, North Carolina I33328
6 Atkins, Charles Milton  18 Sep 1918Cumberland County, North Carolina I26744
7 Atkins, Earl Leroy  6 Feb 1921Cumberland County, North Carolina I26745
8 Atkins, Hazel Louise  11 May 1911Cumberland County, North Carolina I26740
9 Atkins, Joseph Forrest Jr.  8 Jan 1916Cumberland County, North Carolina I26743
10 Atkins, Lucille  4 Nov 1913Cumberland County, North Carolina I26742
11 Atkins, Thelma Leomia  8 Nov 1908Cumberland County, North Carolina I24222
12 Hawley, Ludonia  25 Nov 1889Cumberland County, North Carolina I26588
13 McLemore, Ammy  Abt 1858Cumberland County, North Carolina I29761
14 McLemore, Amos Haywood  24 Jan 1919Cumberland County, North Carolina I26642
15 McLemore, Carolyn Joyce  11 Mar 1945Cumberland County, North Carolina I26853
16 McLemore, Elizabeth  Abt 1872Cumberland County, North Carolina I29767
17 McLemore, Hector  Abt 1870Cumberland County, North Carolina I29765
18 McLemore, Ida Bell  22 Sep 1911Cumberland County, North Carolina I26753
19 McLemore, Johnny  Abt Apr 1900Cumberland County, North Carolina I22306
20 McLemore, Lawrence E.  16 Mar 1942Cumberland County, North Carolina I22311
21 McLemore, Mary  Abt Apr 1900Cumberland County, North Carolina I26576
22 McLemore, McNob  Abt 1855Cumberland County, North Carolina I29760
23 McLemore, Susan  Abt 1862Cumberland County, North Carolina I29762
24 McLemore, Warren G.  27 Mar 1921Cumberland County, North Carolina I26640
25 McLemore, Wiley A.  Abt 1868Cumberland County, North Carolina I29764
26 McLemore, William Terry  6 Dec 1961Cumberland County, North Carolina I26084
27 Melvin, Elizabeth Louise "Bettie Mae"  11 Jul 1878Cumberland County, North Carolina I31996
28 Scott, Claude Winfred Jr.  15 Sep 1941Cumberland County, North Carolina I27013
29 Smith, McLemore Peter  20 Dec 1875Cumberland County, North Carolina I31995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Carlton Earl  1 Sep 1997Cumberland County, North Carolina I26579
2 Atkins, Charles Milton  25 Apr 1985Cumberland County, North Carolina I26744
3 Atkins, Earl Leroy  26 Nov 1971Cumberland County, North Carolina I26745
4 Atkins, Hazel Louise  15 Mar 2000Cumberland County, North Carolina I26740
5 Atkins, Joseph Forrest Jr.  25 Apr 1985Cumberland County, North Carolina I26743
6 Atkins, Thelma Leomia  25 Oct 1987Cumberland County, North Carolina I24222
7 Beard, Lena Atwood  22 May 1933Cumberland County, North Carolina I22300
8 Butler, Robert Lyon  26 May 1932Cumberland County, North Carolina I31992
9 Godwin, E. Ethel  26 May 1928Cumberland County, North Carolina I22290
10 McLemore, Amos Haywood  30 Apr 1920Cumberland County, North Carolina I26642
11 McLemore, Carolyn Joyce  29 Nov 1996Cumberland County, North Carolina I26853
12 McLemore, Edgbert Ray Sr.  12 May 2002Cumberland County, North Carolina I22270
13 McLemore, H. Clebe Norman  20 Dec 1946Cumberland County, North Carolina I22304
14 McLemore, Johnny  Abt Apr 1900Cumberland County, North Carolina I22306
15 McLemore, Lawrence E.  18 Apr 1978Cumberland County, North Carolina I22311
16 McLemore, Lula  31 Jul 1957Cumberland County, North Carolina I22188
17 McLemore, Mary  Abt Apr 1900Cumberland County, North Carolina I26576
18 McLemore, Robert Ernest  20 Dec 1972Cumberland County, North Carolina I22197
19 McLemore, Roy Benjamin  14 Jun 1957Cumberland County, North Carolina I26638
20 McLemore, Susannah  Abt 1850Cumberland County, North Carolina I1740
21 McLemore, Warren G.  8 Dec 1927Cumberland County, North Carolina I26640
22 Melvin, Elizabeth Louise "Bettie Mae"  30 Mar 1962Cumberland County, North Carolina I31996
23 Morrison, Ida  1 Mar 1964Cumberland County, North Carolina I22182
24 Register, Bessie  2 Dec 1968Cumberland County, North Carolina I22295
25 Register, Susan J.  Aft 1872Cumberland County, North Carolina I26635
26 Scott, Claude Winfred Jr.  15 Nov 1998Cumberland County, North Carolina I27013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown Brisson, Minnie Helen  20 Nov 1980Cumberland County, North Carolina I31993


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alford / Seaborn  Abt 1792Cumberland County, North Carolina F10445
2 Atkins / McLemore  13 Aug 1908Cumberland County, North Carolina F8777
3 McClendon / Travis  1749Cumberland County, North Carolina F5986
4 McLemore / Carter  21 Dec 1897Cumberland County, North Carolina F8795
5 McLemore / Hollingsworth  22 Feb 1877Cumberland County, North Carolina F8797
6 McLemore / McMillian  19 Nov 1914Cumberland County, North Carolina F7724
7 McLemore / Norris  10 Feb 1906Cumberland County, North Carolina F8798
8 McLemore / Simmons  12 Dec 1883Cumberland County, North Carolina F7699
9 Smith / Melvin  23 Dec 1894Cumberland County, North Carolina F10267