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Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut



Latitude: 41.7692905555556, Longitude: -72.3044177777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hale, Billy  20 Apr 1759Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21107
2 Hale, David (Rev.)  14 Dec 1761Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21108
3 Hale, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1752Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21103
4 Hale, Enoch (Rev.)  28 Oct 1753Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21104
5 Hale, Joanna  19 Mar 1764Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21110
6 Hale, John (Maj.)  21 Oct 1748Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21101
7 Hale, Jonathan  15 Dec 1761Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21109
8 Hale, Joseph (Lt.)  12 Mar 1749Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21102
9 Hale, Nathan  6 Jun 1755Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21105
10 Hale, Richard  20 Feb 1757Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21106
11 Hale, Samuel  25 May 1747Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21100
12 Hale, Susannah  1 Feb 1766Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21111
13 Parker, Mary  Bef 1706Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19352
14 Strong, Abigail  19 Jan 1738Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21094
15 Strong, Asa  12 Mar 1734Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21092
16 Strong, Azubah  11 Oct 1731Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19357
17 Strong, Dea. Benajah  13 Oct 1740Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21095
18 Strong, Beulah  7 Mar 1745Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19361
19 Strong, Elijah  15 Aug 1743Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19353
20 Strong, Elisha  15 Aug 1743Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19349
21 Strong, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1727Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21088
22 Strong, Elnathan (Dea.)  23 Sep 1736Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21093
23 Strong, Esther  17 Nov 1729Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I39640
24 Strong, Eunice  11 Apr 1743Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21096
25 Strong, Hannah  16 Mar 1747Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19362
26 Strong, Iranah  27 Jan 1740Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19360
27 Strong, Jerusha  21 Feb 1737Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19359
28 Strong, Joseph  13 Apr 1726Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21087
29 Strong, Rev. Joseph  19 Mar 1728Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21089
30 Strong, Martha  30 Jul 1745Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21097
31 Strong, Mary  11 Mar 1726Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19355
32 Strong, Mary  30 Jul 1745Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21098
33 Strong, Oziah  3 Sep 1734Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19358
34 Strong, Phinehas Jr.  9 Nov 1725Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19354
35 Strong, Sarah  2 Apr 1729Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19356
36 Strong, Tabitha  3 Apr 1731Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21090
37 Strong, William  2 Mar 1732Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21091


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lee, Tabitha  23 Jun 1750Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21078
2 Strong, Beulah  22 Aug 1750Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19361
3 Strong, Esther  17 Nov 1729Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I39640
4 Strong, Justice Joseph  23 Dec 1763Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I19363
5 Strong, Preserved  26 Sep 1765Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut I21017


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Strong / Bishop  Abt 1769Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut F11363
2 Strong / Parker  5 Nov 1724Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut F7014
3 Strong / Strong  12 May 1724Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut F7016