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Carroll County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.97312, Longitude: -88.4502497222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jacobs, Elizabeth  Abt 1917Carroll County, Tennessee I46078
2 Jacobs, G. W.  Abt 1912Carroll County, Tennessee I46076
3 Jacobs, James  Abt 1915Carroll County, Tennessee I46077
4 Manning, Alfred  Aug 1873Carroll County, Tennessee I27190
5 Manning, Bulah Bell  Oct 1880Carroll County, Tennessee I27193
6 Manning, Lucy J.  Abt 1875Carroll County, Tennessee I27191
7 Manning, Michael "Mike"  1 Feb 1878Carroll County, Tennessee I27192
8 Manning, Permelia  Oct 1872Carroll County, Tennessee I27189
9 Manning, Thomas B.  26 Feb 1840Carroll County, Tennessee I27188
10 Manning, Thomas Edward  1 Aug 1885Carroll County, Tennessee I27195
11 Manning, Thomas Frank  Abt 1902Carroll County, Tennessee I43453
12 McLemore, Abraham H.  26 Oct 1860Carroll County, Tennessee I26147
13 McLemore, Baby Boy  Abt 1904Carroll County, Tennessee I26363
14 McLemore, Benjamin Young  1 Jul 1898Carroll County, Tennessee I26368
15 McLemore, Bettie  Abt 1904Carroll County, Tennessee I26370
16 McLemore, Charles Lee  28 Aug 1899Carroll County, Tennessee I26362
17 McLemore, Clarence  Nov 1882Carroll County, Tennessee I26354
18 McLemore, Dicey  Abt 1862Carroll County, Tennessee I26091
19 McLemore, Earl M.  30 Dec 1885Carroll County, Tennessee I26365
20 McLemore, Edward C.  15 Aug 1860Carroll County, Tennessee I25457
21 McLemore, Giles Robert  Abt 1853Carroll County, Tennessee I26089
22 McLemore, Gladys  14 Jun 1907Carroll County, Tennessee I26372
23 McLemore, James P.  24 Jan 1889Carroll County, Tennessee I26358
24 McLemore, James Sugars  Abt 1855Carroll County, Tennessee I25474
25 McLemore, Jefferson Davis  Dec 1881Carroll County, Tennessee I26353
26 McLemore, Jesse James  31 Jan 1862Carroll County, Tennessee I26148
27 McLemore, John Robert Giles  24 Jan 1896Carroll County, Tennessee I26360
28 McLemore, John Washington  Jul 1850Carroll County, Tennessee I26049
29 McLemore, Jones Albert  Abt 1858Carroll County, Tennessee I26090
30 McLemore, Lillian Abraham  17 Mar 1897Carroll County, Tennessee I26367
31 McLemore, Lucy May  27 Jun 1905Carroll County, Tennessee I26371
32 McLemore, Margaret Jane  Abt 1858Carroll County, Tennessee I25475
33 McLemore, Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth  Mar 1847Carroll County, Tennessee I25491
34 McLemore, Roxie Ann  Jan 1886Carroll County, Tennessee I26355
35 McLemore, Samuel Taylor  4 Mar 1891Carroll County, Tennessee I26359
36 McLemore, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1880Carroll County, Tennessee I26351
37 McLemore, William  Abt 1849Carroll County, Tennessee I26088
38 McLemore, William Robert  Abt 1852Carroll County, Tennessee I25471
39 McLemore, William Young Kit  Abt 1887Carroll County, Tennessee I26357
40 Perkins, Nona  Abt 1888Carroll County, Tennessee I26675
41 Trawick, James Jackson  2 Jun 1835Carroll County, Tennessee I6434
42 Traywick, Andrew Marcus M.D.  8 Oct 1846Carroll County, Tennessee I6813
43 Traywick, Archarity  Abt 1842Carroll County, Tennessee I6811
44 Traywick, George Washington  22 Nov 1844Carroll County, Tennessee I6812
45 Traywick, John Gideon  Abt 1836Carroll County, Tennessee I6808
46 Traywick, Mary A.  12 Dec 1836Carroll County, Tennessee I6807
47 Traywick, Rufus L.  Nov 1833Carroll County, Tennessee I6806
48 Traywick, William S.  Abt 1839Carroll County, Tennessee I6809
49 Traywick, Winney Arminta  Abt 1841Carroll County, Tennessee I6810


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryant, James H.  4 Jun 1955Carroll County, Tennessee I46497
2 Donnell, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Dec 1896Carroll County, Tennessee I25483
3 Fewell, Diza J.  31 Oct 1908Carroll County, Tennessee I26366
4 Fletcher, W.H. "Richard"  Abt 1949Carroll County, Tennessee I26356
5 Manning, Michael "Mike"  16 Apr 1970Carroll County, Tennessee I27192
6 McLemore, Baby Boy  Abt 1904Carroll County, Tennessee I26363
7 McLemore, Benjamin Young  31 Aug 1966Carroll County, Tennessee I26368
8 McLemore, Clayton Andrews  16 Mar 1977Carroll County, Tennessee I26369
9 McLemore, Edward C.  18 Aug 1898Carroll County, Tennessee I25457
10 McLemore, Egbert  1 Sep 1914Carroll County, Tennessee I25546
11 McLemore, Eula H.  15 Jul 1939Carroll County, Tennessee I26162
12 McLemore, Giles Robert  Abt 1907Carroll County, Tennessee I26089
13 McLemore, James Knox Polk  22 Mar 1908Carroll County, Tennessee I25548
14 McLemore, James P.  22 Feb 1963Carroll County, Tennessee I26358
15 McLemore, James Sugars  Abt 1901Carroll County, Tennessee I25474
16 McLemore, Jesse James  2 Mar 1927Carroll County, Tennessee I26148
17 McLemore, Jessie D.  Abt 1980Carroll County, Tennessee I26429
18 McLemore, John Christmas  20 May 1864Carroll County, Tennessee I22051
19 McLemore, Lillian Abraham  12 Apr 1957Carroll County, Tennessee I26367
20 McLemore, Lucy May  18 Aug 1924Carroll County, Tennessee I26371
21 McLemore, Ola Mae  Carroll County, Tennessee I26430
22 McLemore, Robert  Carroll County, Tennessee I26431
23 McLemore, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1922Carroll County, Tennessee I26351
24 McLemore, Susan Everline  6 Apr 1917Carroll County, Tennessee I25472
25 McLemore, Sylvia A.  16 Feb 1864Carroll County, Tennessee I25484
26 McLemore, William Young Kit  Abt 1897Carroll County, Tennessee I26357
27 Milam, John T.  Abt 1928Carroll County, Tennessee I26352
28 Traywick, Earpe (Arpa)  Mar 1894Carroll County, Tennessee I7164
29 Traywick, Gibson  Feb 1850Carroll County, Tennessee I7165
30 Traywick, John II  Abt 1848Carroll County, Tennessee I6787
31 Traywick, Willie  Abt 1848Carroll County, Tennessee I7167


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryant / McLemore  31 Mar 1918Carroll County, Tennessee F13852
2 Manning / McLemore  24 Apr 1870Carroll County, Tennessee F8841
3 McLemore / Fewell  7 Jun 1896Carroll County, Tennessee F8728
4 McLemore / Gowan  24 Dec 1884Carroll County, Tennessee F8727
5 McLemore / Taylor  28 Jul 1862Carroll County, Tennessee F8488
6 McLemore / Young  13 Apr 1874Carroll County, Tennessee F876
7 Taylor / McLemore  Abt 1850Carroll County, Tennessee F8472
8 Traywick / Huey  2 Jun 1858Carroll County, Tennessee F3347