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Abilene, Taylor County, Texas



Latitude: 32.4491802777778, Longitude: -99.7414344444445


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, James Word  Aft 1900Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26482
2 Alexander, Sydney McLemore II  4 Jul 1923Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26484
3 Barnett, Robert Ernest  13 Jan 1928Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I4268
4 Lawler, Jefferson Franklin "Frank"  Nov 1893Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26480
5 McDaniel, Allen Julian  2 Jan 1898Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I34820


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adair, Boyce Ralph  10 Nov 1962Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I33727
2 Alexander, James Franklin  Aft 1910Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I25567
3 Alexander, James Minor  10 Nov 1954Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26474
4 Barton, Sinia  25 Feb 1946Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I40277
5 Black, Savannah L.  2 Sep 1947Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I33795
6 Bost, William Thomas  28 Jul 1956Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I12649
7 Boyett, Thomas Ezekial  Abt 1928Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I22115
8 Burkhalter, Dan Morrow  2 Nov 1994Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I8320
9 Cammack, Luther Sidney "Luke"  16 May 2010Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I32595
10 Carter, Hansford Barnwell  Abt 1924Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I38756
11 Conn, Sarah Bessie  9 Jan 1956Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I1199
12 Craig, Josephine  26 Feb 1955Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26175
13 Cutting, Glenn David Jr.  9 Mar 1990Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I22398
14 English, Frances Murile  24 Jul 2007Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I34151
15 Gellatly, Sallie Annie  2 Apr 1947Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I44142
16 Gentry, Jesse Alvin  15 Dec 1918Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I20227
17 Hardwick, Mary Nell  25 Feb 2008Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I33002
18 Holder, Gertrude "Trudie"  5 Jan 1919Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I31854
19 Hooker, John Warren  1 May 2004Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I13357
20 Lakey, George Anthony  12 Nov 2008Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I16363
21 Martin, James Clark  20 Jun 1960Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I4389
22 McCarrell, Willie Jimmy  3 Aug 1965Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I40041
23 McDaniel, Allen Julian  28 May 1974Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I34820
24 McDaniel, Hazel Jean  26 Oct 1927Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I34821
25 McGrew, Melvin Pruitt  6 Sep 1980Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I1604
26 McLemore, Adkins Pope  11 Feb 1928Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26170
27 McLemore, John Dabney  Aft 1910Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I25560
28 McLemore, Matthew William  11 Sep 1906Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26613
29 McLemore, Robina  3 Feb 1964Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26173
30 McLemore, Thomas Dickerson  24 Apr 1963Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I27343
31 McMinn, Jack Harold  9 Mar 1993Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I14435
32 McMinn, Willie Blanche  2 Jan 1984Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I14434
33 Nowlin, Evelyn Othell  21 Feb 1970Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I29205
34 Russell, John Caro Sr.  24 May 1982Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I26179
35 Russell, Louise  20 Feb 1961Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I42435
36 Scarborough, Letha Bell "Billie"  12 Oct 1992Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I14446
37 Shaw, James Clifton  31 Aug 1961Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I5388
38 Soukup, Anna  25 Jun 1949Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I13309
39 Teaff, George Ernest  7 Jul 1985Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I14438
40 Teaff, Harold Brian  29 Dec 1986Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I14439
41 Tisdale, Hazel  11 Jan 2000Abilene, Taylor County, Texas I34819


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Burns  Abt 1922Abilene, Taylor County, Texas F8753
2 Alexander / Quarles  19 Nov 1896Abilene, Taylor County, Texas F8752
3 Beene / Cooper  30 Sep 1921Abilene, Taylor County, Texas F5247
4 Hamouz / Loukota  20 Jun 1942Abilene, Taylor County, Texas F7110