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Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana



Latitude: 31.5684861111111, Longitude: -93.4806986111111


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, William Wade  13 Jul 1886Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I41697
2 Arthur, Hoyt  2 Oct 1901Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I34170
3 Blackwell, James Alford  19 Oct 1899Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I35890
4 Brandon, Quinton  12 Oct 1917Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44597
5 Britt, James Ray  11 Oct 1931Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3958
6 Bush, Eunice Jessie  9 Mar 1883Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I13121
7 Campbell, George Riley  26 Nov 1875Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18482
8 Chance, William R.  19 Dec 1879Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I17709
9 Collier, George Augustus Sr.  4 Jan 1896Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I5426
10 Collier, Sarah Melvina "Mellie"  2 Mar 1890Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I4772
11 Collier, Thomas Jefferson  15 Aug 1899Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I5315
12 Collier, Virginia "Virgie" Louise  18 Jul 1908Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I5128
13 Conn, Sarah Bessie  20 Apr 1881Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1199
14 Cook, Elvira Jane  30 Apr 1887Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I38041
15 Cook, Lloyd Southwell  21 Jul 1896Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I41751
16 Daily, Ezra Ola  14 Sep 1884Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I6553
17 Eason, Arabell Garner  16 Sep 1864Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18511
18 Eason, Edward Frank  6 Dec 1868Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18513
19 Eason, Jesse Speight  21 Jun 1871Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18514
20 Eason, Joanna  7 Jun 1862Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18510
21 Eason, John Henry  28 Sep 1844Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18502
22 Eason, Mary Eliza  18 Oct 1850Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18508
23 Eason, Nancy Almira  1 Jan 1856Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18509
24 Eason, Samuel S.  17 Dec 1845Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18506
25 Eason, Shedrick Arthur "Buck"  25 Feb 1872Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18515
26 Eason, Susan A.  8 Mar 1866Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18512
27 Eason, Tabitha  12 Feb 1847Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18503
28 Eason, William Richard Dobbs  26 Dec 1848Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18504
29 Ferguson, Roland  Abt 1823Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3510
30 Maxey, Edward Jasper  13 Sep 1879Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44510
31 Maxey, Thomas Jefferson  24 Nov 1876Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44509
32 Maxey, William Arcandus  20 Apr 1868Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44505
33 Morgan, Nancy Edith  15 Jan 1890Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I9422
34 Phelps, James Riley  25 Sep 1849Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I42151
35 Presley, Isabella  12 Sep 1848Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15906
36 Sibley, Marshall Benton  4 Dec 1873Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I21970
37 Smith, John Hillis Jr.  20 Dec 1851Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I14393
38 Smith, Mary Ann Cornelia  30 May 1851Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15969
39 Smith, Zeroine Joan "Jo Ann"  8 May 1852Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15633
40 Stroud, Acey Jefferson "Dick"  26 Apr 1856Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I8027
41 Stroud, Benjamin Franklin  12 Mar 1895Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I5063
42 Stroud, Caswell Hearty  17 Feb 1919Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I8029
43 Stroud, Henry Redman  3 Nov 1897Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I38538
44 Stroud, Merkier Jane "Mollie"  8 Jan 1884Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I38537
45 Stroud, Sarah Elizabeth  17 Mar 1892Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I38536
46 Wright, Amelia Eleanor  16 Dec 1849Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44781


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arthur, Hoyt  27 Nov 1969Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I34170
2 Arthur, Taylor Columbus  19 Oct 1955Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I33955
3 Blackwell, Audrey Bell  21 Oct 1987Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44831
4 Blackwell, James Alford  5 Jan 1974Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I35890
5 Blackwell, O. E. "Buck"  26 Jan 2010Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44833
6 Blackwell, Thomas Edward  3 May 1923Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I23983
7 Bowlin, Mary Ann  Jan 1848Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I7252
8 Busby, Fannie L.  31 Oct 1973Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15608
9 Bush, Eunice Jessie  28 Oct 1970Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I13121
10 Carter, Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" "Mary"  19 Feb 1926Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I8026
11 Chambers, Jessie Theo  30 May 1989Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I39339
12 Chambers, Willard H.  21 Sep 1996Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I39340
13 Collier, Alice Marion  26 Aug 1973Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I4765
14 Collier, Sarah Melvina "Mellie"  3 Sep 1943Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I4772
15 Daily, Ezra Ola  20 Dec 1928Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I6553
16 Douglas, Piercy  22 Oct 1898Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I7404
17 Eason, Edward Frank  24 Nov 1874Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18513
18 Eason, Samuel S.  10 Oct 1846Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18506
19 Gandy, Anne Elizabeth  14 Sep 1943Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18563
20 Maines, Richard I.  13 Apr 1930Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I18794
21 Maxey, Hoyt  7 Oct 1993Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44587
22 Maxey, Laura  8 Jun 2009Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44586
23 Maxey, Louis  10 Jun 2000Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44588
24 Maxey, Nannie  23 Oct 2006Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44591
25 Maxey, Thomas Walter  21 Dec 1978Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44447
26 McComic, Raleigh "Rolly"  3 Oct 1979Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I13127
27 McComick, Ellie  19 Oct 1981Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I23969
28 McComick, Howard Clifton  15 Mar 2004Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44836
29 McComick, Sophrina  23 Feb 1973Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I23967
30 McCormick, Minnie Pearl  2 Nov 1960Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44844
31 McDaniel, Elton Woodrow Sr.  20 Nov 2007Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15615
32 McDaniel, Robert Lee  22 Aug 1997Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I44993
33 Merritt, Alba Rebecca  15 Jul 1973Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I16370
34 Presley, Frances Adelaide  1 Apr 1917Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32725


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Daily / Collier  Bef 1908Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana F2560
2 McLemore / Fuller  7 Nov 1907Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana F11
3 Rains / Easley  3 Nov 1907Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana F7682
4 Randolph / McComic  11 Feb 1891Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana F1475
5 Vandegaer / West  Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana F3393