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Angelina County, Texas



Latitude: 31.25481, Longitude: -94.6118197222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Maxine  30 Jul 1924Angelina County, Texas I43433
2 Ashley, Elmer E.  Abt 1899Angelina County, Texas I44562
3 Barrett, Elizabeth  Abt 1917Angelina County, Texas I41852
4 Barrett, Forest  Abt 1910Angelina County, Texas I41850
5 Barrett, Harry  Abt 1912Angelina County, Texas I41851
6 Barrett, Margaret Ann  12 Mar 1933Angelina County, Texas I34556
7 Beard, Marvin Joe  23 May 1942Angelina County, Texas I23422
8 Bickham, Richard Baxter  Apr 1882Angelina County, Texas I35494
9 Cannon, James Kendall  10 Aug 1935Angelina County, Texas I23209
10 Chance, Annie Mae  Abt 1910Angelina County, Texas I44487
11 Cobb, Marianne "Diddy"  20 Jun 1943Angelina County, Texas I40792
12 Conner, Floyd  Abt 1921Angelina County, Texas I41577
13 Cooper, William  Mar 1870Angelina County, Texas I41787
14 Fullen, Norman Bannis  27 Apr 1906Angelina County, Texas I20775
15 Harbuck, Joe Otis  17 Feb 1920Angelina County, Texas I41811
16 Jordan, Mary Ann Elizabeth  15 May 1855Angelina County, Texas I43702
17 Kennedy, Idella "Della"  Abt 1910Angelina County, Texas I41581
18 Lawrence, Arlie Sue  13 Sep 1944Angelina County, Texas I46441
19 Lawrence, Dixon Clark  2 Sep 1935Angelina County, Texas I46440
20 Lawrence, Kristen  2 Aug 1966Angelina County, Texas I46478
21 Martin, Albert Hill  12 Feb 1851Angelina County, Texas I15672
22 McCarty, Marguerite Harriet  16 Jan 1920Angelina County, Texas I46423
23 McGraw, Valerie Lynn  3 Oct 1971Angelina County, Texas I45479
24 Sargent, Delia Irene  2 Aug 1891Angelina County, Texas I9330
25 Selman, Lula Tennessee  19 Apr 1877Angelina County, Texas I41836
26 Selman, Willie Fern  8 Aug 1907Angelina County, Texas I34471
27 Smelley, Richard Alvin  21 Mar 1942Angelina County, Texas I46469
28 Smith, Brenda Lee  28 Jun 1966Angelina County, Texas I46412
29 Smith, Troy Gerald Jr.  22 Jan 1971Angelina County, Texas I46411
30 Wagstaff, Jon Robert  31 Jan 1964Angelina County, Texas I23779


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkison, Elvie  28 Mar 1989Angelina County, Texas I32356
2 Allen, Peggy Sue  8 Jul 2013Angelina County, Texas I43427
3 Amason, Bobby Ray  14 Dec 1991Angelina County, Texas I25284
4 Barnard, Allen Dempsey  2 Jan 1987Angelina County, Texas I28403
5 Beard, Douglas Silvester  21 Jun 1984Angelina County, Texas I37280
6 Birdwell, Dale O'Brien  28 Jan 2006Angelina County, Texas I27747
7 Bolt, Leola May  25 Apr 1987Angelina County, Texas I43680
8 Bragg, James Thomas "J. T." "Tommy"  11 Dec 1970Angelina County, Texas I31118
9 Burkhalter, Joseph Warren  22 Oct 1940Angelina County, Texas I581
10 Burns, Odessa "Odie" Thelma  15 Sep 1987Angelina County, Texas I27073
11 Byerly, Effie Ruby  9 Apr 1997Angelina County, Texas I21213
12 Carlton, Henry Clay  11 Jul 1959Angelina County, Texas I38150
13 Cobb, Acie Madison  9 Jun 1991Angelina County, Texas I40789
14 Conner, Jesse Thomas  22 Jun 1964Angelina County, Texas I12886
15 Conner, Rosa Lee  1 Sep 1998Angelina County, Texas I38459
16 Conner, William Alexander Hamilton  25 May 1965Angelina County, Texas I12884
17 Counts, Charles B. "C. B."  2 Jan 1994Angelina County, Texas I37543
18 Crowell, Emily Catherine  5 Apr 1936Angelina County, Texas I43017
19 Fullen, Minnie  Aug 1971Angelina County, Texas I21218
20 Fuller, Francis "Fannie" Ola  7 Mar 1931Angelina County, Texas I100
21 Fuller, Talmadge Gayle  30 Apr 1994Angelina County, Texas I547
22 Griffin, Ora Mae  24 Sep 1968Angelina County, Texas I7470
23 Hight, Nina B.  22 Dec 1991Angelina County, Texas I34424
24 Horton, Billy Ray  2 Mar 1995Angelina County, Texas I33606
25 Jacks, Marion George  12 Feb 1953Angelina County, Texas I17796
26 Jones, Chester Brice  10 Mar 1985Angelina County, Texas I38669
27 Jordan, Bertie Albert  27 Sep 1958Angelina County, Texas I44804
28 Kendrick, R. O.  31 Aug 1983Angelina County, Texas I45179
29 Lawrence, Dixon Clark  7 Sep 1935Angelina County, Texas I46440
30 Marze, Moody  30 Aug 1996Angelina County, Texas I40898
31 Mathews, Jesse Lee  21 Nov 1957Angelina County, Texas I44395
32 McCollum, Henry  13 Apr 1990Angelina County, Texas I27074
33 McDaniel, Rubin Sim Sr.  5 Dec 1973Angelina County, Texas I15811
34 McNaughten, Voy Price  8 Nov 1994Angelina County, Texas I33286
35 Ponder, Jessie Berry  26 Aug 1996Angelina County, Texas I34506
36 Selman, Lula Tennessee  21 Jan 1963Angelina County, Texas I41836
37 Smith, Brenda Lee  29 Jun 1966Angelina County, Texas I46412
38 Stark, William Alvin  11 Aug 1995Angelina County, Texas I35713
39 Strickland, Eddie Mae  11 Aug 1994Angelina County, Texas I5752
40 Strickland, Etta Mae  26 May 2002Angelina County, Texas I37176
41 Thompson, Nettie Inez  24 Dec 1982Angelina County, Texas I33285
42 Vaughn, Jessie Eugene  11 Sep 1982Angelina County, Texas I46856
43 Walker, Charles Latrent "Trent" "C. L."  2 Aug 2013Angelina County, Texas I37006
44 West, Samuel Evans Sr.  22 Jun 1934Angelina County, Texas I6898
45 Williams, Ruby Beamus  21 Apr 1991Angelina County, Texas I358
46 Wyatt, Edgar Rawson  24 Dec 1991Angelina County, Texas I34337


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Emerson / Conner  4 Apr 1894Angelina County, Texas F12482
2 Kennedy / Conner  16 Mar 1905Angelina County, Texas F5289
3 McDaniel / Martin  9 Aug 1858Angelina County, Texas F648
4 Powell / Boyett  17 Sep 1971Angelina County, Texas F11204
5 Self / Lawrence  28 Jun 1969Angelina County, Texas F13842


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Self / Lawrence  28 Jun 1969Angelina County, Texas F13842