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 Cemeteries and Headstones in Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Morlas Mausoleum, Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans
Morlas Mausoleum, Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans
This mausoleum was erected in the Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans at the death of John Dominic Morlas in 1923. It also became the final resting place of his wife, Lucine Roquevert, and their children: John Louis & wife Antoinette (Trapani) Morlas, Clothilde & husband Leon Bordes, Estelle & husband August Trapani, Louis & wife Lenora (Christoffer) Morlas, Leopold "Paul" & wife Olie (Roberts) Morlas, Vivian & husband Eugene Schoenfeld; as well as the resting place of several of John Dominic's grandsons; John Louis (I) Morlas Jr., Bertrand C. Morlas, John Louis (II) Morlas Jr., Sylvan "Brother" Bordes and Eugene "Jim" Schoenfeld, Jr. More so than any city this side of Paris, New Orleans is renowned for its historically significant and ornate necropolises. One of the parish's most unique "Cities of the Dead" is the eerily beautiful and diverse Metairie Cemetery. Built over the old Metairie Race Course, the cemetery was founded by Charles T. Howard. According to legend, when Howard was not allowed to join the country club that owned the track, he vowed it would become a cemetery. Many other famous Louisianans are interred here, in structures ranging from Gothic crypts to Romanesque mausoleums to Egyptian pyramids  
Located    Leon Leonard Bordes (d. 8 Jun 1973)
Leon Sylvan "Brother" Bordes (d. 29 Apr 1996)
Lenora Mathilda Christoffer (d. 17 Jun 1984)
Bertrand Christoffer Morlas (d. Aug 1977)
Clothilde Marie Morlas (d. 2 Oct 1938)
Estelle Augustine Morlas (d. 6 Jan 1976)
John Dominic Morlas (d. 14 Feb 1923)
John Louis Morlas, Jr. (d. 19 Jan 1923)
John Louis Morlas, Jr. (d. 9 Oct 1979)
John Louis "Bebe" Morlas, Sr. (d. 27 Nov 1963)
Leopold "Paul" Victor Morlas (d. 21 Feb 1971)
Louis August Morlas (d. 27 May 1964)
Vivian Anna Morlas (d. 29 May 2000)
Olie "Peach" Louise Roberts (d. 31 Jul 1965)
Lucine Roquevert (d. 16 Feb 1946)
Eugene "Jim" Morris Schoenfeld, Jr. (d. 10 Oct 1983)
Eugene Morris Schoenfeld (d. 8 Jun 1993)
Antoinette Trapani (d. 18 Oct 1976)
August Gerard Trapani (d. 19 Sep 1967)
Schoenfeld, Eugene 'Jim' Jr.
Schoenfeld, Eugene "Jim" Jr.
Located    Eugene "Jim" Morris Schoenfeld, Jr. (d. 10 Oct 1983)