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John McLemore

Male Abt 1823 - Aft 1864  (~ 42 years)

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  • Name John McLemore  [1, 2
    Born Abt 1823  South Carolina Find all individuals with events at this location  [1, 2
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft 1864 
    • Ann and Eldon McLemore show him as a son of John McLemore and Winnie Baltice of South Carolina and Mississippi.  They further show the children of John and Winnie as being Wesley, Reuben, Matthew, Dorcus, John, and Robert.

      Wesley McLemore and John McLemore both did live in Scott County, Mississippi at the time of the 1850 census, and both were born in South Carolina, but no other links connecting them have yet been proven. Additionally, Wesley was 21 years older than John. If related, they could as likely be father and son or Uncle and nephew as siblings.

      Reuben (b. 1805), Matthew (b. 1808) and Dorucs (b. 1811) were also all born in South Carolina. They are also markedly older than John, and living in Copiah County, MS (several counties distant) versus Scott County. Again, no other links have been proven between them and John.

      Nothing more is currently known about Robert.

      The email thread below also indicates that John's parentage is still in doubt:

      John McLemore of Morton,Scott,Miss
      LindaMcLemore55     Posted:      11 Aug 2003 8:38AM

      I'm trying to find the lineage of John McLemore born about 1823 South Carolina. He is found on the 1860 Census of Morton,Scott,Miss. His wife is named Anna and is about 38. Actually, I'm not sure if John was 37 or 57, but I've been lead to believe he was born about 1823. The brothers named for him that was sent to me have them being born around the 1802... area. They are supposidly Wesley;Reubin; Matthew, Robert & Dorcus. Born from 1802 thru 1811 except for John.

      John and Annas children are: William, Henry R., Mary J. , Andrew P., Eliza, Nancy (Melvina?) Martha F., and John W. All supposidly born in Ms from 1842 to 1864.

      I know this is sketchy, but I'm desperate. Just can't prove anything prior to 1860. I've been told that Johns mother was a Winnie Baltice ... but, I cannot find her. Johns father is also supposed to be a John ... but, I can't find him with the information I've been given. Does anyone know of this branch of McLemores? I just need to know how they connect and if possible, where to find them. I'd also like to know more on this Winnie as she's supposed to be 1/2 Choctaw.

      The only other John McLemore in that area that I've found prior to this just lists him on the slave schedule as an owner, but gives no mention of his family. This was in 1850. Can anyone help me with this particular John?

      Re: John McLemore of Morton,Scott,Miss 
      Merritt Mullen            Posted:      10 Jul 2005 7:06PM

      Don't remember if we exchanged notes before, but Nancy Vinnie Batiste is my ggg-grandmother. As far as I can tell, she was mostly Choctaw with some French blood (from the French-Canadian Batiste family who settled in Mobile, it is thought). She was born 1794, probably in MS. She married Moses McLemore about 1814, probably in MS, and did have a son named John, but not the John you are looking for. Her son was John Thomas McLemore. b. Mar 1817 in Wayne Co MS and d. Nov 1863 Copiah Co MS. He married first Agnes Smith, and second Rebecca Rogers.

      Re: John McLemore of Morton,Scott,Miss 
      peanut07     (View posts)       Posted:      11 Jul 2005 9:04AM
      Classification: Query
      Surnames: McLemore
      Thanks for responding. I'm at a loss as to where my husbands John McLemore and Anna descend from. My father in law was only about 3 when his father Andrew Pinkney McLemore died. What information I have is sketchy. Lots of rumors, but you know how rumors go. Once again ... thanks for responding. Linda
    • (Research):

      Census Listings:

      1850 Census
      Mississippi, Scott County
      Enumerated 5 Jun 1850
      John McLemore 28 M Occupation "None" Value of Property None SC
      Ann McLemore 28 F Miss
      William McLemore 8 M Miss
      Henry W./R. McLemore 7 M Miss
      Mary J. McLemore 6 F Miss
      Eliza C. McLemore 5/12 F Miss

      1860 Census
      Mississippi, Scott County, P. O. Morton
      Enumerated 7 Aug 1860
      Page 86
      John McLemore 37 M Farmer 100 200 Sc
      Anna McLemore 38 F Miss
      Wm. McLemore 18 M Farm Laborer Miss
      Henry McLemore 17 M Miss
      Mary McLemore 15 F Miss
      Eliza McLemore 13 F Miss
      Nancy McLemore 8 F Miss
      Martha McLemore 6 F Miss
      John McLemore 1 M Miss
    • (Medical):Y DNA Results, FTDNA Haplogroup:


      A direct male descendant of John McLemore was a participant in the Morrison DNA study. The kit number was 35844, and this DNA was a high definition match to two other McLemore's (not previously proven to be related), as well as with a McElmurry from Kentucky

      See the results for Group O at the following website:

      John McLemore descendant was an exact 25 marker match to John McLemore, born 1822, in North Carolina, with descendants later settling in the area of Jasper/Newton/Sabine counties, Texas; Wright McLemore and Keton Jones McLemore who lived in adjoining households at the time of the 1830 Richland County, Arkansas and whose descendants also later settled in Texas.

      According to FamilytreeDNA in Houston, the probability that the two DNA donors share a common ancestor, is as follows:

      In comparing 25 markers, the probability of sharing a common ancestor within the last...

      4 generations is
      8 generations is
      12 generations is
      16 generations is
      20 generations is
      24 generations is

      In addition to this above matches, the Wright McLemore, John McLemore, and Keton Jones McLemore descendants were also matches to two proven descendants of Abraham Macklemore, the immigrant, and John McLemore, born 1762, the Revolutionary soldier who left descendants in Knox County, Tennessee; Dade County, Missouri; Illinois; Mississippi; and Alabama.

      Each of these matches, including the McElmurry, can be found indexed in these files.

      The members of R1b are believed to be the descendants of the first modern humans who entered Europe about 35,000-40,000 years ago. Those R1b forebearers were the people who painted the beautiful art in the caves in Spain and France. They were the contemporaries (and perhaps exterminators) of the European Neanderthals. R1b is the most common Y haplogroup in Europe - more than half of men of European descent belong to R1b. Fourteen of the 30 most common haplotypes in the database are typical of R1b.
    Person ID I36529  Strong Family Tree
    Last Modified 1 Jan 2016 

    Family Annie Grice,   b. Abt 1822, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married Bef 1842 
     1. William McLemore,   b. Abt 1842, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1869  (Age ~ 27 years)
     2. Henry Rufus McLemore,   b. 20 Nov 1843, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 22 Nov 1922, Morton, Scott County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years)
     3. Mary Jane McLemore,   b. Abt 1845, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     4. Eliza C. McLemore,   b. Feb 1850, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     5. Nancy Melvina McLemore,   b. Abt 1852, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     6. Martha G. McLemore,   b. Feb 1856, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     7. John W. McLemore,   b. 23 Nov 1856, Scott County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 9 Jul 1917, Morton, Scott County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 60 years)
     8. Andrew Pickney McLemore, Sr.,   b. 15 Feb 1864, Morton, Scott County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 26 Aug 1927, Perry, Noble County, Oklahoma Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 63 years)
    Last Modified 21 Aug 2011 
    Family ID F11638  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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  • Documents
    McLemore DNA Study Results NOVEMBER 2011  (see spreadsheet PDF at bottom of this page)
    yDNA results for John McLemore, born in South Carolina and resident of Scott County, MS after 1850, part of the large R1b1 cluster (hightlighted in salmon)
    The main purpose of this study was to prove that the immigrant founders of this family in America, James Macklemore and Abraham Macklemore, were brothers. If brothers, then the y-DNA of the direct male descendants of both men would match. However, instead of confirming this, it appears that we have AT LEAST two distinct yDNA groups, with three additional potential lines. The first cluster of matching yDNA has ten members, who are part of the R1b1a2 haplogroup (highlighted on the spreadsheet in salmon). The R1b DNA haplogroup, is the most common in Western Europe. Two of the ten participants can trace their lines back to the immigrant Abraham Macklemore, the husband of Mary Young. Another member (m268) can trace himself back to Moses McLemore b. ca. 1738 who is thought to be a son of Wright McLemore, grandson of William Macklemore, and great-grandson of the immigrant James Macklemore. If both these members are correct in their paper trails, AND if Amos can be proven to be a great-grandson of James Macklemore, then the assumption that James and Abraham have a common paternal ancestor is correct as descendants of both men share the same yDNA. The other seven members of this first cluster all have the McLemore surname, and all can trace their lineages back to McLemore men who predate the Civil War, but have not conclusively linked themselves back to either James or Abraham.

    The second cluster in the study have three members to date (this group is highlighted on the spreadsheet in green). They are all in the E1b1 Haplogroup, which is rare in Western Europe. All of them match each other, but do not match any other McLemores yet tested. All three of these members can trace their ancestry to John Macklemore of Virginia, the husband of Faith. Two of them descend from his son Burwell, and the third from his son Joel. But, as discussed above, IF we have also proven that the immigrants Abraham and James Macklemore are brothers, then it follows that John Macklemore could not be the biological son of the immigrant James, as the yDNA of these two clusters is very different.

    Our current thinking is that John was likely a son of Fortune’s and a stepson of James Macklemore, who raised him as his own. Alternatively, it may still be proven that James and Abraham were not brothers. They may share the same surname, but not the same paternal ancestry. More proven descendants of James and Fortune Macklemore will need to be tested to confirm or refute either theory.

    As an interesting side note, it had long been assumed that the Revolutionary War Soldier John McLemore, who lived for a time in North Carolina and died in Tennessee, was a son of Burwell MacLemore and Amy Gilliam. However, current DNA evidence indicates this could not be correct. This is because two descendants of Archibald McLemore of Knox County, TN, a son John McLemore the Revolutionary Soldier, are both part of the larger R1b1a2 cluster (highlighted in salmon). They do NOT match the DNA of Burwell’s other descendants in the E1b1 cluster. Therefore, it is evident that the John McLemore who moved to Tennessee and was the father of Archibald McLemore CAN NOT be the same John McLemore who was a son of Burwell McLemore.

    In addition to the two groups discussed above, there are three McLemore DNA volunteers who don’t match any of the McLemores in either of the first two groups, OR match each other. One of these men (highlighted in purple on the spreadsheet) is a descendant of Hiram McLemore of Lee County, VA and later Breathitt County, KY. Hiram has been speculated to be a son of John McLemore and Ruth Steelman, a grandson of Ephraim McLemore, and great grandson of the immigrant James. However, if James and Abraham Macklemore are brothers, then Hiram could not be a biological descendant of James. He would have to match the group of ten McLemore’s in the first group. Although Hiram McLemore's descendant is also part of the R1b1 Haplogroup, he is more than 10 markers removed (based on 25 markers tested) from being a match to any of the other R1b1 McLemore’s, and therefore could not share a common ancestor in a genealogically significant time period.

    The second unmatched volunteer (highlighted in blue) is a direct descendant of the McLemore family that moved from North Carolina to Jones County, GA and then onto Montgomery County, AL. He is part of the R1a haplogroup, common in many parts of Eurasia and Scandinavia. He can trace his line back through four generations of James McLemore’s to James Macklemore Jr, thought to be the son of James and Fortune. But again, if James and Abraham are brothers, then he could not be a biological descendant of James Macklemore, the immigrant.

    The third unmatched volunteer (highlighted in brown) descends from James Madison McLemore born 1861 in Louisiana and died & buried 1918 in Van Zandt County, Texas. He is thought to be a son of William Kearney McLemore b. 1825 and d. 1889, also buried in Van Zandt County, Texas. He is in the I1 haplogroup, which is the most common group in Scandinavia.

    It is currently not known why these McLemores do not yet match any other study members. It is possible that there were several founding McLemore lines, instead of just one as has been long assumed. Or another possibility could be that undisclosed adoptions have occurred through the generations of descendants of both James and/or Abraham.

    Please help us to continue to unravel these DNA mysteries by volunteering to take part in this study. Email me for more details (, or you can enroll directly at this websites listed below.

    or here

    Also, if you have had your yDNA tested outside of the Morrison group, please let us know. We would be glad to add your results to the spreadsheet.

    If you have trouble viewing this spreadsheet, email me at and I can send you an excel spreadsheet or PDF.

  • Sources 
    1. [S981] McLemore, Ann (Daugherty) and Eldon, 901 Mockingbird Land, Derby, KS 67037.

    2. [S144] 1850 United States Federal Census [ database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005, (Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Seventh Census of the United States, 1850. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1850. M432, 1,009 rolls. This database is an index to individuals enumerated in the 1850 United States Federal Census, the Seventh Census of the United States. Census takers recorded many details including each person's name, age as of the census day, sex, color; birthplace, occupation of males over age fifteen, and more. No relationships were shown between members of a household. Additionally, the names of those listed on the population schedule are linked to actual images of the 1850 Federal Census.), Mississippi, Scott County Enumerated 5 Jun 1850 315-315 (Reliability: 3).